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March 25, 2016 By Courtney Lopez Yum11 Tweet Share12 Pin2 Share3 Share StumbleThe beginning of the year everyone has their new year new me goals. French fries have always been a favorite so now we enjoy zucchini fries like we did french fries and enjoy french fries as a treat, not as a side dish a few times a week. Between the capsules, chewables and especially the protein shake mix I’m definitely keeping on track!
I really enjoyed my coloring book that was sent with the package and soon enough hubby was coloring his own pages. Here’s my favorite way to enjoy the vanilla complete shake mix, sometimes I even leave out the banana. If you enjoyed this recipe, be sure to check out all of our other delicious recipes and blog posts on Pinterest! In September, we slowly cut out those 10pm editing chocolate bars that were like crack to me. The first week was the hardest, it was like having withdrawal from a drug- I essentially would go to bed whenever it got dark out and sleep through (or cry through) the migraine strength headaches. I’m slightly terrified with this whole lifestyle change, but I feel amazing at the same time. I am writing this on our blog so that I can be held accountable.  People now know, so we kind of have to do it. How can you embrace what you innately know is right for you in a way that becomes a way of life and not just another thing to try or do?

I’m on a mission to only put in my body foods that are going to make me feel great and hopefully look great soon.
Plus with all of our life events, like my husband losing his father, our truck being stolen, finding our truck and it was completely stripped, ER visits for all of us (gosh!) and then hubby having health issues with his migraines we still stuck with our lifestyle change and it actually made us stronger!
Just about all of it started from when we began our photography business together, and continued over the past 5 years. Essentially, I need you guys to delete text messages any time my ex-boyfriend, Sugar, texts, and block his number.  Bittersweet indeed. If you aren’t quite sure what that way of life is, you have an innate sense of how you want to feel and be. Instead of viewing it as things that we could no longer eat- we viewed it as all of the things we can eat more of. I swear they’re so good and my family looks forward to eating our 2-4 chewables daily. This kind of correlates with my New Years Resolution (though, I’m not one for resolutions normally), which is to let my wonderful husband, a photographer, actually take photos of me. I was holding myself accountable for being detail oriented about everything except for myself and my body.

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