Located in Southwest Baltimore, this highly effective method of meditation brings about stress release and helps to improve mental and physical functioning.
Founded in 1999 by the late Zuljun Esho Gambert, this organization is an extension of the Soto Zen Buddhist religion. Located in the Woodberry part of Baltimore, this center, founded by independent health and wellness practitioners, offers a great get-away from stressful living. This group is for anyone interested in effortless meditation, breathing, pranayama techniques, spiritual knowledge etc. A detailed discussion of real estate investing & internet marketing, hosted by Charles Blair "The Mad Scientist" with over 26 + years experience At a Real Deall MeetUp Event we cover such topics as Wholesaling, Rehabbing, Pre-Foreclosures, Tax Liens, Short Sales, Social Marketing, Online Marketing, Lead generation as well as a host of creative investing strategies, dealing with Residential and Commercial investing.
I look forward to sharing my love of real estate investing with each and everyone who attend. You are viewing a limited version of the website due to your browser, an unsupported version of Internet Explorer. A Baltimore father builds a house with accessibility in mind—and finds a new calling in the process. Ed Slattery, seen here with his son Matthew, wanted to create a sustainable home that is accessible without feeling like a hospital. One of the home’s more fanciful features is a meditation tower that offers views to Baltimore’s Loch Raven Reservoir and beyond.
A custom-designed chairlift system from Versicor allows Matthew access to the tower. “The new house has really liberated Matthew.
In Matthew’s room, a Guldmann lift system joins a Hudson bed from Room & Board, while Atlas Industries bookshelves showcase personal treasures. Almost five years ago, Slattery’s wife, Susan, drove their sons, Matthew and Peter, from their home in Baltimore, Maryland, to a family reunion in Ohio.
As Ed spent almost a month helping his sons recover at the Akron Children’s Hospital, he realized they needed a house with a ramp to come home to. So, with settlement money from the trucking company and support from friends, Ed commissioned architects John Coplen, John Sage, and Adam Bridge, from Alter Urban Design Collaborative, to design a home that offered Matthew universal access.
A partial wall of reclaimed barn board in the kitchen and dining area has dark brown and gray tones that contrast with the blond hue of the cedar canopying the living room visual cues to help Matthew orient himself.
To create a home that was accessible from the street through to the very back of the yard, without having to include too many switchbacks, the architects dropped the house down a foot to get the proper slope. Like all Alter Urban projects, the Slattery residence had an overarching theme: Finding a New Normal.
In southwest England, interior designer Kathryn Tyler built her home around her ever-expanding furniture collection. On the sandy shores of Fauntleroy Cove in Seattle, renowned firm Olson Kundig Architects crafts a subtle home with striking steel accents. An architect and an interior designer put the tools to the test for this impressive renovation. The city of San Francisco has been eagerly awaiting the reopening of SFMOMA for years—and as the May 14th opening approaches closer everyday, the anticipation continues to build for art enthusiasts both near and far.
In our April issue, we showcased an apartment in Hamburg, Germany, with a striking, matte-black kitchen from Vipp.
Calico Wallpaper founders Nick and Rachel Cope showed us through their home in our March Issue, now step inside their studio. Each week, we tap into Dwell's Instagram community to bring you the most captivating design and architecture shots of the week.

