A person can be fully possessed by a ghost (demon, devil, negative energy, etc.) and yet both the person and people around him could be completely unaware about it. When we say the possessing ghost is unmanifest, we mean that the ghost has not revealed its presence. By saying that a possessing ghost is manifest, we mean that it has surfaced and its consciousness is to the fore. Note: Here we have used the term manifest and unmanifest in association with ghosts that possess a person. As a general rule a ghost (demon, devil, negative energy, etc.) never likes to manifest unless it is of its own accord.
A ghost manifests many a time to intimidate, scare or disrupt family life by causing fights etc. Sometimes they manifest wilfully for attention seeking, to intimidate or to disrupt the spiritual practice of the affected person or seekers of God in the vicinity – either by distracting them or frightening them by manifesting, for example in the course of a satsang. When they manifest on their own accord, it is unlikely that the manifestation will get noticed unless the ghost wants it to be noticed. In some Indian villages and temples people talk about a Dev or Devi (God) entering some person’s body. The ghost is overpowered by a sattvik influence such as in the case of a spiritual healing session.
The time has come for the ghost to leave the person because of completion of the give-and-take account between the affected person and itself.
2.2.1 Why does a possessed person manifest when in contact with a higher sattvik influence? When the ghost possessing a person comes in contact with someone or something that is sattvik such as a spiritually evolved person, shrine or Holy water, it feels uncomfortable and distressed. A ghost who has a lot of spiritual strength very rarely manifests, unless it suits its purpose or it is necessary to achieve its objective. Full manifestation is not an indication of the level of possession; it simply means that the ghost or entity is surfacing due to one of the various reasons mentioned above.
It may seem that the scariest part is watching someone with a ghost fully manifesting as shown in the picture above.
The real danger is when the ghost controls a person through stealth, with the person unaware of the possession. Violent manifestations: In such manifestations the ghost consciousness takes over and acts in a violent manner, irrespective of the personality of the person or the situation.
Uncharacteristic behaviours: Sometimes the behaviour of a possessed person when manifest is apparently normal, but it is uncharacteristic for that person or for that situation. Talking in a strange tongue or gibberish: Some possessed persons when manifest speak regularly in a particular tongue that is alien or they speak gibberish but a specific type peculiar to them, every time they become manifest.
Calm manifestation: In most cases of possession one cannot understand that the ghost has manifested. Unusual display of talent: A ghost may manifest and display various sorts of talents such as prowess at music, dance, speaking in an alien language etc.
Supernatural powers: Ghosts may manifest through psychics without the psychic being aware and give guidance to people about the future.
Miscellaneous:  Some possessed persons, when manifest, display contorted movements as in extreme pain or agony, while others display snake like writhing movements. Due to ignorance about the spiritual root causes of these manifestations, there is a need for spiritual measures for their cure. However spiritual remedies may take some time to cure the manifestations depending on the relative strength of the possessing ghost and the spiritual healing remedies applied.
As the spiritual problem has affected the person at a physical or psychological level as is apparent from the manifestion, treatment measures have to be directed at that the relevant level But limiting the ‘treatment’ only to physical and psychological dimension does not ‘cure’ the root cause, it only suppresses symptoms to some extent for the time being.
Manifesting money is probably the number one request people have when they want to learn to manifest. When you’re broke and you’re wondering how you’re going to make it ‘til your next paycheck… when your credit card balances keep going up and you can’t pay them off… when things are looking like they’re going from bad to worse, it’s natural to want to manifest some money FAST so you can relax and enjoy life again.
If you’ve tried to use the Law of Attraction before to manifest money and you’ve had little or no luck… if you’ve tried creative visualization, affirmations and being happy and still nothing, you’re probably wondering if it’s all a bunch of nonsense.
PLEASE TELL US WHERE TO SEND YOUR FREE PROGRAMOver 192,125 people have downloaded this meditation track! Enter your name & email address to get instant online access to the Omharmonics free meditation download. The old Cold War-era joke is told of an American, a Frenchman, and a Russian, lost in the wilderness, who find a lamp and rub it.
