About the Accomodations:  All lodging needs to coordinated separately through Claudia Ingraham, co-retreat leader. The fees includes one breakfast, one brunch and two dinners.  The fees do not include the costs of transportation, lodging or lunch on Saturday. For more information on lodging, yoga or sound healing or other general questions call Claudia at 720 937-2720 to coordinate lodging. For information on the Primordial Sound Meditation portion of the retreat or other general questions call Lisa at (720) 683-0444. Retreat Fee is $350 if attending Primordial Sound Meditation course only (includes four organic meals) or $525  for complete retreat which would include  three yoga sessions, sound healing sessions and four organic meals (two dinners, one brunch, one breakfast) and hot springs.
Do you ever have the desire to go to a place where you can do nothing at all except relax, or perhaps do something active and enjoyable all day long? We offer a variety of daily fitness and healthy lifestyle classes presented by our highly-qualified team of Spa Ojai Mind & Body instructors. Current information is available through our reservation department, spa front desk, or resort guests' rooms. Personal fitness assessments and consultations are tailored to meet the specific needs of each guest. We offer private training sessions to assist you with recommendations for your personalized path to health and wellness.
Enjoy a healthy and scenic adventure through the local trails of Ojai or the Los Padres National Forest. If you're looking for a more vigorous outdoor adventure and challenge, try one of our guided trail runs. A combination of hiking and treasure hunting, use a hand-held GPS navigation device to discover hidden surprises, unlocking fun and adventure. Prior to my visit, the best I could gather about Ojai was that it was a small town with a lot of farm land, and that people also like to go there for high end spas and relaxation.
If it feels like life slows down a notch when you drive into the town of Ojai, then stepping into the space of Meditation Mount certainly slows everything down by ten notches. And come find me on facebook for more daily adventures and my professional wedding & portrait work! We highly suggest beginning or ending your Meditation Class with use of our Crystal Aromatherapy Oxygen Bar. Our original experience as a Meetup Group began with a group of energy practitioners meeting to share and coordinate experience on a night called "Spirit Night", a weekly Saturday night, in our deeply spirited closet-sized original Sanford location, then we shifted into a larger discussion forum in our second location, until finally we relocated to beautiful and surreal Mount Dora and we are experiencing a rebirth of a new kind.
We are pleased and honored to be called by Greater Source to offer this, and other gatherings, visiting authors, readers, workshops, classes, and certifications. Join us in our honorable task of bringing light and lasting love back into the mind, body and soul of the planet and beyond, and keeping the new and old knowledge and wisdom alive, good and well.
Are you an Indigo Child or Crystal Child, maybe Rainbow, Golden or maybe your baby is Platinum, or other? We are here to evolve and work with other Indigos, Crystal Children, Starseeds, Lightworkers and Spiritual Agents. Although the Organizers of this group are in fact Ministers, we are not of any particular organized religion or religious group.
We have a discussion board on meetup, however please read the 'Posting Policies' thread prior to posting. Our group's Organizers do not necessarily share the opinions or recommended advertisements posted by individual group members.

She will teach you your personal mantra based on your birth information and she will guide you through all aspects of learning and easily practicing meditation.
My goal is to help you discover your unique style of teaching Reiki so that your gifts and your authenticity shine through. If you’re in California (or headed there), you may want to add The Oaks at Ojai to your plans. She said she wanted a place to recuperate and make new friends after going through knee surgery and rehab. We’ll try to come down and join you for a walk or swim or bike ride or massage or meal or retail therapy.
We were invited guests of the Oaks at Ojai for 2 nights, and boy did we appreciate their hospitality. Classes include morning walks, sunset strolls, nature tours, yoga, Pilates mat work, gardening, spinning, water aerobics, boot camp, guided meditations, stretch and roll and body toning exercise. This program is designed to provide baseline information to establish your current fitness status and includes individualized exercise recommendations.
Depending upon your preferences and needs, these training sessions can be focused on weight training, cardiopulmonary training, yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, Qi Gong or aquatics. Private Group Fitness and Wellness classes may be enjoyed in a private secluded setting for an individual, family or group; ages 10 and older. Whether needing a relaxed nature walk or a challenging power hike, be led by a knowledgeable, friendly, expert guide.
