God is understood by different religions differently, due to the different time, place and circumstances in which God reveals His divine message.
Prophet Mohammed was revealed by Allah three kinds of knowledge - one which he was allowed to share with his followers, the second type he had the discretion to share or withhold, and the third category of revelation he was strictly forbidden from sharing. The Lord was exhibiting His brilliantly effulgent four-armed form, the radiance of which, just like a smokeless fire, dissipated the darkness in all directions. Note: He has expanded Himself into innumerable forms and not divided Himself into innumerable forms. In this verse it is explained that none can surpass Allah in lending colour to this universe. According to recognized Vedic scriptures, Allah or Krishna has a spiritual, dazzling, dark colour, beyond the perception of the material senses and the imagination of the mundane mind. This is the second stage, achievable by attaining perfection in the meditation process as described in chapter 6 of the gita. I am seated in everyone's heart, and from Me come remembrance, knowledge and forgetfulness. The topmost platform of self realization wherein one achieves complete spiritual perfection. Deluded by the three modes of material nature [goodness, passion and ignorance], the whole world does not know Me, who am above the modes and inexhaustible. Creator of the Islamic Meditation Program, a modern and innovative online learning program designed to help you rediscover health, happiness and success through evolutionary and progressive Islamic Spirituality. As part of a new series of Sufi Music audio recordings designed to energize and inspire, Daud and I would like to introduce the first track entitled Subhanim Allah, Sultanim Allah. As human beings, it is our fundamental nature to seek fulfillment, completion and wholeness.

The ego, the self, known in Arabic as the nafs, is an aspect of ourselves, a perception of reality through which we filter all experience.
Topics covered in this live tele-class include: How to embody the Islamic Path of Peace and so become a doorway for others to discover the reality of Islam.
He does so due to the differing of consciousness, capacity and spiritual realisation of the audience to receive His message.
Srimad Bhagavatam reveals God has an eternal spiritual body that is full of knowledge and bliss (satcitananda). From the representation of Allah's complexion by the Arabs, we can safely conclude that Allah is of a beautiful dark complexion.
When Prophet Muhammad met Allah (Vishnu or Krishna), he saw dazzling effulgence emanating from God. A person is attractive if He possesses unlimited beauty, knowledge, strength, fame, riches or renunciation. The supersoul is common within all living entities, it is the knower of all bodies whereas the individual soul (the living entity) knows only his own body.
The physical body has a form because it is a covering for the individual self the indestructable blemishless and completely anti material soul, also known as atma or spirit, which is the original driving force of a physical form. How to make Islam meaningful and relevant, particularly for the younger generations of Muslims. Mirza, 'Reincarnation and Islam', and Geo Widengren, 'Muhammad the Apostle of God and his ascension', page 108).
A beautiful smile graced His lotus face, locks of dark blue hair adorned His head, His lotus eyes were very attractive, and His shark-shaped earrings glittered.
Gods body is different from what we possess in this material world- namely a material body composed of stool, urine, puss, mucus and bile.

Therefore, Allah has a dazzling dark colour-contradictory to mundane senses but transcendentally beautiful. He wore a pair of silken garments, an ornamental belt, the sacred thread, bracelets and arm ornaments, along with a helmet, the Kaustubha jewel, necklaces, anklets and other royal emblems. But God Krishna has a spiritual form, which is of a beautiful blackish complexion like a monsoon cloud. The very thought of such offensive minimization of Allah is wholly unacceptable by anyone who professes to be a true Muslim.
Encircling His body were flower garlands and His personal weapons in their embodied forms.
This is because no Muslim will dare contradict the Qur'anic statement: 'Allahu Akbar'(Allah is Great). Krishna alone possesses not only all the six opulence’s but He has unlimited abundance. Since Allah is the greatest, how can the Great Allah be colourless, or a mere abstraction? Thus Krishna, who is known to Muslims as Allah, or to the Christians as the Almighty father Christ, or as Jehovah or Yahweh to many, is the most complete and attractive understanding of God.

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