Then we are with our true self; having been able to control all the activities of our mind, body and senses.
It’s a common and admirable goal to travel as a means of “finding yourself,” but sometimes the stresses of being in a new place or cramming in sightseeing opportunities can prevent travelers from actually calming down, getting centered, and coming home rejuvenated. To plan a retreat, start by selecting a serene location full of natural beauty, whether it’s mountains, rivers, forests, or the ocean. After settling on a destination, take the time to figure out where to eat, what activities to participate in, and what you want each day to look like while on retreat—the structure is up to you, but make sure not to cram the schedule too full and to allow room for meditation each day.
Whether you decide to attend an organized retreat or create your own at one of many remarkable destinations, the intention you bring to the experience will determine how you feel at the end of it. Meditation is experiencing emptiness and enjoying it – though this enjoying is a mind-oriented experience.
Then meditation becomes an antidote or a prescription for the many ailments that our mind and body undergoes in this stressful life.

Customizing a retreat lets you choose exactly where to be and what to do in addition to meditation. Do the planning in advance, and you’ll have nothing to do but relax and re-center upon arrival. Both joy and sorrow are experienced by the mind – and anything that is experienced by the mind does not include meditation. By prioritizing quiet reflection, you’ll have a chance to reconnect with yourself and your own internal rhythms.
Setting a goal to be mindful and present—in some ways, doing “nothing”—is actually really tough. Practicing mindfulness requires you to confront personal demons and connect to inner feelings and desires, all of which increases self-awareness and empowers you to pursue goals. Removing external pressures and settling into a relaxing space can reduce stress, broaden your perspective, and cultivate equanimity, or the ability to calmly accept circumstances as they arise.

Retreats can include passive activities such as massages, meditation, acupuncture, and spa treatments or more active options like yoga, hiking, dancing, arts and crafts, or gardening—it’s all up to you!
You may think that all this may be happening – body movements, sensory perceptions, even thinking; yet you can be absolutely unaware of it. Drop the distractions, affectations, and stressors, and remember what it means to just be you.

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