Share mindfulness and a feeling of bliss with this group meditation event at brading Roman Villa on Wednesday afternoon. Thanks to Will for sharing details of this group meditation event taking place on Wednesday 23rd September during Autumn Equinox at Brading Roman Villa (3pm to 7pm). Human consciousness is in a phase transition, it’s a very delicate time full of potential.
We plan to create irresistible smooth waves of blissful coherence from the whole brain function of our Transcendental Meditators and their enlightened guests. We then take another dive into our own inherent birthright, the state of least excitation of mind and body and once again manifest the Maharishi Effect.
The event takes place on Wednesday 23rd September at Brading Roman Villa between 3pm to 7pm.
O Shepherd of Israel, Who neither slumbers nor sleeps, we are the people of Your pasture and the sheep of Your hand.
As we face the great mystery of death which called away this our dear friend from our earthly abode, we feel our frailty, our weakness.
Besides the still waters, through the green pastures, and in the valley where dark shadows lie, be You our strength and shield, and may we find Your rod and Your staff a stay and comfort to us in the days that lie ahead. As promised last month we are taking a close look at deception in the Aboriginal art industry and especially at the recent conviction of a Kuranda and Cairns shop for selling 'white fella' art as Aboriginal art; they even gave customers a fake certificate of authenticity to go with the fake art. We also extensively report on the review of the federal intervention into Aboriginal communities which was recently published and confirmed many of our concerns. Regular readers will remember that we uploaded over one hundred new didjes to our online virtual Didjshop. Part of these new didjes are what we used to collect on the side because they were to good to be sold.
At the same time we offer you a 15- 25% discount on 100 didjes to make your Christmas shopping a bit cheaper! And for those who are not interested in didjes we also offer 15-35% discount on all canvas paintings, covering our wide range of Small Canvas Art, Medium Canvas Art and Large Canvas Art. Hearing the sound of dry leaves being shuffled on our front lawn, I went to check in the hope to see a goanna, which have become very rare since more and more dogs are in our neighbourhood.
I was soon right where the dazed and injured snake was laying half under leaves and recognised that it was 'Grumpy', a non-poisonous yellow-bellied tree snake and one of our resident house snakes. We are proud to announce the arrival in our virtual shop of yet another over one hundred new didgeridoos! And many of these are no ordinary didgeridoos, they were collected by us over the past sixteen years. While nearly half of the new didjes belong into the new Didjshop Collection department, there are also many new painted didjes and cheap learners and a range of other new didjes.
We are proud to offer you between 15% and a massive 25% discount on one hundred didgeridoos! These discounts are for didgeridoos of all types, sound qualities, length and artists to ensure that everyone, no matter what they are looking for, can find a bargain. Considering that the Australian dollar has reached historic lows (from 97 US cents only four month ago down to under 70 US cents now!) this is the best opportunity ever to get yourself a cheap didgeridoo or any of the other discounted products!
Don't miss this opportunity, these discounts will be valid until 10th December or until items are out of stock. The last Worldwide Didgeridoo Wave on 23rd September 2008 was like a giant sound tsunami going around the planet. Thanks also to everyone who has helped to spread the word and tell more and more people about this regular event.
And yes, you can already register for the next meditation event which will be at your local sunset time on the 21st December 2008. We have often written about authenticity issues affecting the Aboriginal art industry as you can see in our newsletter archive.
Which is why we share this story of one Aboriginal art business that finally got caught after selling 'white fellow' Aboriginal art for over fifteen years.
First let me clarify that we have no issue or personal vendetta against either of those Aboriginal Art businesses.
In our view Doongal is no better or worse than probably most Aboriginal arts and crafts dealers.
