Discover the life-changing power of mandalas with this beautiful colouring book – designed to bring you healing energy as you colour in the designs, and then meditate on them afterwards.
Ease anxiety and insecurities via this perfect way to combine contemplation with creativity – both by colouring in these inspiring mandalas and using them for meditation.
Viewed as the key to self-knowledge and inner peace in Eastern traditions, a mandala is a symbolic spiritual image which, when meditated on, can bring about profound inner transformation. The imagery ranges from the dove of peace, the rose of pure love and the floating lotus of the East to dolphins at play and vanquishing the Minotaur.
The Gift of Harmony illustrated Book and Meditations Spoken Word CD Set helps you balance and Harmonise your Relationships, through 11 short Guided Meditations spoken by Jelila, and the Gift Book explaining about bringing together 4 key parts of yourself - so they can bring you their gift of Balance and Harmony. Look and feel beautiful as the positive vibrations of Crystal Healing Necklaces uplift, lighten, cleanse, and empower you.

Jelila, the author of 5 self-help books, International Healer and Spiritual Teacher, helps Blossom Your Heart's Desires through her established 17 year Metaphysical Spiritual Healing practise in France, Asia, Singapore, Bali, Australia and Online.
Tanmaya Honervogt, Reiki Master-Teacher, Trained With One Of The Few Reiki Masters Initiated By Hawayo Takata, Who Introduced Reiki To The West In 1938. Reviews the healing events in the New Testament with a focus on what Christ taught His disciples about healing. This book offers a perfect way to combine contemplation with creativity, helping us to ease anxieties and insecurities, bring about change, and regain our personal balance – both through colouring in these mandalas (or a photocopy of them) and through meditating on them afterwards.
There is an introduction putting the symbolism and imagery of the mandalas in context, as well as a directory of symbolism in full colour at the back of the book. Tanmaya Honervogt has refined a method that combines these two disciplines to create a powerful and highly personal tool, capable of enhancing intuitive powers and strenthening the healing life force within.

Since 1983 Tanmaya Has Worked With Healing And Meditations, Individually And With Groups, And In 1992 She Qualified As A Reiki Master. Each mandala offers a place of refuge you can visit to recharge and reconnect with your essential self.
With clear and concise text, step-by-step instructions and beautiful photographs, Inner Reiki provides a superb introduction to Reiki for those already interested in healing and related therapies, and a rich source of new suggestions for more experienced practitioners. Over The Past Few Years Tanmaya Has Also Developed An Advanced Reiki Training: Reiki And Meditation.

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