The American pictures the large ranch owned by the richest people in the valley where he grew up, and wishes for a ranch ten times its size, with flowing streams and meadows full of horses and cattle.
The Frenchman pictures the farm and cattle of the largest estate from his home province, and pictures one just like it. Finally, the Russian pictures the land and herds of the rich family in the steppes where he grew up, and wishes that a drought kill the cattle, dry up the grass, and bankrupt the aristocratic family.
This play on old stereotypes isn’t really very funny, though it brings big laughs with audiences of producers. The Frenchman, thinking like an entrepreneur, wants the good things that life provides, and is willing to go to work to produce them. The American, who thinks like an entrepreneur and an investor, is willing to go to work also, but wants to see his assets create more value. The Frenchman wants value, the American plans for value, increased market share and perpetual growth.
This is the same as Steve Farber’s lament about the sad state of our modern employee mentality—where “burn your boss” is a slogan of millions of workers who see their employer as the enemy. Even Washington sometimes likes to join the blame game by pointing fingers at Wall Street, Main Street and everyone in business. Initiative, vision, effective planning, the wise use of risk, quality execution—all are the contributions of entrepreneurs and investors. Oliver DeMille is the founder and former president of George Wythe University, a co-founder of the Center for Social Leadership, and a co-creator of TJEd Online. The results obtained as described in the title ‘How to Manifest Anything You Want in 24 Hours or Less’ are taken from my own REAL results achieved by following the steps described. When choosing what you want to manifest it is important to realize WHY you want that which you are asking for, your intention for when you receive it and choosing something that is believable for its attainment. If I get to a roadblock in my business and require a certain skill to move forward let’s say I want training for an advertising strategy  – I would be specific for what I need, knowing it is going to help me move forward as part of my service to others.
If I require a vacation with my family I would choose to receive Information on my next step for booking the holiday. As you can see in the examples, what I want is for greater good and I’m not directly seeking the end result, I only want the next step. Remember you should know why you want something and set an intention when you ask for what you want.
Do not give any thought as to how your desired object or outcome will manifest and don’t try to see it coming to you through any particular person or means. Don’t give any energy to fear, worry or doubt as this will only reverse the process sending what you want in the opposite direction! If you don’t receive your desired outcome within 24 hours or less go back through steps 1 & 2 this time also writing down what you want.
When you receive what you ask for it may come as a surprise or on the other hand you may even forget or disregard the fact that you asked for what you have received, don’t let this happen. With the tangible result you now have, you must appreciate the fact that not only have you attracted your desired outcome – but you have recognised the connection between the thought and the ‘thing’ – your outcome. The more you can make this connection it will happen more often, so often you will realize that you are creating your circumstances and outcomes all the time!
By making this connection between thought and thing and being grateful for it instead of doubting this could happen, will strengthen your faith, which will secure more of these instances and greater results in the future. Live in GRATITUDE & HAPPINESS and your life will be amazing, you will attract to you all your desires. A PDF Workbook designed to help you find your purpose, create a plan and manifest your dreams! I’m working on the last step ?? normally I move back to taking actions vs being happy for what I accomplished!
I am now practicing the law of attraction and the most amazing thing happened upon visiting your site.
Wow Monica, this reminds when I was starting out and having ridiculously amazing results (I still do) Im gald you are having fun too. Hi Sarah, you mentioned that what you are trying to manifest is possible on rare occasions?
When you are trying to manifest something, do you focus on your “big dream”, or do you focus on the small things one at a time you need to accomplish for the big dream to happen?

For example, should I try to manifest a solution to one specific problem that is preventing me from moving forward right now, or just keep visualizing my big dream? I know the universe likes us to be specific so perhaps I’m supposed to focus on manifesting the immediate things I need right now in order to move forward? I also think it’s lovely that you respond directly to those who post comments and questions!
