Today is a special day; a special time, where we celebrate our appreciation and gratitude for our loved ones, our friends and those who have been there all along! I want to take today as an opportunity to thank all of you who have been devoted to me; my loyal aspirants, and seekers on the path, and those who ravish in the idea of tantric glory! As we prepare time to eat our special turnkeys, (and some to-furkeys), let us marvel in the idea of joy for our fellow man; our co-creators in this life, and celebrate community and friendship. I am brewing some ideas of creating a Tantra Training Program for old and new clients and offering Certificates to those who join me on the journey of Spiritual Training and Enlightenment. I am in the process of purchasing items for making my very own Tantra Crystal Mala Beads, and once I become comfortable with making a completed piece of jewelry, I will make the announcement, and feel closer to sharing this gift to those who would like specially made crystal jewelry for their personal healing and may turn these pieces into Tantra beads, with tantric charms and crystals for arousing the kundalini, for those who wish to enhance their spiritual development, and create peace within on a daily basis!
The time has come for all of our busy lives, to come to a new way of receiving healing, coaching and training, and video calls are the new wave of the future. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Asttarte is an Expert in the Arts of Intuitive Energy Healing, Sex & Relationships, Tantra, Sacred Sexuality, Coaching and Emotional Processing. This training has been designed by Osho divine zone group in the hope to share you something immensely valuable gift for your whole life to live in joy and peace. Learning to release bodily complexities for physical well-being; how does the body hold blockages, stress and negative emotions? Learning to listen to the body: By using physical movement, meditation and other supporting techniques we can bring ourselves and our clients into balance. Using the breath we can learn to express suppressed emotions allowing us to contact our real inner needs and desires. Exploring a range of active and passive meditations to use personally and with clients and how to apply them. A 200 H certification in yoga therapy at Abhijna School of Yoga will enable the Yoga Teacher to:1. Having trained more than 600 people in the last 6 years,  Abhijna School of Yoga (formerly AHYMK) is one of the most prestigious schools from Mysore. Yoga Alliance's  200H E-RYT and Certified Yoga teacher from Abhijna School of Yoga and Yoga Indea.

Untitled Document POSITIVE CHOICES THROUGH YOGA AND MEDITATION At-Risk Youths Find Inner Peace One Breath at a Time Design by Danielle Velazquez You’re angry.
MiCBT is a mindfulness-based therapy specifically designed to address clinical and subclinical conditions. I am grateful to those who are open; open to receiving and open to giving, and those who follow through on their word. There would be levels of your development and Phases of the Training, and you would receive a Certificate upon your completion. This is a new schedule for me, and it is opening a door to do potential full day Sessions, or at the least Sessions in the evenings or days on those scheduled weekends, and will also have the ability to re-open a Meetup Group, OR teach Tantra Workshops and Spiritual Workshops with other Teachers on the weekends I have free!
The payment process for this feature is still in the works, but the ability to offer Sessions via Skype is available now!
If he sees he is finding time for everything else but is too busy for God, he should take the whip of discipline to himself. By learning this training you become fully aware of your hidden capacity to heal yourself and to others, which can bring a new light in life.
They provide direct, practical exercises for dealing with negative emotions such as anger, grief, jealousy or hatred. Actively involving in distributing needy things and giving spiritual counselling for the bringing back their Happiness. Considering his great teachings, Buddhism is more in need and relevant today in this turbulent world than ever before in the history of mankind.
Someone is coming at you with verbal abuses and their fists, and your first reaction is to fight back, to protect yourself. This idea is still in the works, and I will consult with my devotees and partners and let you know the outcome as this potential project develops! Whatever you are dealing with, she will support you to help empower, inspire, heal, and awaken your joy and love for life again! We tech you a wide range of transformative healing therapies that covers mainly five fundamental areas and gives the tools necessary to bring about real change.
If a man himself will not cry and struggle to attain his own salvation, will anyone else do it for him?

As the course's time is limited, we do not allow students to leave early or arrive late to any of our trainings.
Make sure you arrive one day prior to the course's starting date and you plan to leave the morning after the course's finishing date.
The scenario just mentioned is a description of an actual encounter that took place with one of the program’s students. When confronted by a rival gang member, this young man was faced with the decision to either fight and violate his probation or choose to apply the teachings of the program.
Unfortunately for many of them, especially those who are underprivileged, they do not know how to harness that energy within them. The need to release it then translates to outbursts of violence, inward self-hate, and other destructive behaviors. Pamela wrote, “When faced with anger, they would practice their yoga breathing techniques. Needless to say, positive thought has the ability to change the way at-risk youths view themselves and the world around them.
As a society which is just beginning to realize the impact of spirituality in the mainstream, the PCYM Program takes a bold step in the right direction. Positive Choices through Yoga and Meditation is next scheduled to be implemented at the CRASH Rehabilitation Program in City Heights, San Diego.
In 2006, she resigned from her position as a Debuty Probation Officer to pursue teaching yoga as an alternative and complementary solution for the health and well-being of all populations. In addition to being a private yoga therapist, she has also been a Volunteer Assistant for IDEA World Fitness and Inner IDEA since 2002.

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