He further claims that it is not misleading to hide the artists non-Aboriginal heritage as long as he does not outright claims them to be Aboriginal people (which the ACCC proved he did anyway). Nor does permission by elders to paint Aboriginal designs mean permission to do so commercially and it definitely does not give permission to sell such art as 'Aboriginal art'. Finally Mr Nooravi goes as far as claiming that Aboriginal people could not produce fine art as Mr McLean does. The Court granted injunctions restraining Mr and Mrs Nooravi, for a period of 5 years, from engaging in similar conduct and ordered them to pay the ACCC's costs. Mr and Mrs Nooravi were also ordered to write to certain purchasers of artworks produced by any of the three non-Aboriginal artists, advising them of the court proceedings. This case shows that certificates of authenticity can be made up by anyone and we have heard of other instances of them being used to deceive customers. We are not sure whether anyone who has been sold any so-called Aboriginal art made by DukDuk, Balanda or Diane Sharp can ask for their money back, but if any of you have ever bought such art, please feel free to ask Doongal to refund your purchase.
Does the five year clause mean that the Nooravis can do the same deception again in five years time with impunity? Why was there no fine or an obligation to pay a percentage of past sales to an Aboriginal organisation or charity? Why has the ACCC not demanded that Doongal publish a prominent statement on their website informing their visitors and customers of their deception and the court ruling, especially since it will be impossible for Doongal to contact all customers they sold this stuff to over the last fifteen plus years. We also wonder why Doongal has removed almost all content from their website if the issue is only with three of their allegedly many Aboriginal artists. Last not least we wonder whether didgeridoos made by non-indigenous persons and then painted by Aboriginal artists can be sold as "Aboriginal artifact' with impunity. It is very disappointing that the ACCC investigates Aboriginal art sellers so rarely and that they fail to apply significant financial penalties even if the evidence is as overwhelming as in Doongal's case. Clearly what is really needed is tough legislation requiring retailers and wholesalers to inform their customers whenever any Aboriginal looking art or artifact is not made by an Aboriginal person as outlined in our proposal for compulsory labelling. This month I would like to draw your attention to some of the many frank and informative comments from visitors sharing their experiences of using the didj for healing.
If you are interested in didj healing, there are hundreds of experiences retold in our healing comments section.
There are many more Didjshop comments which will give you a good idea how our visitors think about us. Thanks to all of our visitors for their wonderful and valuable feedback and for sharing such intimate issues as didj healing and didj meditation. If you have not yet answered our 2008 questionnaire for your chance to win a very valuable didj, please do so.
Thanks Guenter for your positive feedback and we are looking forward to hear from you when you redeem your shopping voucher. We are pleased to hear that the report by the Northern Territory Emergency Response (NTER) Review Board has vindicated many of the issues we have previously raised about the federal intervention into Aboriginal communities.

The report found that while there are more police stations, better housing and improved health and alcohol management as a result of the intervention, the circumstances which caused the intervention (a child protection crisis) are still a national emergency. The report highlighted that resistance to the intervention in many communities, triggered by deep hurt and anger about the way community members were treated, have significantly reduced its effectiveness. We very much hope that the new Rudd government is going to adopt those recommendations and starts realising that effective change needs to come form the communities themselves and cannot be imposed from above as this pretty much failed billion dollar intervention has shown. In news just in, the federal minister for Indigenous Affairs, Jenny Macklin announced that the government will ignore the advice of the review and continue with compulsory income management and it will also delay the reinstatement of the Racial Discrimination Act for another twelve month.
In related news the family of a 20 year old Aboriginal man who killed himself after being charged with carnal knowledge of a girl in her mid-teens, who was actually his promised wife. Glen Dooley from the North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency called the death avoidable and the result of misguided intervention policies. We would go further and suggest that police look for the pedophiles among the white males who have access to or live near Aboriginal communities. We reported extensively since nearly four years ago about the death in custody of Mulrunji on Palm Island last year. The court case has already revealed lots of interesting evidence, interesting not just in the light of this court case and the events at the time, but also interesting in relation to the role played by police in the events leading up to and following the riots. Detective Sergeant Darren Robinson, who was sent to investigate Sergeant Chris Hurley's involvement in Mulrunji's death, also investigated his friend Chris Hurley several month before Mulrunji's death in an unrelated incident when Chris Hurley drove over Barbara Pilots foot with a police car, causing her to suffer a compound fracture.
