Before you even begin to deepen or slow down the breathing process, there is much to be gained from simply watching the breath. Where does your breath go (chest, stomach).  How does it feel in your mouth or nose?  How does it feel in the muscles of your torso? Are the sensations fairly constant, or do they change as you watch them… as you continue to breathe?
You’ll notice that as you practice more, your breathing will quite easily become longer and deeper.
By perezkaram For those of you who have signed up to our newsletter you are already aware that today is the launch of our very first online course. It is a 6-week meditation course design to help beginners and intermediate create the foundations for a lasting and solid meditation practice, and the course will start on Nov 15th, with a new module coming out every week! The course is packed with videos, audio guided meditations and PDFs to support your daily practice! Yes, even if you hate what you do you can make a few adjustments in your relationship to work and be happier, or at least less unhappy.
First thing is to understand that, for the most part, getting a new job, a new promotion, a new boss, will not make you happier.
Yes, every day, take a moment to think about one to three things that you are grateful for, better if it is actually from work, but also feel free to include personal things, actually I encourage you to do so.
I do this in the mornings, right after my wake-up routine, so I start my day with a grateful attitude already.
I used to work in a large media agency and I was having the hardest time enjoying the work. So if you don’t find meaning in your job, take a closer look at the whole process and ask yourself: who is benefiting from this work? There is a great story, I can’t really find the origin, but I have heard it a few times and read it a few more in some great books.
The first time I read this story it blew my mind, and it changed the way I (try to) approach any activity I undertake. Even a janitor has the incredibly important job of keeping the environment conducive to creation and work.
I’d like to invite you to take a moment everyday, before the workday, and think of them as regular beings who have a deep suffering, like something they think they have to protect.
You might be asking right now (I can almost hear you): “Why do I have to be the one doing that? Instead, enjoy your Sunday fully, present with your time off, with your family and friends, and leave those dreadful feeling for when they are really justified (hint: they never are, if you have done any of the above).
This next weekend, make it a point to not complain or create terrible expectations on Sunday evening. These five points are not the only way to be happy at work, but are tactics that have worked for me and most of the people I have taught them to. After studying mindfulness and meditation for almost a decade, you get to store a lot of books in your kindle, iBook and Audible accounts.
As per meditation and mindfulness, I have read some books that I don’t care for, and some that are spectacular in how helpful they have been to both my intellectual understanding and my experiential practice. I would love to know what are some of your favorite books related to Mindfulness or Meditation. Here is a list of the shows that I listen to on regular bases. I hope you find benefits in any of this podcasts.
Of all the benefits you might get as a leader from a mindfulness meditation practice, here are five ways that I could think off.
You know how it is, sometimes it’s overwhelming how many decisions we need to make a day. With the practice of mindfulness with consistency, you will develop the skill to bring your mind to the present moment and cut through the mental chatter.
Real heart felt empathy and joyful compassions is helpful both to deal with team members or to deal with our customers. After a few sessions of practicing mindfulness is very common to start feeling more empathic with other peoples both pains and joys. When I started practicing meditation, and later more specifically mindfulness meditation, the change I found most noticeable in my day to day life was my ability to prioritize the important and high impact tasks in my life.
There are an infinite things that needed to happen to lead to this moment right here right now.
I mentioned above that sometimes in there, in our heads, we encounter things about ourselves that we don’t really like.
One of those things you will find in there are all this stories that you might have build in your life about what it is that you can’t do, or that you do terribly bad. You start meditating and practicing mindfulness today without having to dramatically change your routine. If you can do one hour a day that is great, but if you can only commit 5 minutes, you will also experience the benefits and improve your relationship with life! And in case you do want to find those 5 to 10 minutes each day, here are a few activities your probably do where You can shave some time off to do your meditation. We can choose every so often to turn off the screen and sit there, in silence, or in connection with our spouses and other family or roommates.
But we live in a very materialistic world, a world where science is perceived as the pinnacle of truth. There is something very interesting about life: we are constantly in some kind of pain or discomfort. In the next meditation we will investigate what that means experientially and, hopefully, see ourselves transcend human suffering (is it even possible?). By perezkaram When you are in the ultimate productive state of mind, you get into the flow of things and don’t fall into distractions too often, right?
