It is then read again with special emphasis on observing certain elements that will open up the book. Each portion is then studied, using the same inductive skills with discoveries recorded on appropriate charts. At the end of the course you will have an enviable grasp of the whole of scripture, being able to see each part on the light of the whole. At times during the course some books are studied in a different way, adding variety and creativity. The Lord sustained His people for forty years in the wilderness by miraculously providing fresh manna each morning.
You will get the best results when you work your way through the Bible systematically rather than randomly. Before you begin your Bible study, spend time in prayer asking the Lord to reveal Himself to you through His Word. Write down one application based on the insights you have discovered through your study of the text. This is not a survey class but will focus on the details of interpretation in depth with many hands on examples.  I would love for you to join us. The most important thing is to get a journal that you feel comfortable writing in and put it to use. Whether you follow a reading plan or just read what you feel lead to, journaling is a great benefit to your daily devotional routine.
Hi Randy, I was researching the meaning of the word Journaling, and I found yours which was very understanding I have learn so much, I want to get a deeper relationship with God Almighty, hearing his voice, I love people and I want to help them, to know God and experience his love. Inductive Bible study involves learning to read effectively, observe carefully and interpret correctly. This time each paragraph is given a short title that sums up the content of that paragraph. The act of doing these encourages the inductive approach and is a visual reminder of what you have discovered.

This Bible Study Methods Guide will take you through the steps of inductive Bible study, which will enhance your personal time with the Lord, and help you better understand what God is saying to you in His Word. Regardless of how much manna they collected, it was always enough nourishment for that day. By studying the Scriptures in this way, you will also become familiar with the whole counsel of God’s Word. Writing your thoughts down will help you to fully think them through and make them easier to remember and apply.
The topics will include simple method for bible study, an overview of the different genre’s of scripture, a method for doing a word study and how to study a single book in depth. It helps you to interact with God’s Word by recording your thoughts on what you’re reading. The advantage to using a notebook is you are not limited to the space in your Bible and you can use any Bible. Similarly, the Lord wants to sustain us, every day, with fresh "spiritual manna" from His Word. Using contemporary language to express timeless biblical truths helps you to bridge the gap between the past and the present.
The best way to express faith in God is by taking the promises and truths found in His Word and praying them back to Him.
It has been proven that writing promotes memory, and helps you to express what you have learned more clearly, to others. Going back through your journal can help you reflect on what God has shown you in His Word. It can be so easy to focus on breezing through as chapters a day as you can, but it’s also easy to breeze through those chapters and miss the details.
I can repeat a verse, or even write a verse over and over and it can still be difficult to remember. The advantage to using a digital device, especially a PC, is that you can easily publish your work.

Don’t feel like you have to journal through the Scriptures by a set time (like once per year). I also like using my journal as a teaching tool- both for developing lessons and for teaching from. What method of applying the inductive approach to Bible Study does the School of Biblical Studies use?
The Daily Bread Bible study is one of the simplest ways to begin discovering the specific truths that the Holy Spirit has for us each day. When I take my time and talk about a verse, whether I’m talking or writing, I often remember a verse without even trying. This allows you to use your journal as teaching material, study material, blog posts, newsletters, devotionals, or even a book.
If you want to journal in a Bible, I recommend buying an inexpensive Bible for this purpose, but practice on paper first. You can use any pencil or pen that will write well in your Bible or journal, but Pigma Micron is my choice.
This method involves five steps that will help you to meditate on a single passage of Scripture, discover its full meaning, and begin applying it to your life. Your journaling method can be as simple as recording a thought about a passage, or as complex as developing a verse-by-verse commentary. You might read the Bible through in a year (or more), but you might spend a week journaling just one chapter or passage. An advantage in using your Bible for your journal is that you will have created your own devotional Bible or a study Bible complete with notes.

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