This major campus modernization project involves a new hospital main entry, the expansion of outpatient services and the renovation of existing double-occupant rooms into single-patient rooms.
In the daily hustle and bustle of London, it’s tough to find the time to stop, kick back and actually relax. Headspace has teamed up with Selfridges to create the No Noise initiative throughout January and February, which encourages shoppers to hit the pause button as they browse the Oxford Street store.
If you’re more the outdoor type, Headspace in the Park on January 21 is the chill-out event for you. If you really can’t go cold turkey with technology, Headspace has created a handy app so that you can be on-the-go while in the zone.
In addition, a new multi-tenant medical office building was designed adjacent to the renovated hospital.

It’s become almost impossible to put down our smartphones, tablets or any snazzy device which demands attention at all hours of the day.
The Quiet Shop stocks unbranded iconic products and minimalist clothing designs, to reduce the visual bombardment we’re used to seeing as we trawl the aisles. In The LookOut, you will be introduced to meditation surrounded by Hyde Park’s lovely green space. It includes their free taster programme Take 10, which offers ten minute guided meditations lessons over ten days, then more helpful hints and tips if you decide to pay for membership. It is a self-contained venue, including a meditation room, a reception room with tea-making facilities, a cloakroom, and accessible toilets. On January 11, the Silence Room will open its doors to shoppers eager to take a break from London’s consumer chaos.

Thankfully for our poor overloaded brains, the meditation gurus at Headspace have cannily acknowledged this gap in the market. Inside, you’re encouraged to block out distractions and make time for a little contemplation before getting on with your day.
The social enterprise project aims to bring meditation bang up-to-date, by offering short guided lessons in how to take a moment to ourselves. Check in here for insider news, tips and deals from the worlds of food, fashion, arts, culture and more.

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