Articles like this demonstrate the ability of each of us to be the creators of our own story. Hi Diana, I been researching as much info on manifesting for couple months and i ran into your article which was very simple and understandable. Hi Malik, Its true that you need not put a specific time on your desire and that it will manifest at the right time, although paradoxically you can put a time limit on you desires. So for example, if my desire was to have the iPhone 6, then i don’t need to put a specific time to have it, but if i wanted to have ii 24hrs or less then it can manifest in a day or less. After visualizing the dream for about 4 months, now I get $12000 per month and I don’t go to work anymore. My biggest struggle is manifesting things that are bigger to me in my mind like becoming best friends with celebrities or being a billionaire. Hi Lakreesha, I would also ask God to reveal he is the right guy for you so he comes back if he is.
This is a quick read at only 16 pages but reveals some great secrets for manifesting miracles. Remember, you can download your free report by just right-clicking either the download button, the ebook cover above, or the link at the top of the page. And, if you want to superboost your manifesting miracles attracting power give our Miracle Mind video a quick play! What the law of attraction basically says is that whatever your dominant thought patters are, are what manifests in your reality. There is no way to think you are rich, feel you are rich, believe you are rich, and not be rich.
If you look at that pattern of trend, it becomes clear that whatever you think is what you become. This might be a scary reality for some people, but don’t worry, the first part of manifest what you truly want is being able to recognize this law.
You might notice that things always break around you, you get into fights with a lot of people and you aren’t as financially free as you want to. You have to constantly be feeling that way about everything however for it to have the full effect.
You have to be ABSOLUTELY clear on what you want to manifest and how much of it for the universe to deliver you the way. You have to realize that you will need to start acting differently and taking more opportunities when they present themselves instead of procrastinating on them. But that work won’t seem like work when you are working for what YOU  want instead of what SOMEONE ELSE is telling you to do. However, as a unique species, we all want different things and different amounts of those things. You can pick whatever you want and you will eventually get it if you think and KNOW you will eventually get it. If you intend on making the world a better place, spreading positive energy and treating everyone the way you want to be treated, you can have a lot of fun with this.
You will be able to have a ton of fun with your friends and enjoy the process as a collective whole. If you are wondering how you can start eliminating negative thought patterns, I suggest you read my article called Using a Rubberband to Squash Negative Thought Patterns. Begin to feel how it will feel when you ALREADY HAVE those items or events you want to experience.
The universe will tune into your frequency and you will begin to attract positive experiences, opportunities, and people to help you along the way.
It will be a LOT of fun once you have whatever it is you want and you can live in complete freedom knowing you don’t have to worry about ANYTHING anymore, because you can create EVERYTHING you want.
If I go around thinking that my state of mind has no effect on reality then will my state of mind have no effect on reality?
The subconscious mind can sabotage our attempts at using the Law of Attraction effectively.
To subscribe to our website and interact with our growing community of users, please enter your e-mail address below. This is because of the fact that the possessing ghost does not reveal its presence as it serves its purpose to keep the possession undisclosed. Here the consciousness of the person is to the fore but it can be manipulated and controlled by the ghost whenever it wants. Raja-Tama situations include places where people indulge in plotting against society in any form, alcohol, drugs, cigarette smoking, promiscuous sexual behaviour, dimly lit places, Raja-Tama music etc. Higher level ghosts also manifest when they want to create wider scale destruction through the person that they possess. The person whose body the ‘Dev’ or ‘Devi’ enters often behaves unlike their usual selves and may dance or move erratically.
In the other 30% of cases, it is due to a negative energy manifesting in the person with the intent of masquerading as positive energies to mislead people. This is because the sattvik influence being contrary to its very Raja-Tama nature, saps its energy. It can look quite scary to an onlooker as the behaviour of the possessed person alters radically (see below). Ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) in almost all cases prefer not to surface.
Society thinks of addiction to cigarettes or alcohol as a psychological affliction, when actually it is a case of possession. An example of this type of manifestation is when some seekers who are possessed and had become manifest after spiritual healing was done on them in the main hermitage (ashram) of SSRF, started dancing as in a discotheque when they heard some popular music tunes. A calm manifestation is quite insidious as the person sitting next to you may well be fully manifest but you would not have a clue unless you have advanced sixth sense coupled with knowledge about the possibility of such a phenomenon. It would seem that the psychic’s ability has increased wherein it is actually due to a higher level ghost.