It's all part of Dwell on Design + designjunction's three-day event, featuring a program of talks chock-full of leading figures in design, architecture, urbanism, and beyond—coming up May 13-15 at ArtBeam in New York.
We enjoy exploring a wonderful variety of locations throughout Maryland, DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and West Virginia.
Todaya€™s fast paced and technologically dominated society can take a toll on a persona€™s psychological, physical, and emotional well-being. Mid-Atlantic Hiking Groupa€™s events are a healthy and fun way to relieve stress and a€?unpluga€? while enjoying the variety of what Mother Nature has to offer throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group is a volunteer supported 501(c)(3) non-profit public charitable organization. In the Baltimore area, there are various places to which one can go to experience a holistic sense of well-being.
This group is affiliated and open but not restricted to the Universalus Inter-Spiritual Community. For full website functionality, please upgrade your browser to Internet Explorer 9 (or greater), Firefox, Safari or Chrome.
Reclaimed wood from a local barn marks the dining room, which also features a table from BoConcept, a Graypants pendant lamp, and molded-fiberglass chairs by Charles and Ray Eames. Carpet by Bloomsburg, backed with rubber padding so the wheelchair doesn’t sink, is inlaid to prevent trip hazards.
To reach the top, Matthew pulls himself up with a chairlift designed by Versicor, the Michigan-based controls and electronics company run by Coplen’s sister Christie.
Now, Matthew is free to explore the organic garden and orchard or check out the 10-kilowatt solar panel system.
Seeing the transformative effect of the home on Matthew’s independence and well-being, Ed was inspired to start a nonprofit, also called Finding a New Normal, to help create accessible homes and universal design products for those dealing with disabilities.
Brooklyn is set for the return of BKLYN DESIGNS at the Brooklyn Expo Center in Greenpoint from May 6-8, 2016. This morning, we were given the opportunity to explore the newly expanded space before the crowds roll in. The 77-year-old company became famous for its iconic pedal trash can before venturing into kitchens and other tools for the home.
In almost 9 years, we have hosted over 4500 hikes ranging from 2 mile newbie sneaker social hikes all the way up to 50+ mile one day super hikes. Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group (MAHG) enjoys Mother Naturea€™s diversity as well as the diversity that our broad membership base has generated, ALL are welcome to join. Many people are trapped within an indoor and plugged-in lifestyle that is overwhelming and very stressful. Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group offers educational classes and certifications in Leave No Trace outdoor ethics and our own highly regarded Outdoor Leadership Certification program. This list contains some of the best meditation centers, no matter what part of the city you dwell in. The one-hour sittings lead participants to a state of insight, but include a range of meditative techniques. Members of this group will be meeting regularly for free group guided meditations and breathing excercises. In the living room, the color palette of the Design Within Reach sofa and built-in bookshelves was inspired by maple trees in fall. When Matthew was well enough to drive a powered wheelchair, “he made holes in the walls and knocked doors off hinges,” Ed says.

The power-assist system uses pulleys and a high-tech mix of Kevlar rope, lasers, and embedded electronics to measure the user’s weight and allows the operator to set the resistance, based on strength. Christie and John Coplen sit on the board of the foundation, and serve as vice president and treasurer, respectively. After a series of speeches, remarks, and tours, we left the grounds feeling thoroughly inspired and excited to share what we discovered. This isn't the first time that the Danish company's products have graced our pages, and here we've gathered additional examples from our archive that show how the brand's minimalist black kitchens are always a win in modern interiors.
Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group promotes reconnecting people with nature by providing plentiful and varied opportunities for people to enjoy the outdoors. Additionally, MAHG has an active outreach program to help with educating others regarding the many health benefits of hiking and the importance of taking care of our trails and our overall environment.
Whether you are looking to lose weight, have never hiked a mile in your life, or are looking to rise to the challenge of hiking 30 or miles in one day, we have a hike for you, all seasons. Whether you are young, old, working, single, in a committed relationship, retired, laid off, shy, talkative, energetic, geeky, lazy, recovering from an injury, social, or a competitive hiker, Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group is for you.
Get your mind out of the gutter a€?cause we are talking about hiking, stewardship, and outdoor education here. We visit Shenandoah National Park, George Washington National Forest, and the Appalachian Trail almost every weekend. Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group provides volunteer and trail maintenance opportunities and other community building events throughout the entire Mid-Atlantic Region. According to Director Chris Kreeger, this center is part of an international group of meditation centers. Participants are encouraged to just sit and be reflective about mind, body and soul. Meditation sittings are only held if RSVPs have been received at this website. We are a diverse group filled with members who enjoy a wide variety of activities including - but not limited to hiking and educational opportunities related to the outdoor world.
Seasonally, we offer weekday day hikes in addition to our variety of after work hikes. We strive to offer at least one easy, moderate, and strenuous hike within 60 miles of Baltimore, DC, and Northern Virginia each weekend day. MAHG is a well-established group and known for its excellent camaraderie a€”  all with safety in mind while emphasizing having fun out on the trails! Folks in the Baltimore area wanting to be a part of a community of meditators are expected to benefit a lot from this.
He also said their goal is to establish an enlightenment so that people can relate to each other and recognize the basic goodness of self and others as they deal with events in everyday life.
The overall idea of forming this group is to form a community of meditators who can do group meditations regularly and help each other become better Baltimorians! According to the website, the transcendental meditation method produces positive benefits to the brain, stress, creativity, the classroom, the workplace and society in general.
Furthermore, the website states that the transcendental meditation program is unique among techniques of meditation, distinguished by its effortlessness, naturalness and profound effectiveness.

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