In this 3 week course, Melissa will provide you with an overview of the goal and purpose of meditation, and teach you 3 different meditative methods that are easy, effective and long-lasting. Indu Arora is presenting 3 Ayurvedic workshops and offering private consultations at SOHUM from Jun 3-5. Discover Creativity, Mindfulness & the Art of Zen through a workshop designed to connect within, create, and innovate.
In the heart of London, very close to Covent Garden, there is a weekly class in free meditation.
Enjoyment: if we think that to enjoy ourselves we need to do something special, out of the ordinary, so far unknown… well, we are synchronized on the same wave length. But sharing does not simply mean socializing, in this context it means also sharing the beauty that is inside us with other people. So, dear reader, you are invited to join us every Wednesday at 7.30pm here in Covent Garden, at 8, Hop Gardens (corner with St Martin’s Lane, next to GYM BOX) at the Friend’s Meeting House. What is Meditation?Meditation is a state of mental silence or stillness, where we are fully aware, but not engrossed in thinking.It is known as ‘thoughtless awareness’. Firefly Pose Yoga Class with Kino Yoga & Dylan Werner (Free!)If you’re looking for yoga videos that will show you the perfect way for you to start your yoga journey then Kino MacGregor’s yoga channel is perfect for you!
Whether this is the first time you have tried Yoga or Meditation, or you would like the opportunity to work with experienced instructors, come join us for a FREE Yoga or Meditation class at SOHUM.Dont miss our featured upcoming events! Learn how you can use Ayurvedic Principles, an ancient mind-body health system from India, to promote health and vitality in your life.

This beginner workshop helps one create a personal zen painting by exploring colors and textures as a meditative process. The workshop includes profoundly restorative yoga poses along with Thai Yoga Massage techniques to help you completely release tension and stress.
This comprehensive 30-week program has everything parents, teachers, and therapeutic professionals need to nurture children’s physical fitness, emotional stability, and learning readiness.
We can just go to any of these meetings, sit there for one hour and half and find the inner silence and peace which if truly refreshing. Sahaja Yoga meditation is very special in that respect; it is like discovering a Hidden Treasure – the most amazing jewel we could ever have imagined! You never could have imagined that there is such a thing that is free and helps dissolve  your stress, helps you find peace and joy, be in harmony with the world (inside and outside), get relief from sorrows and depression, experience mental silence and relaxation, realise yourself, achieve complete well-being,… practically reaching a state of complete enjoyment! This energy, called in Sanskrit as Kundalini, is awakened within us when we meditate, and it is capable of re-energizing us for our benefit. It is achieved when the indwelling Kundalini energy awakens and carries the individual attention beyond the level of the 6th chakra, into the seventh chakra, known as Sahasrara.
Whether you are new to yoga or an advanced yoga student you will find a full yoga library with all the yoga postures that you need to develop a complete yoga practice. This certification will qualify you to lead Laughter Yoga classes, workshops, seminars and Laughter Clubs. If we go regularly, then we start experiencing an establishment of this inner silence: it will be a growth, in our freedom, that will liberate us from any stress!

By talking with people, we can express ourselves and find better ways for our lives to become truly enjoyable. But when we are together, all the energies of each individual are added together, giving rise to a collective energy making it even more effective for our betterment. This can be tangibly felt, and manifests as a cool wind, breath or breeze, often felt on the palms of the hands or at the top of the head. Yoga is more than just a physical practice yoga is a lifestyle that includes living a peaceful life. Living the yoga lifestyle is about yoga practice, inner peace, yoga diet and being a good person on and off your yoga mat.
Kino is a yoga teacher, author of three books, international teacher, writer, blogger, online yoga class teacher, IG yoga challenge host and much more. She co-founded Miami Life Center and Miami Yoga Magazine as well as produced six Ashtanga Yoga DVDs. Kino believes that yoga is a vehicle for each student to experience the limitless potential of the human spirit.
You don’t have to be strong or flexible to begin the yoga practice, all you need is an open heart and the inspiration to practice yoga.

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