Many people within the United Kingdom especially women do not meet the recommended Reference Nutrient Intake for magnesium. It is understood that diet choices, alterations to farming methods and lower availability within processed foods may contribute to this. This is a concern as magnesium is involved in so many functions within the body including energy production, muscle function, insulin regulation, bone health and Vitamin D metabolism. In addition to increasing dietary intake with high magnesium foods such as nuts, seeds, whole grains and green leafy vegetables to boost levels supplementation may be advantageous.
Magnesium supplements are available in many forms and it can be tempting to think ‘magnesium is magnesium, I might as well buy the cheapest’. Bioavailability, which means how much magnesium your body can readily use is dependent on how soluble the magnesium is. Magnesium supplements are a combination of magnesium attached to other substances such as malic acid which may enhance absorption. The form of magnesium which appears to be most easy for our bodies to absorb and does not usually cause the digestive issues is magnesium gluconate.

As well as the type of magnesium used the actual method of administration is also understood to effect absorption with liquids being the easiest to absorb, followed by powders and capsules and lastly, tablets.
The reason being tablets have other ingredients within them that may slow the absorption of the magnesium.
Therefore when looking for magnesium, liquid of the most bioavailable forms such as malate and gluconate may offer the most benefits. Because calcium and magnesium work together magnesium should not be taken alone for any length of time and excretion of calcium will occur with long term high intakes of magnesium. People on medication should always check with a health professional before supplementing with any nutrient including magnesium.
It is now recommended that those who expect to be or have been on acid suppressing medications (such as those listed above) for more than a year, should now be offered magnesium testing through a healthcare provider. Sue as a qualified Nutritional Therapist, offers dietary advice to assist clients reduce various symptoms, with a special interest in digestion.
The least available and usually the cheapest supplements contain magnesium oxide or magnesium carbonate these can be more difficult for the body to absorb and are sometimes used to loosen bowels in those with constipation.

She works with groups and individuals to optimise health by encouraging healthy eating and lifestyles choices.
Magnesium contributes to the proper nerve muscle impulses, enzyme reactions, formation of bone and carbohydrate metabolism, anxiety and nervousness.
Cal-Mag with Vitamin D Great Tasting Orange Flavor Maximum Absorption We probably need more Calcium & Magnesium than any other vitamin or mineral.
Tropical Oasis Liquid Calcium Magnesium with Vitamin D was developed to help over come the Calcium absorption problem.

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