Disclaimer: This training is not a substitute for professional medical or mental health care. Refunds: If you withdraw from the class  5 days before the first class begins you will receive a full refund.
Mindfulness meditations are self-regulation techniques that ease us out of overwhelming stress and back into well-being. In just a few weeks of practice the mind and body can relax, become clear and experience more contentment. Special Introductory Sessions are provided for staff in education, healthcare and community groups wanting to integrate mindfulness into their daily routine.
Mindfulness for Youth for secondary school students and youth groups is available throughout the year. Meditation involves quietening the mind so that the endless chatter that normally fills our heads is stilled. Meditation is a down-to-earth, practical method of switching off the endless chatter of the mind, helping you to truly relax. I will guide you, step-by-step, through deep breathing exercises, relaxation and different approaches to meditation, so that you can find the method that works best for you. To book a course of one-to-one meditation tuition please call me on 07538 062935 or click the following link to email me directly . I run a range of different meditation classes for beginners and those who have already attended an introductory course or who have attended one-to-one sessions with me. Helen Newell, Pilgrim Physiotherapy Practice, 71 Mayfield Road, Earlsdon, Coventry, CV5 6PL. Would you like to discover more about mindfulness or have you attended a course and would like to reconnect with your practice?

Take part in a calming and soothing workshop, becoming aware of your body and mind through gentle Zen meditation and mindfulness practices. Chantry Studios is a thriving yoga, dance and pilates studio with excellent modern facilities. The session format is 15 minutes of Q&A with the rest being meditations and mindfulness practices. On Bromley Common, the Southlands Road bus stops are served by the 61, 208, 261, 320 and 358 buses. I recently completed the 8-week Mindfulness & Meditation course and thoroughly enjoyed it. The day retreat and the beginning of August was wonderfully uplifting and my mind was almost still for 3 days after! Robert is a man who is on top of his craft…he is a man with empathy and a wealth of experience. I am requesting that your decision to use the sliding scale be consistent to what I feel this training is about, which is connecting to our core integrity, and that you commit to the class regardless of what you decide to pay. It also has no religious or dogmatic requirements, although the information comes from the Buddhist traditions. If you cancel your registration less than 5 days from the first class a refund is given minus a $50 administration fee for the eight week class and $25 administrative fee for the four week class. It covers the basics of mindfulness meditation sitting practice, the compassionate body scan, light yoga and mindful movement, walking meditation and loving kindness meditation. Evidence is proving that more and more employees are missing work due to work induced and stress related illness and that the cost and loss to the employer is increasing. Because the body of clinical studies and research has grown exponentially in recent years, the evidence based criteria  required by professionals to substantiate referring patients and clients to a solid and reputable approach to wellness, improved health and reducing health care associated costs has exceeded all expectations.

They show us on a experiential level how we can either increase or decrease peace in our lives, moment by moment. To find out more about course dates or to book a meditation course please call me on 07538 062935, or click the following link to email me directly . There are short stools, yoga mats and a few cushions so we shall mostly be sitting in the traditional manner on the floor when we meditate.
Robert is skilled at delivering information, managing differing needs in the group and giving everyone a chance to engage at their own pace. If you know you will miss two or more classes before you register, I recommend you take the class when you can attend closer to 100%.
Trainings can be tailored to your specific workplace needs in a variety of lengths, formats and learning environments and styles. I suggest that you bring your own cushions in case we run out though there are plenty of yoga mats. Between 2007 and 2008 I was a member of a health care team conducting  a  six month pilot medical study for a local insurance company using mindfulness as its method.  I led   24 employees through the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program related to the company’s goal to address health and weight loss.
Robert is generous with his time to enable participants to learn at their own pace whilst being able to share a lot of information.
The results were impressive and beyond other similar programs offered by this local weight loss company. Please allot plenty of time to find the studio and find residential parking in front or side streets.

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