Here are a few things that can help us identified how to hack into that mindset and make it more productive, if we work at this intentionally. A productive state of mind can see the opportunity and the conditions that lead to that opportunity. We can hack ourselves into entering a peak performance highly productive state of mind if we work in habituating our mind to be present, available and aware of our choices. I am very bias on this one, because I practice meditation, so I use it as my to go practice. Filed Under: General, Productivity Tagged With: getting things done, goals, mental habits, mindfulness at work, mindset, peak performance, productivity, productivity mindset, productivity tip, state of mindWhat is Mindful Productivity? To be present with our work, to understand why we do what we do and how it connects to what others are doing, to make a decision from a place of awareness and true focus, to do what matters and to do it well, that is what Mindful Productivity is all about.
When we talk about productivity we tend to think about do-to lists, systems, processes, measurements, input, output. There is something missing in this picture: Our own relationship with the process, with the experience of being productive and the mental and emotional context in which it happens. I compassionately embrace my busy crazy creative mind, the one that is constantly connecting new ideas, and new patters.
I embrace it because I have learned through meditation and mindfulness practice to engage only with those moments that inspire me, and to turn the rest of the moments into inspirational ones, or let them pass through.
The keys to success when practicing Anapanasati meditation technique is to stay focused on your breathing for a long time. 2: It is possible to do Anapanasati meditation technique ns various postures, ranging from lying to standing to sitting.
Yoga, meditation and breathing exercises help you let go of stress, increase energy and focus and handle negative emotions. Event details may change at any time, always check with the event organizer when planning to attend this event or purchase tickets. MEDITACION PARA LA FUNDACION Una Forma Suave y Sencilla de Meditar y Una Introduccion a la Meditacion Excelente – Para Cualquier Trabajo con la Energia. Learning relaxation breathing through meditation is one of the most effective, yet simple way to increase fertility. Relaxation breathing is a very easy way to learn the practice of meditation and visualization. When you allow white light to enter your body through relaxation breathing it steadily nourishes your heart center and expands your innate ability to raise the light circulating through the cells and tissues of your body.
Emerald green light has healing properties and should be used to bring healing to those areas of your body that need repairing, renewal, and rejuvenation. I love this meditation because I love the color pink which is the color of motherly love and it always brings me a sense of loving care. If you are looking for something more specific to fertility, I recommend Mind-Body Natural Fertility Program to help you decrease stress and achieve hormonal balance while trying to conceive.
Homeopathic Remedies for Morning Sickness Feb 19, 16 03:01 PMHomeopathic remedies for morning sickness are non toxic, natural, very effective and safe to take during pregnancy. Why Prenatal Tea Is The Number One Choice Of Many Pregnant Women Feb 15, 16 01:38 PMPrenatal tea is very useful to prevent nausea, depression, heartburn, and many other complaints of pregnancy. When we sit with a plant and consciously breathe in their oxygen and breathe out for them our carbon dioxide, we create an intimate connection with that plant in that particular moment. I heard about Greenbreath, a meditation with music developed by Pam Montgomery, and I felt drawn to the idea of a breathing meditation with a plant in a similar way.

This was not a guided meditation, just simple sitting but with the conscious awareness and intention of sharing breath with the plant. Once you have chosen, make yourself comfortable as close to the flower as you can get, and spend a little time just sitting and settling into your space.
Once you feel settled, lean towards the plant and express your intent either out loud, or simply from within. You can choose to breathe in and out through your mouth, which is a powerful circular breathing technique.
Alternatively, you can choose to breathe in through your nose, and then out through your mouth. Sit with the plant and if you find your attention wandering, bring it back to conscious breathing with the plant – focus on your intention to intimately share breath with this wonderful being and focus on your own breathing.
If you choose, you can use flower essences for finding deep connections with nature and your own intuition, and for assisting in a deeper meditative state. Sage mirrors the quality of stillness within our own beings so that we can safely venture into other realms of reality.