Due to the lack of a scientifically tested, evolved and established system of spiritual diagnosis and treatment, most cases of such manifestations approach the Mental Health professionals for help. Here spiritual healing remedies include spiritual practice by the person who the ghost is manifesting in.
The psychological sciences are still in their evolutionary stage and hence it is best to keep an open mind.
Imagine yourself tasting a delicious meal at a restaurant and then cheerfully paying for it.
Some days you have a lot, some days you’ve spent every last penny, but tomorrow there will be more. Do this exercise to shift your feelings about money to the positive: Be grateful for the many ways money enriches your life.
As we are all individuals your own results may vary and so I can only give you steps that have work for me. There is no point saying you want a million dollars (in 24 hours) unless you truly believe you can attain it!
This could be a brochure with a discount deal for the destination I want to go, that has come through the post the same day or following morning.
Again there is no need to take action in thinking that you need to do something odd or go out of your way to go some place make a particular phone call unless it feels natural to do at the time.
You are trusting in a higher power for this (God, Source, The Universe) whichever you prefer to call it.
Go back to the original thoughts you had when you visualized the outcome of your desire and make the connection. Earlier this morning i was reading a story where a lady was doing LOA excercises and manifested a white feather. Whats even more amazing about this just before I read this comment I was thinking about how grateful I feel today and I should write my gratitude list something I haven’t done for a bit! You can do both… Have your end goal in mind and often, making it clear, yes your goals may change and thats ok too. I really love your intention with this article and it’s a great introduction to manifesting, especially for novices. Not necessarily for getting whatever you want – although you certainly can, but for teaching people that they can take their own destiny in their hands.
You have very important things to share, but mistakes in grammar can damage your credibility and negatively impact the value of your wonderful message.

I am glad to hear you want to start your own business and you can absolutely manifest all the opportunities!
For example in order for me to create this blog post in the first place I needed to test out the theory first because prior to writing this I was manifesting my desires in a day or less using the method outlined ?? you are manifesting all the time, the secret (which is not really a secret) is to identify the thought you had of a thing and the time of manifestation. A few months ago, i went through your site and decided that I would manifest a regular source of income, without me having to go to work. I do feel like I have a lot of fear and worry over things and I am trying as best as I can to get rid of that. Focus on the outcome and how it will feel once you have it and the universe will provide the products and the path to achieving whatever it is you want. Know you have no limit to what you can create and begin to try to manifest small things at first because they will manifest a lot quicker.
I watched it two days ago and it was very mind blowing, I knew of the power of words as I had read a book on it but it is very similar. Once a possession is disclosed, there is a possibility that the possessed person will make active efforts to rid himself of the possessing ghost. The reason is that during manifestation they have to expend a lot of their spiritual energy and other people become aware that they possess that person. But in truth, at the point of full manifestation during a spiritual healing session, the ghost is generally at its weakest. Even though a person is possessed, there is generally nothing dramatic or deviant in the behaviour of the person. We have seen situations where people who are quite frail need many people to restrain them. In fact some of the celebrated artists are examples of such possession by ghosts who want to fulfil their desire for fame etc. The person coming for guidance from the psychic wouldn’t have a clue that he is actually speaking to a ghost.
The Mental Health professionals traditionally tend to look at these manifestations of demonic possessions as purely psychological phenomena. In such cases the manifesting person may need urgent medical intervention like medication to at least stop the physical manifestations, especially if violent or harmful to self or others. Smell that money as you visualize a bank teller handing you several crisp new large-currency bills!
You don’t want to taste money so imagine the delicious food and drink you will purchase with that money. This is a simple, mind-blowing and incredibly powerful exercise that will leave you profoundly peaceful and calm. What even more amazing not only did you see a butterfly look at the post title ?? keep up the manifesting! Also what i am trying to manifest seems like quite an impossibility, but possible on rare occasions.
