This week’s guest is Brad Stulberg, one of those eclectic sports thinkers we like to have on the show for wide-ranging conversations. Brad covers health and human performance for Outside Magazine, Runner’s World and Competitor Magazine, among others.
Sports Coach Radio is a series of weekly in-depth interview with world-class sports coaches, scientists and writers, hosted by Glenn Whitney, a coaching and leadership advisor. Dean is one of the world’s most experienced strength and conditioning coaches and high-performance experts in the worlds of rugby, Australian Rules Football and track sprinting. Brad is co-author with Mark Sisson of the recently published book Primal Endurance – subtitled Escape Chronic Cardio and Carbohydrate Dependency, and Become a Fat-Burning Beast!
Primal Blueprint founder Mark Sisson has been a guest on the show too, a couple of years ago – check out his interview in the archive. This time around we take quite a deep dive into the topic of whether Strength and Conditioning coaches are underappreciated and underpaid, particulary in professional sports and college, i.e.
Kelly, who has a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, is the author of the books Becoming a Supple Leopard and Ready to Run, and lead teacher of the wildly popular Crossfit Movement & Mobility Trainer Course.
Follow us on Twitter, where we post coaching tips and links to interesting articles just about every day of the week. Mike is the head coach and director of the rowing program at Washington College in Maryland and has over 30 years of coaching experience under his belt.
For long-time followers of the podcast and or track and field, Harry Marra needs no introduction.
Coach Marra gives us some intimidate insights into this critical period leading up to the Olympics in Rio. As you will hear in this interview, at 68 Coach Marra may or may not be on the verge of retirement but either way, this is yet another generous insight from him into the mind of a master coach.
Topics: Decathlon, Ashton Eaton, periodization, Olympics, 400m, guarding against complacency, Rio 2016, focus, mental toughness, brain training, power vs.
With all those qualifications, Andy knows a lot about a certain red root vegetable that has definite performance enhancing properties and also makes for interesting experiences while on the toilet. Bart Bennema is coaching one of the biggest breakthrough athletes of the year – in any sport! Given her unusual height and power over both 100m and 200m, some experts are starting to call her the female Usain Bolt although her Netherlands training environment is the opposite of a Caribbean island.
A mere six months ago, Dafne was focused on the seven events of heptathlon, and not doing too badly.
Bart, a former national-class decathlete, has been coaching Dafne since she was a teenager.
As they pause before getting ready for Rio, this is a candid and wide-ranging interview covering one of the most exciting career phases that any athlete and coach pairing can experience.
Her primary background is in soccer, both as a national-level player and college coach, but she now regularly consults in golf, tennis and gymnastics.
We’re all about courage and innovation on this show and for this week’s guest we’ve got a great example – running coach Steve Magness.
Steve is currently Head Cross Country Coach at the University of Houston and writer of the provocative book and blog, both called The Science of Running as well as the podcast Magness and Marcus on Coaching. Some listeners might recognize Steve’s name from the currently unfolding investigation into whether Alberto Salazar engaged in illegal performance enhancing activities as head of the ultra elite distance running group the Nike Oregon Project.
Sports Coach Radio is a weekly series of in-depth interviews with world-class coaches, sports scientists and sports thinkers, hosted by Glenn Whitney, a coaching and leadership psychologist.
Sports Coach Radio is a weekly series of in-depth interviews with world-class coaches, sports scientists and sports thinkes, hosted by Glenn Whitney, a coaching and leadership psychologist. Our favorite renaissance sportsman is back to talk about lots of interesting things – training adaptation, doping and other forms of cheating, cardiovascular health, oxygen intake, optimal nutrition, and lots more.
We have found that athletes can benefit from a more holistic approach to their training and competition endeavours. Our approach is therefore a simple one - helping you pursue excellence rather than strive for perfection. It is not uncommon for athletes, in their pursuit of physical excellence, to neglect the mind.