Mirrors our resting at peace, sitting in quiet wonderment at the true beauty of everything in this astonishing universe. Many relate it with religion, faith, hypnosis, problem solving, navel gazing, visualization and so on. This our first online course so we want to make sure you know exactly what it is your are getting! Just set an alarm in your phone to remind you to do a one gratitude entry, launch your note app (any phone has one) and write one thing you are grateful for. This is easily accomplished by taking a hard look at what you do and how it fits within your organization. Once you realize that their behavior comes from their own misunderstanding of reality and situation, or maybe from their own problems at home or with their bosses, then you will find a ways to not get upset with them. There are many others, related to more Buddhist or productivity and business driven that I mights recommend later down the road.
In the last few years there has been a proliferation of great podcasts related to themes that interest us here at OurBusyMinds, like mindfulness and meditation, psychology or productivity, from a Buddhist, secular and scientific perspective. Is there any other podcast I have not shared here that you think should have made the list?
Understanding, really, viscerally, what the team needs is key to be able to help them thrive. While being alone in there with out own thoughts, many times we have experiences we don’t necessarily like.
One of the best and most amazing phenomena that I have came to understand (intellectually at least), is that everything is interconnected and interdependent.
All these causes and conditions, from the beginning of space-time (if there ever is any), lead to your experience right now. We as humans are conditioned to see ourselves so separate from each other, that we forget that we are connected at the core. It can be scary, until we peal the layers out and realize that that things that we don’t like of ourselves is, more often than not, just a story we tell to sabotage our own dreams.
The problem is that many of us believe that we have to meditate for one hour or so for it to be beneficial and effective and that can be overwhelming.
And maybe You are not really too much into any of these things, but I can bet You there is something in that life of yours that You could do 7 or 10 minutes less and spend that time practicing mindfulness, to become the best version of yourself. We don’t see all of reality, at least not with our normal interface, which is our five senses. Science, like any path, will come to certain level of maturity and realizations of it’s own limitations, and free itself from it. Even when we find space to feel happy, it tend to be followed by the anxiety that comes with the truth that the moment will end, so we cling to it. The reason is because we have this amazing ability to realize who two or more things can only exist and do something in relationship to something else. It also have the habit of understanding impermanence and that things can change, so there is a sense of urgency, not stressful, but diligent in getting things done, because really, there is no better moment than the now to do anything.
There are a few ways to do that. We can practice mindfulness, do daily mindfulness exercises and meditate. It doesn’t always keep me from drifting away and loosing my concentration, but I have been getting better at getting my monkey mind to come back every time it drifts.
I was able to engage on important work for longer periods of time, without getting distracted by my own mind, and I was able to make more assertive and timely decisions. A little later, what I used to see like a fixed reality out there from it’s own side separate from me, became much more elastic and malleable to what I wanted to create from it. Combining my productivity habits with my meditation practice has allowed me to move fast, move forward where it matters most at any given moment.
It helps to build focus and concentration, develops mindfulness and insight and improves the mind body connection.
The practice of Yoga unlocks the secrets to a calm peaceful mind and a healthy happy heart. Each of these meditations from Catherine’s Manifesting Course will support and guide you through the steps of your manifesting process. Mind-body practices that produce a relaxation response have been used by people across cultures for thousands of years to prevent and treat disease. This may take some time, but once you feel how relaxed and at peace you can be, you will not be able to go without meditating a little every day.
Using this easy to learn relaxation breathing technique you will be able to draw healing light to you body, boosting energy, and release tension. Through relaxation breathing you will be able to re-balancing your solar plexus, dissolve fears and anxiety bringing you a sense of well-being. Relaxation breathing helps you create inner peace, strength and confidence through the day and relaxation for a good night sleep at night.
This program consists of 28 audio support guided journeys that you can listen every day during your monthly cycle while trying to achieve conception naturally. Before I tried Greenbreath for myself, I tried working with the sharing of breath using simple focused breathing, with an awareness of exchange of breath with the plant.
I have tried several ways of doing this, but the way that works best for me is to find a way of being in almost direct physical contact with the plant.
If you do this, then breathe in through your mouth deeply and calmly and breathe out again through your mouth, leaving no pause between the in and out breaths. For this meditation, I prefer to breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth because I enjoy the scent of the plant.
Often, I meditate with a plant, and find that I have simply enjoyed sitting, focusing on my breath, being calm and taking some time for myself.