Justice Shanahan deemed as 'irrelevant' defence videos showing several Aboriginal leaders urging the crowd to not resort to violence despite police doing so.
A key prosecution witness and a niece of Lex Wotton, Tiana Friday, claimed that when she signed a statement implicating Lex Wotton she was confused and in fear.
Another key prosecution witness, Terrence Kidner testified that during the riot, Mr Wotton handed him a drum of petrol and ordered him to torch the home of Senior Sergeant Hurley.
Mr Kidner later had to correct some of his earlier statements about events at the riot, but continued to insist that Mr Wotton handed the petrol to him. Meanwhile Jerry Ngakyunkwokka, who was sentenced to four month in jail for his part in the same Palm Island riots in a trial earlier this year, ended up spending actually eight month in jail, because corrective services did not follow the instructions of the judge that pre-trial custody be should be accounted for.
Luckily there are always some good news and we wish to congratulate Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu for taking top honours at the 2008 Deadly Awards. The Deadlys are a wonderful yearly event honouring Aboriginal Australians who prove that skin colour is no impediment to achievement. Use the same online control panel to update your email address, or to switch between HTML and plain text email format. Join Frances Fuller to self apply essential oils and blends to support grounding, regeneration and effectively dealing with daily stressors. Information shared on this website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. The Great Kathina Robe Offering Ceremony, Johannesburg Meditation Centre, Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa. WeekendNotes will notify you of the best free community events, concerts, exhibitions, cinema, festivals, and markets in your town or city.
Ever wondered where do the negative emotions that stop our growth originate from and more importantly what can WE do to keep them under control and how? We will explore the relationship between body, breath and mind and learn some practical tools and wisdom that can be implemented on a daily basis.
CommunityNI is developed, managed and hosted by NICVA - Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action. We start with the highest first, a group meditation followed by Maharish Vedic Pandits reciting the 9th and 10th Mandala from the Rig Veda, Sacred texts that unfold the sequential impulses of primary sounds from the unified field.
Soma is the first material manifestation of pure consciousness its akin to Love, and can be seen and felt. The first session will contain references to a TM intro talk, ie, higher states of consciousness, the Sidhis, improved relationships, AyurVeda, World Peace, the structure of the TM course, mental potential, invincibility, creativity, the Holy Tradition, The David Lynch Foundation, Vedic architecture, the difference between TM and mindfulness, Course fees, etc. We do not understand the brevity of life: we cannot understand why such pain and anguish of heart and mind are visited upon those we love. When I look back at our newsletters three to four years ago, they were only about half as long, so I hope you'll appreciate the extra work going into making our newsletters much more diverse detailed and informative. The other big story in our monthly Aboriginal news section is the court case against Lex Wotton, the alleged ring leader of the Palm Island riot in 2004 which followed the death of Mulrunji from massive internal injuries in the Island's watch house. So you might be surprised to hear that we have just uploaded another one hundred new didjes! We also give a 25% discount on all shields, 20% discount on all Aboriginal jewellery and 15-50% discount on videos, DVDs and CDs!
As the name suggests, 'Grumpy' is not the most friendly of our house snakes and quickly adopts a threatening posture if he encounters anyone. Yes that is another one hundred new didjes and yes that is on top of the over one hundred new didgeridoos we gave you last month. Back in the nineties when we were only wholesaling, we put the nicest didjes to one side as we did not want to sell them for the rather low wholesale prices. Over one quarter of the new didjes are high concerts and another quarter are medium concerts so this is one of the highest quality new batches we ever uploaded.
They do not come often but when we make a special offer we usually do so with a generous discount and for a fair few didjes. We are pleased to announce that our global didj community, which makes this regular event a reality, has grown to over 1000 participants in over 250 locations in 49 different countries spread over 20 different time zones.