If you can go back over and over in your mind how it happened for YOU on those rare occasions that’s the key. For smaller stuff once you begin thinking about things you need to complete the next step on you mission they should appear. Ive always wanted to start up a little business of my own and have proposed a business plan to many. My advice to you would be to take the next step whatever that may be for you, you may feel scared or nervous but keep going.
So what I am really asking you is that can you really manifest your desire in 24hrs or less if you wanted to or leave the time up to the universe? I love how you pointed out that we can just carry out our normal lives unless we get an urge to do something out of the ordinary. You thoughts made you buy the computer or cellphone you are reading this from and your thoughts decided which specific type, brand, and price you felt was worth it for that product.
Well it can only happen if you change your thought patterns and tune into a more positive frequency.
Rather than feeling like you are at effect from events in the universe, feel that you can CREATE the events in YOUR universe. The person is either conscious or not conscious of what is happening but has no control over his motor organs. Quite often what we see as people letting their hair down is in actuality the consciousness of the ghost manifesting either partially or fully. If the spiritual strength of the sattvik influence is more than that of the ghost, it will be forced to surface, otherwise it may be able to tolerate it without manifesting.
It has been observed that a frail possessed woman when fully manifest may need up to six people to restrain her.
Ghosts can make a person do things that are completely contrary to their personality, for example a conservative woman by nature starts behaving in a promiscuous manner. They may also need to have physical restraints applied so as to not hurt themselves or the people around them. Once you can do this without freaking out, you’ll have a much more relaxed attitude about money.
It may amplify what’s already there, but money in and of itself cannot make someone dishonest, cruel, selfish or greedy. There is no need to feel any strain when doing this just let the picture of you desired ‘thing’ run through your thoughts, focusing on the object and outcome of receiving it.
How can i get myself to believe in this technique and that it works so that i may acquire what i am trying to manifest?
Example: I decided it was time I wrote a book, as soon as I made this decision information came poring in about how to write a book, i was bombarded!!!! To overcome this you would have to have a thought of something that you truly desire Including the emotion, belief etc. I hear countless self-improvement coaches saying take massive action and it really bothers me. When you are predominantly thinking positive, you manifest positive experiences and these experiences will make you NEVER want to go back to any other frequency once you recognize the potential of positive thinking and positive energy. In cases where the possession has been over the person’s lifetime the personality of the ghost is so fused with that of the person that even when it manifests fully it will seem as if the person’s consciousness is to the fore, i.e.
In most cases the possessed person may not have a clue that the ghost is manifesting as it is so merged with his consciousness. The ghost does this to lure unsuspecting people in the beginning but later uses the very psychic to lead people astray. This is mainly because they do not look at the spiritual dimension when considering the root causes or management of these phenomena. Those traits already exist in the person, along with their own beliefs about money and the world.
I started visualizing a butterfly and a few years ago, I used to use this butterfly as my avatar and its the exact same butterfly laying in the hands at the top of this web page! Truth is we are manifesting all the time so try to notice the tiniest of the things then you will notice and manifest the bigger stuff! Too many people allow the outside world to negatively impact their lives and sense of self. Whenever i start thinking about my store and how well its doing sub conciously my thoughts wander to how am i gonna get the funds to do it.
Sometimes when a ghost manifests in these types of venues, the possessed person loses time, i.e.
Thereby the possessing ghost whose consciousness is so merged with the artist, fulfils his craving for fame, etc.
The team of psychiatrists on our panel of doctors has been studying thousands of these manifestations for the last 7 years.
You can just as well amplify exemplary traits like generosity and kindness when you have a lot of money! The less you think about money and the more you focus on the things and experiences and situations you want, the more you’ll detach from money and then it will come quite easily to you (as you act on those inspired opportunities). Actually its been around 4 hours and I did my gratitude list this morning and honestly i had forgot about it and wala! In such cases the manifested person may end up in unfavourable situations where he does not have a clue how he got there.

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