Of course, with a healthy dose of skepticism, the first thing I did was to research how much was involved in getting a plastic spoon to my dining room table, compared to what was involved in doing the dishes.
And this still happens in too many places in the world, because of extractive political institutions. More Possibly Interesting PostsTake a Few Sensitive Hours The Greatest Story Ever Told (and the Star Trek Universe) Thoughts on Life and Loss Self Rules If Everyone Did This, the World Would Be a Happier Place Click here to subscribe via RSS or email to get free notifications of new articles that I post to this site.
Poor people being overweight has a lot to do with food insecurity (which is at its highest *ever*). Some farmer’s markets are starting to allow use of EBT cards, but then you get into another issue.
CNC Applications -- Plasma Cutting -- Stained Glass -- Gourd Carving -- Egg Carving -- And Many Many More! The Legend of The Irish Claddagh Ring - Early 16th century legend tells that a fishing boat, from the village of Claddagh in Co. Irish Gifts - Solid Brass Claddagh Door Knocker with a Celtic Cross and Celtic Knot Strike Plate. Think about that for a moment, how many steps and how much transportation goes into producing plastic spoon and getting it to your table.

The world is a smaller place than ever before, and more and more people are doing more and more to help others, and prospering because of it. We can already bring nourishment to people staying in every far-flung location around the globe, even in Antarctica.
I don’t think we should ever feel sad or worried by the blessings God has given us, but rather should expect them to continue and to increase, as indeed they have been.
On the one hand, there is definitely something wrong with me, because I no longer watch or read the news. And as someone who has also been hit by the economic downturn, I include myself and my family in that group. But you ARE aware that the point of this image is how much we waste and pollute because we’re too lazy to just use a metal spoon in the first place? God has put us in a time and place in history in which world productivity and prosperity is greater than ever before in human existence. I do follow a number of niche news sources, which I can trust to give me information I can use without just trying to whip me into a feeling frenzy, but as far as CNN and Newsweek… What are they?
And if we’re too secure and too prosperous and too peaceful, if there are no threats or predators, we start worrying about them.

And this correlates to restaurants today that only use disposable instead of hiring someone to do the dishes and setting up a system for it, or the other things that we waste on a daily basis.
One of the crewmembers, Richard Joyce, was to have been married the same week he was captured. We have an increasingly greater selection of food, something I’ve observed changing even through my lifetime. I dropped lowest-common-denominator news some years ago, because I found it a little depressing. And we have more confidence now than ever that we will not starve through even the bad times.
We need to stop panicking about matters that do not benefit from panic, and instead relax and think about all the possibilities open to us. An incredible number of poor people in the US are overweight, which is nothing like what poverty meant throughout most of history— far more unhealthy, being poor historically has meant the risk of dying of starvation.

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