THANK YOU to everyone who participated and especially to those of you who organised events, some with over one hundred participants.
We hope that we will have at least a thousand people again and if you can please help by inviting all your friends to participate, we might even create an even louder didj wave circling this beautiful planet then last time.
We have also pushed for compulsory labelling for all Aboriginal arts and crafts and warn our readers and website visitors about dodgy practices in the didgeridoo and Aboriginal art industry and will continue to do so. It is not the first one to get caught, but considering the huge anecdotal evidence it is less than the tip of the iceberg. The sole reason we tell this story here is because it is so rare to have a government agency act on the very wide-spread practices of consumer deception in the Aboriginal art and didgeridoo industry. The ACCC alleged that Farzad and Homa Nooravi misrepresented three of the artists whose works Doongal promoted and sold as being of Australian Aboriginal descent when in fact those artists are not of Aboriginal descent. Mr Nooravi claims that he has done nothing wrong, but withdraws the work of those non-indigenous artists from sale when he learned of the ACCC inquiry into his business. Potential customers definitely did not know that they were buying fake Aboriginal art produced by non-indigenous people as is the case in most Aboriginal art shops in Australia. Not only is this totally irrelevant to the issue of authenticity at hand, but it is actually an insult to all Aboriginal people, the very people Mr. After all Doongal has sold this fake Aboriginal art for over fifteen years, making tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits until they were finally convicted deceiving their customers. We challenge Doongal Aboriginal art and all other didj sellers to come clean on telling their customers not just who painted their didjes but also who made them. This is the usual situation where customers are mislead to believe that what they buy is made by an Aboriginal person.
We all know by now that the didj can significantly improve sleep apnea and snoring, however we would love to see more medical trials done on the various health effects of didj playing as well as having the played onto one's body.

It is quite successful as the circular breathing helps in the way abdominal breathing does. If you are not sure whether you already entered or not, just try as you will be told if you already entered previously. In our opinion this means a continuation of the top-down approach that belittles Aboriginal people by imposing measures.
The man's family blames the intervention for his death and claim it could have been avoided if the inexperienced police officers had gone to the local elders first.
While we are certain that most of them are not pedophiles, we do think that that is where police can find what they are supposed to be looking for, rather then vilifying Aboriginal teenagers.
As regular readers would know, Senior Sergeant Chris Hurley was the first ever Queensland police officer charged for an Aboriginal death in custody, but he was later cleared.
At Lex Wotton's trial Sergeant Robinson admitted that he lied in that investigation when he wrote in a report that two witnesses were unidentifiable, even though their names were on a police log sheet. However he did allow footage of Mr Bramwell who was inside of the Palm Island police station at the time Mulrunji suffered his fatal injuries. On the morning of the second day after the riot, Detective Sergeant Robinson entered her house without permission with a second officer. He also claimed to have left the area after helping to set the police residence alight, but was identified on footage taken much later trying to stop fire-fighters from dousing the flames. Lex Wotton has collapsed with breathing difficulties while waiting for the jury's verdict and is currently in hospital.
Jerry was held in the Townsville jail for 118 days before his trial and should have been released when he had his trial, rather than being jailed for another four month. Gurrumul, who is blind since birth scooped the Artist of the Year, Album of the Year and Single of the Year awards. Join us for a power packed session to learn more about mind and emotions and explore some simple yet powerful ways to turn them under control. And if in our grief and loneliness and moments of desolation, we should stray from following You, O leave us not, faithful Shepherd, but draw us near to You. A butcher bird is a kookaburra sized black bird that as its name suggests lives off other birds, small mammals and reptiles. Not being of the xxxxxxx kind I ensured that 'Grumpy' could get to a safe spot without further attacks from the butcher bird. These didgeridoos are some of the very best we have ever seen among the tens of thousands of didgeridoos we have handled.
