The meditation classes are non-denominational, non-religious and for all levels of experience.
In most meditation groups we start with discussing a variety of meditation techniques, we review the steps of Consciousness Meditation in detail, and we then follow with a guided practice meditation. At this time I am offering private individual meditation classes and meditation classes for groups of 5 people or more. There are several clinical studies that reference the benefits of meditation on physical and emotional health by reducing stress. As you practice meditation and get more comfortable with the method or particular practice that is right for you, you can eventually have access to your Higher Self, or your Inner Voice. Meditation is frequently used by people of all disciplines to bring out that wise, clear and wholesome guidance from within. During an individual meditation session we first sit to review your purpose for meditating. There are many methodologies used to practice meditation, finding the right meditation technique for you is a process of trial and error. The a€?forma€? of meditation that is me in this now moment is the a€?processa€? of self inquiry.
I a€?looked around the rooma€? and from our Meetup website, which is all I have to go by, it looks as if Candace, who I have never met, was sharing a particular a€?stylea€? of meditation. I look forward to meeting you in the upcoming meetings and can only hope that our offerings can be of service to you in finding your Self through some form of inner experience. We are a group of earthen women, who are, each and all of us, by default, Incarnations of The Goddess.
This is a meditation sequence that I have developed based my experience over the years with different meditation techniques and metaphysical processes.
In each group we work to calm the logical mind, gain inner peace and have access to our spirituality. At the end of each meditation class we review and answer your questions about your meditation experience.

I also prepare meditation training for organizations, businesses, schools and other groups with the goal of alleviating stress, improving productivity or enhancing creativity. The ultimate purpose of meditation is to quiet your mind, and to get to a point where you can see all your day-to-day thoughts float away from your mind. Whether you are aware of it or not, many of our most creative and inspired ideas and your clearest realizations come from having contact with our Higher Self.
The practice of meditation in non-denominational, however, it is an integral part of the spiritual practices followed by more than a dozen religions. Meditation exists before recorded history. This can be stress reduction, pain management, creativity enhancement, conflict resolution, decision making, or spiritual growth and development. In a private meditation training, I review and practice with you different meditation techniques and I help you build a meditation routine that fits your particular energy and your spiritual goals. Annie Khan completed her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and works with a wide range of concerns, such as: stress management, self-esteem, depression, anxiety, major life changes, and couples and familial issues. Khan has an intimate appreciation of the challenges faced by cultural minorities; adapting, integrating and succeeding in a different society while maintaining their own cultural identity and the value it has. Khan is experienced with and understands people who are dealing with questions regarding their life’s path. Khan offers a Mindfulness Meditation workshop which focuses on accepting the present, a valuable skill in our fast-paced society.
Grow and Strengthen our Earthly Union to The Supreme Divine through the discovery (re-discovery) and healing of our connection to The Divine Feminine aspect that dwells within all of us. Meditation originated in ancient India about 3,000 years ago and has existed in some form in most major religions and in many secular organizations.
In Consciousness Meditation I combine the meditation techniques that I have found most effective and significant over the years.
Groups of up to 15 people are held in my office, for larger groups we meet at another location. This allows for your body to let go of the effects of stress and for a clear connection to your inner guidance and eventually with your Higher Self. Contact with your Higher Self is a gift that all can experience.

You may already do this sometimes without knowing it, such as when you let a problem rest and then suddenly think of a perfect solution. What I have coming up is way bigger than my a€?littlea€? self could possibly handle by myself. I found it through the teachings of ramana maharshi, who left his body in 1950, and was drawn to his ashram in India 17 years ago.
She works to create an atmosphere in which faith, morality, and spiritual uncertainties can be comfortably discussed. Because many individuals regularly practice meditation in a prescribed manner, it can also be considered a ritual and a process to spiritual transformation (Taylor, 2002). Meet other like-minded neighbors as you journey through your inner-self and out into the cosmic universe, creating peace, harmony, and mental clarity. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to willingly call on this help from within, right when you need it? With the regular practice of Meditation you can develop a relationship with your Higher Self that allows you to have clear access to the information that resides within. Even though I a€?stepped upa€? to keep this group going, I do not know anything about Clairvision, and I obviously cannot share a style of meditation I do not know. Khan’s therapeutic style allows for the development of a trusting and positive relationship and provides a safe and comfortable space within which presenting concerns can be addressed. All are encouraged to join, regardless of past experience, for this guided and silent meditation. This involvement, with a wide range of backgrounds, forms the foundation of her work with others.
Khan, trained in the field of couples counseling, has developed her own unique understanding of the challenges faced by LGBT couples.

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