You are currently viewing the Music for Deep Meditation Chanting Om - Meditation On the 7 Chakras & Savasana Sound Bath Therapy Album Cover. By purchasing this product, you are confirming that you have read and agreed to our Terms and Conditions. Greetings Love Beings, The Energies Continue to increase On the Planet and they are not stopping! You can Join us Today in the 5d Frequency Room Beginning at 10:30am Pacific as We Discuss what is really Happening On the Planet, Everyone is Invited! If You Have Not Made a Love Share~ Donation this Month, Thank You for Honoring us and Our Dedication.
The flooding was so bad in and around Manila that the financial markets for the country were shut down on Monday. As of Monday afternoon, local time, the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council reported three deaths from the heavy rainfall. BOISE, Idaho -- Fire managers expressed optimism Sunday in their battle against a wildfire that has scorched nearly 160 square miles and forced the evacuation of 2,300 homes near the central Idaho resort communities of Ketchum and Sun Valley. Commentary from the Galactic Free Press~ Everything here in this message is going to occur, However we are unable to verify that all of this is going to occur in September, All Possibilities do exist though and we ask for the Highest Outcome and a Smooth Transition!
There was a feeling of gratitude for what is, even if there is much to still be frustrated about.

Contrary to claims by Monsanto and government conspirators, we can indeed meet the world’s hunger without the use of genetically modified seed and manufactured chemicals. When we hide and try to be invisible and unseen by all we are only really hiding from ourselves.
I found this lovely meditation on Visiting the New Earth ~ Releasing Time and for today's Angel Message I thought I would share it with you. Golden sparkles pervade all Gaia beings at all levels as full Higher Energetic activation has completed. As the increased energies pour down upon the Earth, people all over your world awaken and begin to realize their potential for the creation of good on their planet.
Laurie Levine takes you through a guided meditation into each chakra and energy center for healing and harmony. Its going to Get Intense In many ways as changes from the energies are almost forced through despite resistance. Several people have been reported missing while at least 11 have been hospitalized with various injuries. For me and many around me the entire weekend had a very gentle, healing, soothing, flowing vibe.
There was a sense of feeling joyful for the simple things that are going well in your life, even if there are issues in one or more life areas.

When you being to gain a conscious awareness of it, you will be able to step back and realize that, yes, you DO create everything in your existence. Bumper crops of rice, potatoes, and wheat are being grown in India using methods of Agroecology.
The first Aquarius Full Moon at 1 degree occurred on July 22nd, and I don’t know about you, but my life has been a RIDE since then. This in readiness for completion of selected local protocols, individual, collective, and Higher Dimensional. Many are participating in global focuses for the healing and empowerment of the Earth’s inhabitants. The first week of August was personally intense as I moved through a period of mourning while we passed through the annual Lion’s Gate of energies. There are people in key positions around your world who are aware of what is expected of them.

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