The boundaries between myself, the plant and the universe blur and I feel larger, as though the space between all my atoms has widened. It also enables us to communicate with other kingdoms, plant, animal or mineral, by stimulating our intuition. In this peace, attitudes and opinions ease away – finally leaving only pure consciousness, pure awareness. People know that it helps in stress relief but even that is not full exploitation of meditation. This practice will create a new pattern in your mind to look for things to be grateful for in every area of your life.
If you look closely you will find someone who is the ultimate beneficiary of your work, then you will find more meaning in your work and in doing so, change your relationship to it. You might realize that what you are doing is actually some of the most important aspect of the whole process. We don’t realize that these people are also going through their own struggles and problems. And it is not under your control how they behave, but it is fully under your control how you react to their behaviors. First, Thich Nhat Hanh is one of the most amazing minds I have been able to read from and heard from, his compassion and precision of language is amazing. Although I feel she is a little monotone when speaking, which can make it hard to listen to, her writing is superb! Although, McNally is a bit of a controversial person, the teaching in this book are a current age interpretation and application of ancient Tibetan meditation principles.
Traditionally a Psychologist, her teaching are colored with Western Psychology and Buddhist Philosophy.
It’s the only daily meditation podcast I have been able to find, and probably the only one you will need, because she is really good and introducing an idea and guiding you through the meditation in around 15 minutes. It will sometimes features interviews and other times audio from lectures given at the center.
And with a consistent practice and the right guidance, you will realize that you are actually turning off the chatter box, or leaving it in the background. It was so apparent that when I had periods or a few months when I didn’t practice consistently, my mind seamed to snap back into the old habit of tending the urgent before the important, or the want before the need.
We see how the ephemeral present moment has to be part of a larger picture and it can only be from that present moment that we can have an impact on how we experience that larger picture.

Realizing it and experiencing it will help you lead your team as a master strategic master.
Becoming aware of this and checking on this stories to see if they are real, creates two amazing opportunities.
Grab some guided meditation in your phone, plug in your headset and get some mind space in that crowded train. The key here is just 5 to 7 minutes off from any or all of this doesn’t mean you have to take it away. We live in a reality that we don’t really understand experientially, as much as we can understand, sometimes, logically. When we are there our mind follows a certain set of pattern or what I consider to be mental habits. So our creations and our purpose under this state of mind makes it so we perform and create in relationship the the world around us, thus having a bigger influence footprint. I realized I could actually affect and tweak how reality appeared to me by tweaking aspects of my mind. If there is something that my meditation practice has done for me throughout the years, it’s to get more fired up to do go out and do even more, bigger and better things that will help, inspire and entertain more people.
It is easy to get distracted when practicing Anapanasati Meditation technique, so make sure that there are as few distractions as possible. When you are at ease and release stress and worries, your body enters a state of rejuvenation and healing.
Fertility meditation and visualization practice through relaxation breathing should become your daily bread and butter if you want to achieve conception faster and it will help especially if you are going through in vitro cycles.Meditating helps your mind become in tune with your body. You can be in bed as you practice this meditation just before you get up in the morning and just before you fall asleep at night. Although I didn’t feel drawn to make an essence, it was really wonderful to work with. I love to do the Dance of the Five Elements, and I might repeat the dance a couple of times and then move on to a different (usually more physical) activity. If it’s hard to hold gratitude for that long, you might want to read what you wrote a few times over as you generate the feeling. When they say or do the things that upset us, we think it’s personal, we think think they are out to get us. In this book (to which she published the first version exactly 20 years ago) is based on a powerful meditation practice called in english Lovingkindness. Easy to understand and almost every chapter have a meditation outlined and explained for us to practice on our own time. This book is incredibly good at taking concepts that might feel foreign to some, and translating them into practical and current ideas. At the time of this writing I study at the center in a Year Long Meditation Intensive Teacher Training. His style is always really engaging and very straight forward, even for those who don’t necessarily understand too much buddhism. I find it to not be very consistent in the frequency of publication, but they make up for that on the quality of the content. Many times because we are afraid of the negative potential outcomes we predict to be likely to happen. With the clarity of a mind in control of its actions upon its own thoughts, you will be able to make the decisions you need to make. There is not real news out there any longer any way, and 99% of it we cannot do anything about it, so why even bother consume it so much. I wonder sometimes why is it so uncomfortable to sit with the newsfeed of our own mind, yet we are willing to sit and scroll over thousands of posts or watch endless hours of video on Netflix of Amazon. We are mostly smiling, or some of us (yes, sometimes) have the tip of our tongue sticking out the side of our mouth. In sutras it is recommended that Anapanasati be practiced in abandoned buildings, a forest or somewhere similar. This state can assist women who suffer from hormonal imbalances, have luteal phase defect, have anovulatory cycles or are going through in vitro fertilization treatments. When your mind is at ease, not wondering around or overwhelmed by worrying thoughts, your body receives messages of wellness and healing can occur.The time of meditation through relaxation breathing is the time you allow for yourself to heal, to balance, to rejuvenate. Relaxation breathing allows you to draw orange light to you helping restore your vitality, enthusiasm, confidence, optimism, and inner strength. If all feels comfortable and well to you, then introduce yourself and spend a little time looking at and being with the plant.
