Our staff will check your alignment and offer suggestions for posture modification, structural adjustments, and bolstering tips. At no charge, of course! We've worked with hundreds of meditators to help them find the most comfortable, ergonomic seat available. We've been refining our signature meditation chairs for years, and we're thrilled to announce the best seat yet! Members of the Oneness community who are initiated to give the Oneness Meditation (aka OM) come from all walks of life, all ethnicities, and all over the world.
Oneness Meditators are ordinary people who have been given an initiation which makes it possible to set aside their own personalities, invoke the presence of the Divine, and allow the Divine Grace to flow through their eyes in an intensely loving way. Please remember: although many retreat centers have a specific religious or spiritual foundation, most will accept participants of any faith. Mayu has no affiliation with the organizations listed and is not responsible for incorrect or outdated information. Whether you're managing a recent injury, an impending or past surgical procedure, a chronic condition, or simple flexibility issues, we understand your unique circumstances. Bring in the cushion or bench you're currently using; we'll take a look at your alignment and offer suggestions.

After you've made the committment to buy your own seat you'll likely be exploring classes and techniques, learning what feels most helpful to you and where you want support. If you purchased your cushion at Mayu we'll provide free buckwheat refills for the life of your cushion. Didn't buy your cushion from us? By simply looking into the Oneness Meditators’ eyes, the hearts of the audience are moved into a deep experience of joy, compassion, sorrow, gratitude, stillness, love, bliss, or whatever is needed in that moment for their own spiritual growth and awakening. Simply call or write the organization to ask if they welcome those with little or no experience in their particular tradition. An extra inch or two of buckwheat hulls or a slight modification to your arm and hand posture may be the only thing needed.
Our collection includes products and styles found only at Mayu; many are even made locally.
To help you navigate your personal path we offer a wide selection of classes for beginners and advanced practitioners. That organic floral zafu might look beautiful online, but you'll never know how well it fits your body until you sit on it.
Your cushion or bench is not only an investment, it's a trusted friend—one that'll be with you for years to come.

Meditation practice has a language all its own, but we go out of our way to make your shopping experience fun, educational and supportive. But in order to sit comfortably for long periods of time two things are required: 1) the proper seat height, and 2) an angled seat.
As the spiritual energy (kundalini) in the body is activated, many audience members go into awakened states that may last for hours, days, or longer. We've been committed meditators for years and know well the concerns of those in every stage of practice. Make sure your relationship starts off on the right track by giving your seat the 30-day test.
The Mayu Meditation SEAT offers both, in a stylish design that folds compactly for storage and transport.

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