A useful tool that highlights what the mind and body need in any given moment - this is crucial if an athlete is to recover from training or periods of intense racing.

Our workshop "Mindfulness in Sport" is a great introduction to the rationale mindfulness for athletes. Jane is an experienced mindfulness and yoga practitioner, and has been teaching 1-2-1 and classes for over 10 years. Many of our clients, especially office, or sedentary workers, are locked in breathing patterns that create, or at least maintain cycles of pain and dysfunction – particularly around the upper back, neck and chest. Begin to incorporate the art and science of Mindfulness into your clinical practice, and your life – and have practical Mindfulness tools to take away.
Understand how breathing and pain is related to the fight, flight or freeze responses – and how to use appropriate treatment interventions.
Understand how to combine Mindfulness and Myofascial Release to create successful treatment outcomes. Begin to teach your clients body awareness, encourage proprioception, and help clients turn dysfunction into function. Communicate ALL of these concepts to your clients in ways that are simple and engaging, and will create and foster therapeutic alliances, and in turn expand your practice exponentially.
This workshop is a journey of discovery that aims to foster intuitive exploration of fascial networks by deepening awareness of present moment experience. For complete beginners to Myofascial Release this workshop will provide an introduction, and for those who have already undertaken Myofascial training this workshop can provide a very different approach to expanding and developing therapeutic skills. This workshop will help attune your senses to your clients’ patterns of tension and rhythms of breath. Please note that completion of this workshop does not constitute a qualification to practice bodywork.
Applications to attend our two day intensive Mindfulness for Massage Therapists – with Myofascial Release CPD workshop are invited from Massage Therapists, Myofascial Release Therapists, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Pilates instructors or Yoga teachers – from beginner to teacher.
Please note this is a CPD workshop for qualified practitioners, and completion of this workshop does not constitute a qualification to practice bodywork.
The following dates are available in 2014; Please not places are strictly limited and allocated on a first come first served basis.
Jon Gee has worked with body dynamics for almost two decades, starting out his career as a trapeze artist before specialising in bodywork nearly ten years ago. His interests in the art and science of Mindfulness have informed the creation of ‘The Elemental Approach’, and underpin the now world-renowned, London-based City Sports Massage. Jon has a very friendly, and down to Earth manner, and is passionate about assisting his clients and students on their own voyages of discovery – and helping them develop a deep sense of confidence, insight and personal empowerment.
Expedie en 48 heures.Votre colis sera poste a l'interieur du delai indique sur la fiche-produit. Apres avoir navigue sur le site, regardez ici pour retourner facilement aux produits deja consultes. In London, the Covent Garden class, hidden behind the busy roads and theatres is consistently popular, as city dwellers in the know come to give their minds a rest.
Be it yoga, group meditation or just promising yourself 15 minutes of calm everyday, give your mind some quality time. Please enter your email so we can keep you updated with news, features and the latest offers.
A former world-class triathlete, Brad has over the past 10 years focused on holistic health and helping endurance athletes as well as the average Joe or Jane avoid over-training syndrome, chronic injuries and worse.
He was named Division Three College Rowing Coach of the year for 2014 and 2015 among numerous other honors over the past decade.
Check out his Hack Your Coaching Series on the Coaching Sports Today website and get a free copy of Seven Reasons Why Good Coaches Fail. This time around we talk about recent experience in Europe in football soccer and rugby, over-training and over-reaching issues, mindless coaching mistakes,doping issues and much more. Asthton, who holds the world record as well as having won Olympic Gold in  London, quite possibly deserves the title the greatest athlete of all time. That’s the provocative question posed by a new book, with the subtitle: The Psychology of Mind Over Muscle. Some of his best known books include Racing Weight, Brain Training for Runners, and Triathlete Magazine’s Essential Week-by-Week Training Guide. She’s 23 year-old Dutch woman Dafne Schippers, recently crowned 200 meter sprint champion in the 2015 Beijing Track & Field World Championships, as well as the silver medallist in the 100 meters.

