There’s a new rival to Brain Academy on the block, this time coming from Square Enix titled Mensa Academy.
Mensa Academy offers players the ability to determine and improve their score in three different mode; Play, Coach and Test. Roger Cheung, Head of Acquisitions, Square Enix Europe said that “Mensa Academy is the most credible game of its kind to date from the definitive experts in the field of measuring and fostering intelligence. Will the brain training provided in this game pay off, and will it truly be able to offer something different to the brain training games that we’ve seen before? With all of us having served in the United States Marine Corps, we are very proud of the men and women in our Armed Forces. Calligrapher Melissa McCarthy has created this beautiful certificate excusively for American Mensa® members.

Proof of membership required; please enter name, exactly as you wish it to appear on your certificate, and member number, in the space below—check your typing carefully!
The game is slated for July 27th in PAL regions and will be released on Wii, 3DS, PC and smartphones, with an HD console, Android and iOS release coming in the near future. Play mode challenges players to take on 100+ replayable levels in five different areas – Numeracy, Language, Logic, Memory, and Visual. The power of the mind is fascinating, the real challenge is how to best maximise its potential. Coach mode allows players to hone their abilities and assess their progress in these areas before taking on the Test mode to find their Mensa Academy score. The Fastest Dice Game in the Universe, and look forward to the release of three new games being launched at the New York Toy Fair 2008.

Please look around and be sure to check back for exciting updates as we have six additional games in the works. We are also pleased to announce a novelty item that is currently being prototyped overseas.
We hope it will find its way to your homes very soon; we will be post it to the website as soon as it's available.

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