Cloud, Fred Ashplant in Stuart, Stephen Bowen in Tallahassee, Gilberto Ramirez-Pinheiro in Winter Park, Florida, Dustin Camper in Brunswick, Eric Haney in Cave Spring, Jim Smelcer in Ellijay, Jason Wynn in Grovetown, Marc Del Santro in Roswell, Dovin Herring in Thomasville, Georgia, Dr. As far as we know the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) previously charged only two other businesses with similar deception, in 2003 one of Australia's largest Aboriginal souvenir manufacturers, Australian Icon was wound up before the final court hearing and in 2004 Australian Aboriginal Art Pty Ltd settled out of court, so this case involving Doongal Aboriginal arts might actually be the first prosecution, but as we said we are not sure on that, we just have not found any other on the ACCC website.
Those artists are Mr Stephen McLean (who uses the tribal name Duk Duk), Mr Paul Whiteman (who uses the tribal name Kulangu Balanda) and Ms Diane Sharp.
Nooravi relies on to give his business the Aboriginal marketing flair that allows him to make huge profits. We doubt that this slap on the wrist will encourage anyone else in the business to be honest about their fake Aboriginal art to their customers. Most of this deception is by association or verbally and only a strong prosecution by the ACCC could send a strong enough message to affect any change. In fact while I was in Australia I was dismayed to see all the places selling imitations or inferior didjes. If anyone is serious about the wonderful world of didjing your site is where they should turn! When will governments finally learn that real change comes only from empowering communities to implement grass roots solutions? Only now, nearly four years later, Palm Island resident Lex Wotton is facing court for his alleged involvement in the riot which followed Mulrunji Doomadgee's death in custody, when residents heard about the autopsy, which revealed that Mulrunji died from massive internal injuries including four broken ribs and a split liver.
Tiana was taken to the police station in her night gown with no undergarments on and remanded for about eight hours without any food. While these things are happening to Aboriginal people who were angry about their mate being killed, the police officers walk free, no matter what illegal activities they perpetrated. I am not sure whether 'Grumpy' fully understands that I saved his life and I am curious to see whether he will be more friendly in future. We are fairly certain that there is not even any other website offering two hundred didjes in total. Since many people want the best, our high concert didjes are high in demand and command premium prices. His statements can only be seen as an indication of his attitude to those of his suppliers which are Aboriginal people. It is simply impossible that all those shops sell Aboriginal made didjes, so there is clearly a very high level of deception going on.
Lex Wotton has pleaded not guilty to the charge of inciting the riot, which carries a maximum penalty of life in prison.
Tiana Friday was four month pregnant at the time and felt pressured to sign a statement in order to be released. Soon I realised that it was attacking a snake, which tried to hide in the thick layer of leaves. There is a picture of him in the newsletter below as he makes off, still clearly alarmed from the terrible encounter he just had and you can see how they flatten themselves to look bigger. Often our medium concert didjes are just a little bit lower in sound quality, but a lot cheaper on price.
The butcher bird used its wings to sweep the leaves away and as soon as it could see the snake it pecked it again.
You will find rare didgeridoos made from dead trees, many extremely light didjes which make the best healing didjes you can find, some unusual shapes and all of these have great sound quality. Just like in computers you get the best value for money if you do not buy the very best and in our case that is a medium concert class didgeridoo. She also outlined in her evidence that police raided several other houses without permission in search for a video of the riot, which is why they remanded her in the first place. I got my camera, but just as I got back, the butcher bird picked up the about one meter long snake and flew off with it. They video was later handed in to police by Hal Walsh, when he heard that police was looking for it.
Since the snake was bigger than what the bird could carry, the butcher bird did not get too far before the snake dropped back to the ground. Hal Walsh in his evidence confirmed Tania's accounts of police making a mess when raiding houses and manhandling him. So he pecked it a bit more and once I got closer the bird tried again to carry the snake from me, but dropped it again after a few meters.
He also told the court that Lex Wolton tried several times to calm things down, including getting kids and teenagers to stop throwing stones at police, that Lex assisted the Palm island Mayor and even asked Hal to try and get a bus to get the police to the airport before things got to bad.

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