Bart, who is 38, also coaches Nadine Fisser, a Dutch heptathlete who strong in sprint hurdles. Tiff Jones works with 2015 World Cup winning soccer player Meghan Klingenberg and numerous other elite, college-level and high school athletes from all sort of sports.
Tiff’s main focus points include mental toughness, managing emotions and anxiety, decreasing negative thoughts, coming back from injury, motivation, controlling the controllables, coaching the millennial generation, and developing effective communication between coaches and athletes. Steve was an assistant coach there from 2011 to 2012 and has been a key source in the allegations against Salazar. You can follow us on Twitter, where we post useful articles and coaching tips just about every day of the week. We talk a lot about training methods, winning mindsets, doping and lots of colorful characters, from Lance Armstrong, to Justin Gatlin and from Carl Lewis to Chris Froome.
Michael Joyner is based at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, researching among many topics blood flow during exercise, glucose regulation and the physiology of elite athletes.
One of his recent articles is called Speed Bumps: Why It’s So Hard to Catch Cheaters in Track and Field which he co wrote for Pro Publica, with David Epstein, the author of the Sports Gene and lead reporter on a recent series of articles accusing Nike coach Alberto Salazar of anti-doping improprieties. Often the drive for performance perfection comes from a desire to prove oneself: and indeed, many elite sportsmen and sportswomen have found success after overcoming deep personal pain. Yet we believe the skills and discipline to follow training plans makes them well-suited to using mindfulness to redress the mind-body balance.
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The aim of the workshop is NOT simply to have a set of mechanical tools, but rather a set of internal tools which might minimise the need for an exhaustive (and exhausting) list of manual bodywork techniques. You should find yourself easing into a more intuitive, natural sync with your client, and feel more confident that you are providing a safe, nurturing touch.
As well as being a standalone treatment, it can work as a very useful adjunct to other modalities.
It can lead to a better understanding of both self and clients, encouraging a greater comfort within; which in turn can translate as a therapeutic touch that not only picks up more information for the therapist, but is also feels safer, more nurturing, and more effective for the client. He has since written articles for the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies on his methods for teaching other professional health practitioners how to access intuition through Mindfulness. Jon has trained some of the most successful sports massage therapists currently working in Central London. In addition to his teaching work, and the work he undertakes at his private practice in Mayfair, Jon also works as a Psychotherapist-in-training.
Si votre commande contient des produits postes a differents delais, notez que le moment de l'expedition sera calcule en fonction de l'article ayant le delai le plus long. Back again after a triumphant season  guiding decathlete Ashton Eaton to World Championship Gold in Beijing and heptathlete Brianne Theisen Eaton to the silver in the same competition.
As we mentioned last time, he can quite possibly lay claim to being the fastest ever marathoner on a height-adjusted basis. However, we at Mind Body Dialogue believe that successful athletes can be happy people; that passion for performance can come from a wish to simply be the best you can be rather than driven by 'need' or low self-esteem.
Developing your awareness can allow you to have greater confidence, and coupled with the communication skills that this workshops will help develop, can allow you to more successfully negotiate the adjustments, or monitor and lead the rehabilitative exercises that you are trained to deliver. His students have gone on to work with the very best of those in the worlds of International Finance, Fashion, Academia and the Media, as well as countless sports obsessives pitting themselves successfully against unlikely odds. He has a daily yoga and meditation practice and regularly attends 10 day silent meditation retreats, in an attempt to further explore the connection between mind and body. Les delais de livraison sont fonction du type de livraison choisi (colis accelere ou Xpresspost, voir nos conditions de liviraison ) ainsi que de la destination.
We will never sell your data and you'll only get messages from us and our partners whose products and services we think you'll enjoy. And if Brianne can break through and win gold, the three quite possibly will become the most successful training trio in history. In this interview we also discuss a wide range of legal ergogenic substances, including caffeine, creatine and, of course, spinach.

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