A new study being published tomorrow (April 6, 2011) in the Journal of Neuroscience proves that meditation has profound pain-relieving effects in the brain. Another interesting result revealed a dramatic decrease in brain activity in the primary somatosensory cortex, the primary area of the brain that tells you where the pain is on your body and how intense it is.
The theory that meditation can reduce stress, depression and even chronic pain is one that has been gaining in momentum in recent years. So the BBC’s David Sillito has been learning the art of mindfulness meditation in order to find out for himself.
After getting to grips with the activity, he joined some other devotees for an MRI scan to find out what impact the practice can have on brain activity.
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I was so thrilled to see this latest study from Harvard University, and I knew you’d be interested in hearing about THIS! I am pleased to offer Spiritual Mind Treatment for 30 days on a Prayer Request you submit with any Donation.
In a video that recently aired on "Through the Wormhole" narrated by Morgan Freeman on the TV channel Science, Dr.
The image below compares brain activity at rest and while the subject (a Presbyterian minister is shown in the video) is in deep prayer. The red part indicates greater activity, and in this case, increased activity is observed in the frontal lobes and the language area of the brain. Newberg did not observe any of the brain activity in the frontal lobe that he observed in religious people.

Newberg concludes that all religions create neurological experiences, and while God is unimaginable for atheists, for religious people, God is as real as the physical world. Andrew Newberg, MD, is the Director of Research at the Myrna Brind Center for Integrative Medicine at Thomson Jefferson University Hospital and Medical College, and he has studied the neuroscientific effect of religious and spiritual experiences for decades.
Newberg believes that for the brain, praying to God in the Judeo-Christian tradition is similar to talking to people. The image below compares brain activity at rest and while the subject is in deep meditation.

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