Join the 90,000+ San Franciscans and get our picks for the best Bay Area free & cheap events and deals each week. The term 'new age' encompasses a broad variety of downtempo genres intended to inspire artistically. Guest2692: Each of us listens alone but it is important that we come together on this message board. 4- My life is quite crazy in work and school, so meditation may be a way to deal with that stuff a bit better. 10- I found the session very interesting and it gave me some things to think about, such as finding my centre of focus before playing an instrument or to help me write a song. 11- I found the session very interesting and gave me a new perspective on ways to handle stress and anxiety. 15- Yes, I had a good time learning about meditation, it made me open to find out who I am.
17- I thought that what you had to say was wonderful and I feel as every young student should listen to what you have to say. 6 Responses to “(from Tim Bruce): What Students and Teachers Say about Sahaja Yoga Meditation Workshops in Schools with Live Music? It’s amazing what Tim brought to our little corner of the world, enlightening so many minds about the amazing benefits of meditation.
It seems that Tim’s meditation techniques were an inspiration for students and teachers alike. So wonderful that these students received real meditative experience from such an accomplished gentlman who came all the way from UK and donated his time, shared his knowledge so freely and generously.
If you work hard, you will reap the benefits later: being productive can help increase your longevity! Very good news for those who like to have a drink at the end of the day: a moderate consumption of alcohol is counted among the healthy practices that lead you to living longer.

It's often used in yoga classes and as a method of stress management and can include vocals in various languages, including Sanskrit. Word spread out, and Tim Bruce ended up being invited to schools in Ontario to offer workshops that combined both vocal training and introduction to the  benefits of sahaja yoga meditation. It was very calming and interesting because I had no idea there was so much more to it, not just closing your eyes and humming. I learnt that meditation is when you attempt to have a peaceful self awareness with your surroundings. Personally, I get a lot of performance anxiety and I really enjoyed hearing Tim discuss the topic in relation to meditation.
It’s amazing to see that some of the students really took it to heart and honestly enjoyed the sessions. I’m so grateful he was able to spend some time here with us and to help spread that light to those we may have not been able to reach otherwise!
When carrying out vigorous activities, such as painting or sweeping, you are actually exercising! By bathing and showering we strip ourselves of the natural oils and good bacteria that live on our skin. Not only do they add flavor, but they also contain inflammatories that help fight off viruses and bacteria. The band’s third album, the oft-delayed (III), is due out November 12 and will be followed by European and Australian tour dates. New Age music can be used to set the stage for a variety of occasions such as meditation, massages, and quiet parties. Tim was provided with valuable feedback responses from grade 12 students from Aldershot high-school, gathered below. It really opened my mind to meditation and that it can be a helpful tool to feeling tranquil.

I do not think I would incorporate it into daily life, but maybe weekly or monthly, whenever I have time. I’m probably not going to start meditating every day because I don’t think I have enough time, but I will use the techniques if I’m feeling overly stressed one day, or if I need to find my focus.
It also helped to understand ways to feel less stress and more care free by living more in the moment.
I will try to incorporate meditation in my life, as it is important to try to stay centred with yourself daily.
Meditation is such a benefit to students especially, I hope they do try to meditate on their own at home and when they feel stressed. You might have already picked up some of these weird habits during your life: they may seem strange, but there is a reason as to why they are good for you!
However, do not just ditch shoes altogether: remember to wear them while walking down the street!
Listen live to new age internet radio stations from around the world and unwind after a long, stressful day.
The experience was eye-opening and I hope to see more of Tim Bruce’s teachings in the future.
You'll love the peaceful atmosphere created by award-winning artists like Enya and Yanni; tune in now to find the perfect music for your end (or middle, or beginning) of day relaxation!

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