Hope to see you at M15 Zombie Fetch lands would destroy any new player’s chance of picking up the game in M15. Especially if they were reprints.Everyone who already owned Fetches would just stomp every FNM ever Day 1 of release.
Yes theyre slow but manipulating your deck is amazing both early and late game, the uncommon gain 1 zendikar duels dont even come close Larry Lane Theros lands are not that bad, better than a lot of lands that have been rare in the past.
Don’t be spoiled just because we have had the buddy lands and shocks which was just about the best mana standard has ever had in recent memory.

I know, the precedent for planeswalkers has been mono-color to help new players, but we’ve seen change before. We have yet to see any other 3 colored walker besides Nicol Bolas and why is grixis the only shard to get a walker?
I want to see a naya Ajani :) ZedWrecker As cool as that would be, I feel the prospect of tri-colored planeswalkers in a core set would be a bit prohibitive. Enemy colored introduces new players to different approaches to magic without having the resource management issues of tri-colored walkers.

For that, I’d probably want something something like specialized decks like Planechase or Commander that introduces a new way to play and brings in new cards.
When the Opponent discarded a land card with the Hymn, you may cast another Discarder until the hand of the Opponent is empty.

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