Very good post- I could not agree more with the point about the importance of exercise and learning at all ages. For the uninitiated, a mind map is a graphical organization of ideas and concepts that can be used to facilitate the generation of ideas and the learning process. Mind mapping is done by connecting one idea to another with the aid of colors and images to tap both sides of our brains.
If you’re thinking of how you can start adsopting mind mapping in your learning or brainstorming needs, check out these 43 great examples of how mind maps can be made. Research published in 2009 showed that people who were sitting up straight were more likely to be confident in the things they were asked to write about themselves. Improve your chances of recalling the information by assuming a body position similar to the one you maintained in the meeting.

Psychological Science reported on research showing that people’s brains responded differently to anger-inducing stimuli, depending upon their body position. The reason why this has been argued to be more effective than the traditional method of learning (e.g.
The variety of these examples only goes to show that there’s no one right way to create a mind map.
Forced to operate in a right-hand-dominated world, lefties create new, usual neural connections. Research shows us that the association between our brains and our bodies is a two-way street. Run backwards or use your non-dominant hand for a short time each day to build mental capacity and even slow the aging process.

Similarly, the simple act of smiling (or frowning less) has been correlated with increased happiness, even when the smiling was forced. Our bodies were made to move, and we must do so vigorously and regularly to maintain optimal circuits in the brain. In fact, people whose ability to frown has been limited due to botox injections were found to be happier and less anxious, even if they did not feel more attractive.

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