Allow Yolanda’s gentle, encouraging words and hypnotic voice guide you into your meditation.
This lovely and easy to read book with accompanying CD was commissioned by a publisher as a simple guide to introduce people to meditation. About Yolanda…Yolanda Pettinato has been a practitioner of Yoga & Meditation for more than 20 years. Subscribe to NewsletterReceive information about classes, courses and Yolanda's blog straight to your email.

The book itself is simple, un-cluttered and easy to read and thereafter you play the CD which is for 20 minutes, and has the feeling of tremendous ‘quiet space’. She is a warm, funny, inspiring teacher and presenter and a passionate and compassionate person. Yolanda uses this publication with all of her Group Meditation courses which she has conducted on a regular basis for many years. He explains how to overcome meditation obstacles, customize meditation to your own needs, and use your breath, voice, and attention as meditation aids.

And he shows how meditation will give you the power to explore your inner passions-- and enrich your sense of self.

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