Easy Meditation is giving you the opportunity to obtain a free Meditation and Relaxation CD.
There’s sadly no steak knives but if you want your free CD fill in your details onsite.
Eileen provides online relaxation sessions, downloads, cd's & relaxation classes in lanarkshire, scotland. Relaxation Therapy is mind and body management techniques that induce the body quickly into deep stages of relaxation.
Relaxation therapy includes various styles of relaxation techniques and meditation e.g.
Relaxation Techniques work by relaxing the mind and body, techniques such as autogenic training and PMR relaxes the muscles and in turn helps relax the mind.
Some relaxation techniques such as mental imagery in practicse of guided visualisation also known as guided meditation are cultivated in Theta level a deep state of relaxation associated with dreaming and in states of hypnosis.
Relaxation Techniques induce deep stages of relaxation, reducing states of hyperarousal when suffering from stress.
Relaxation Techniques such as seen in Autogenic Training and PMR are particularly aimed at both body and mind.
All forms of relaxation therapy relax the mind, which in turns relaxed the body and organs. Eileen began studying creative visualisation and other mind techniques in her early twenties. Eileen uses a wide range of experience, education and research to provide you with the effective tools you require to use creative visualisation firstly on one self then with further advancement on to students and clients.
6 week class starts August , a full relaxation programme that includes both modern and traditional relaxation and meditation techniques. Eileen can help you mange your stress, banish sleepless nights caused by stress and anxiety with with her online 1 to 1 stress coaching sessions.

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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Ensure you are logged in and your account is configured correctly to receive your discount. These three simple guided meditations are all forms of breathing meditation that help to calm the mind, reduce stress, and give rise to an experience of inner peace and wellbeing.
This website is dedicated to RAISING AWARENESS on HOW RELAXATION (On CD) CAN Benefit mental health ISSUES, be it stress, anxiety, depression, panic or insomnia. New Project Manager appointed to help with SMUGS, Lynne Clark (35) has been appointed to the team to help and assist the SMUGS website.
DisclaimerThe views, information and smugs title provided on this website, are the sole responsibility of Andrew John Hack. Distributed to NHS Hospitals, GP's surgeries and other healthcare professionals, throughout the UK, European and the Rest of the World.
This buy now button is only for people located in the United Kingdom, if you would require the relaxation cd posted to you for non-UK delivery any were in the world, please contact us before purchase to obtain a postage quote, our postage rates are honest and fair and we don't make a hidden profit from them. Read the amazing feedback we have about this self hypnosis relaxation cd, it continues to sell well and is going to be a best seller, as this RELAXATION CD is used by local and national health authorities, consellors, and the members of the general public. By buying this RELAXATION CD , it helps you also deal with stress, anxiety, depression and panic which leads to pain, insomina (Track four is very good for insomnia)and high blood pressure. These covers are perfect for use in your mp3 player or if you want to print them for your CD's. She was introduced to relaxation therapy 20 yrs ago, for the last 10 years she has been teaching relaxation to individuals and local charities, organisations within Lanarkshire, Scotland. Assisting the mind from our normal alert conscious state of Beta to Alpha a relaxed, calm state where both healing and learning cultivates best.

These are the most highly effective relaxation tools at reducing muscle tension, general aches and pains and an excellent sleep aid for insomnia.
The business has grew over the years into a stress management therapy service, now trading as Stress-Coach. With regular practice, these meditations help to relax both body and mind and lead to a deep experience of inner peace. The first is a basic breathing meditation that helps to disengage the mind from the busyness of everyday life and create a special feeling of inner peace. The National Health Service bear no legal responsibility to the information contained within this website, and no NHS manpower or facilitates were used to construct or support this site, it is purely a private venture, born from an idea and progressed privately, they do not support or endorse any of the views and points expressed within the web site. Why suffer any more you will not be disappointed, its so good the NHS has bought it in BULK for some NHS hospitals.
Classics for Relaxation is the perfect introduction for those new to classical music, and it's a great sampling of the masters and some of their famous works for those who already are fans of this genre.
The second combines mindfulness of the breath with visualization, or creative imagination, and leads to a deep feeling of inner calm and purity. It truly speaks to everyone in the univeral voice of symphonic sounds-it's engaging, enchanting, elegant and beautiful. A Stress Coach, Reiki Master and Therapist eileen has practised traditional meditation and visualisation techniques for over 18 years, she has various qualifications and skills which she integrates into her work. The third is a special breathing meditation that combines mindfulness of the breath with the recitation of mantra.

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