Be inspired by one of our triathlete trail-running guides who will show you all that Ojai Valley offers. This guided excursion can be experienced on the 220-acre Ojai Valley Inn & Spa campus or almost anywhere in our scenic valley.
Now in 2014, we are hosting Stalight Bonfire "Starfires" on first Saturdays from 9pm-10:30pm. THE BASIC'S THAT ARE MOST COMMONLY SHARED AROUND THE NET ARE FOUND AT THE LINKS, HOWEVER MUCH MORE INSIGHT HAS COME THROUGH RAYNA AND SHE WILL BE WRITING THIS SOON. They have the sole responsibility and the right to protect the integrity of the group, moderate all discussion and lead the group meetings. If the Organizers find something shared by a group member that they absolutely do not approve of because they feel it will negatively affect the group or any member of the gorup, it will not remain posted in any of our public forums. The Organizers take time to consider each suggestion carefully, and finally will approve or let go any request based on the highest best interest for all. Located between Buena Vista and Salida, Colorado at a historic hot springs resort dating back to the Colorado mining era. Your mantra repeated silently, will allow you to experience inner calm, deep relaxation and rejuvenation.
Major components of health-related fitness to be assessed include: body composition, cardiopulmonary endurance, muscular strength and endurance, balance and flexibility. Your trainer will work with you to create a program that fits your environment, schedule, goals and physical abilities.
Each hike includes round-trip transportation from the hotel to the trailhead, bottled water, fruit and a snack. We provide the guide, transportation and all the necessary equipment; you only need to bring your enthusiasm!
For PC users, we recommend upgrading to the latest version of Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Ojai also happens to be where the Gardner family now lives, and so I drove over from Ventura on my road trip, and I visited them, the town, and Meditation Mount.
It’s not that I am very spiritual, but an entire place dedicated to slowing down and reflecting while looking at gorgeous views all around?
Perhaps I will return next year for the next round of family portraits, organic farm style? Our focus is on sharing as it always has been, and now on certain nights (such as holidays) we offer themed "Starfires" with light snacks (vegan, organic, GMO-free, gluten-free), sometimes readings and sometimes costume with theatrical decoration, depending on the holiday. Many of us have been working alone on our mission, and we acknowledge our time to come together is now.
We welcome those who wish to share with like-minds, of all faith, race, color, etc so long as they are here to evolve. Please privately address all concerns or suggestions to the Organizers prior to rating the group, or expressing any concern publicly. Repeated offensive behavior will mean the member will be banned from the group and possibly reported to Meetup Staff.
If the suggestion is in the highest mutual benefit for the group, its members, the world and beyond, then we will gladly organize it and add it to the calendar.
With beautifully renovated, clean, quality lodge rooms and cabins overlooking the Rocky mountains.
Each run includes round-trip transportation from the resort to the trailhead, bottled water, fruit and a snack.
We want to share our time on Earth with those who have similar spiritual experiences, awareness and understanding, and this common driving journey. We ask that you treat the Organizers and other member of the group with compassion, and not as a faceless internet rating in order to express your viewpoint. If we feel the group is threatened in any way we will not hesitate to contact law enforcement.
Hiking trails out the back door and numerous hot springs choices including a private pool for resident guests only. Our totally unscientific guess is that 5,000 of them are artists, and the other 3,000 are hikers and bicyclists. In planning other daytime activities, please allow a minimum of 30 minutes before and after your hike for check-in and travel time. In planning other daytime activities, please allow a minimum of 30 minutes before and after your trail run for check-in and travel time.
We have a private, beautiful and comfortable location where we can sit amongst giant crystals and enjoy our intimate meetings, classes and gatherings and for services such as readings and energy work. The goal is not to silence others, but to protect members from those with overbearing strong opinions in order to avoid peer pressure and bullying. Heck, I need to put my brand new bike lock to use, though I never actually locked my bike while we were there.
We are simply a sanctuary where people are open minded and focused on personal and group mission to improve the state of the world creation, based on expanded consciousness.

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