In fact, from time to time, as I feel drawn, I will lean forward very close to the plant and deliberately breath in the scent of it. One day, as I looked at the whole process during a meditation, I realized that the videos I was making were helping the company get new clients, which in turn was allowing the company to hire more people, in an economy (this was back in 2009-10) that was desperate for new jobs.
But the truth is that we are extending the disliking of work to even the moments when we are not working. For buddhist and non-buddhist alike, the book is packed with very useful advice, to be happier and life a better life in general. When we have that realization with ourselves and we start connecting with our own discomforts, we also realize that other people, just by being human, most experience something similar. We are ourselves, individuals, yes, but we are just one individual of a massive species, of a massive kind of living being. Your breakfast this morning, your crush on high school, the Declaration of The Independence.
On average people are spending 20 minutes of their day on Facebook without doing us any good (not necessarily doing any bad either,) when we could spend 7 or 10 of those minutes in practicing being present. When these conditions are met, I believe we are so present and absorbed into the task that what we are experiencing is in a way a state of meditation. The relaxation breathing technique you will be learning here is meant to assist your body re-create balance at the mental, physical and emotional level. Try the following meditations and you will feel more at ease with yourself, your world, and your life.The following are great fertility meditations and visualizations through relaxation breathing technique that you will love! There is full information on how to choose your plant and how to become settled on our page about Plant Communication for Beginners. If you find yourself thinking about other things, simply return your focus to the circular breath. It will make you feel happier and in turn, have more energy, work better, feel better and really really rock your reality to the core.
It is basically written in plain english, with some buddhist and psychology terms in there.
They have a yearly conference and organize retreats as well, so it’s a great site to be connected to.
At least in this planet, because if we look up into the sky through to space, we realize that we are so really insignificantly tiny.
The area should not be too light nor too dark and should also be of a comfortable temperature.
Suddenly I was not making videos to help the CEO get richer (although he probably was anyway) but I was producing content that was helping create jobs!
And when we get to put those ideas together, we will have the power to do anything we want. Your relaxation breathing should be slow enough that you can count to about seven on each inhale and then seven on each exhale.
Allow the light to completely envelop you as if you were inside a cocoon of loving pink light.
If you notice any area of tension, focus on that area of your body more closely by breathing right into it. With you next sets of inhale and exhale continue this process until the light completely removes and cleanses all the stale energy you had locked up in your body but especially in your pelvic and abdominal area.
See the light entering your blood vessels through your health and bring healing to every cell in your body that needs healing and repair.
As you feel completely relaxed, allow the light to bring you a deep sense of completion and joy. Breathe gently the soft pink light and allow it to permeate every cell and every organ within your body and bring you love, care and a peaceful sense of calmness.
Gently open your eyes if you are waking up in the morning or keep your eyes closed if you are falling asleep at night. See the light entering your ovaries and bring soothing, healing energy to every follicular structure in your ovary that is preparing for ovulation. You will notice that it will take some time and practice to experience a deep feeling of serenity and joy, but it will come. See the light move to the uterus and bring cleansing and healing to the endometrial lining. Take a few last deep breaths as you bring love and appreciation to yourself for having taken this time to take care of yourself.

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