The Secrets of Mindful Power Retreat provides the skills and practices for you to excel in both your professional and personal lives.
Your guides in this mindfulness immersion experience at the middle of the beautiful mountains of Colorado, are Dr. Monk Greg Burdulis, a 21st century monk who spent seven years in Burma and is now teaching Mindfulness at Google, PepsiCo and other large organizations, will lead you in a variety of mindfulness meditations and exercises and use neuroscience to explain what’s happening in your brain. Secrets of Mindful Power is sponsored by At the Epicenter, a project of Natural Capitalism Solutions, 501c3 organization, an interactive speaker series and educational forum for business leadership, with a focus on promoting healthier, more sustainable communities and economies.
You will be part of a small group of up to 15 folks in a beautiful intimate mountain setting! Very few workshops or retreats include the most important part of learning: strong support to apply what you have learned after you return to your home and work. Have solo time in the woods to unwind and connect with the natural world while practicing mindfulness.
If you don’t believe you received great value from this program, please ask for your money back.
Mindfulness is becoming widely acknowledged to improve people’s ability to communicate clearly and have more appropriate responses to stressful situations.
Mindfulness allows you to connect information from different parts of your brain that can’t connect when you’re stressed. According to Scientific American Mind (April 2013), mindfulness decreases the release of cortisol, often referred to as the stress hormone. A co-author of the Amazon bestseller Fearless Leaders and a high-performance executive coach and leadership speaker, Dr.
As a Buddhist monk In Burma, Monk Greg experienced firsthand the power of mindfulness to reduce stress and increase well-being.
When the mind smiles, the body flows!A unique approach which integrates the tools of Mindfulness into the physical practice of Yoga for ALL LEVELS!- Did you know that the stiffest muscle in your body is  in your head?-We are mostly limited by our mind.
Valencia Mindfulness Retreat - Bed and Breakfast Valencia Spain is a Bed and Breakfast in the center of Valencia. Photos of Bed and Breakfast Valencia Mindfulness Retreat - the most central Bed and Breakfast in Valencia also offering a private apartment in Valencia.
Bed and Breakfast Valencia Mindfulness Retreat with the top ten reasons to stay at the most central Bed and Breakfast in Valencia, or in a private apartment in Valencia city center, Spain. Bed and Breakfast Valencia Mindfulness retreat offers top ten Valencia Restaurants, Top ten Valencia sights, Top Ten Valencia museums. Contribution of Bed and Breakfast Valencia Mindfulness Retreat, a Bed and Breakfast in the center of Valencia, also offering a private apartment in Valencia City Center : Barrio del Carmen. Bed and Breakfast Valencia Mindfulness Retreat contact details to reserve the most central most romantic Bed and Breakfast in Valencia City-Center, Barrio del Carmen. Your Valencia bed and breakfast concept adds up to a synergy of our four basic beliefs, in personal daily practice; as well as in our ideas on hospitality. For an untrained eye, this Valencia Bed and Breakfast might just be another quality Bed and Breakfast, a safe and very central location where one may feel at home from where to explore vibrant Valencia. WELLNESS AT YOUR BED AND BREAKFAST: As fun and exciting a city-trip or short holiday might be, did you know that 'vacation' is actually on the top-ten list of stressful activities in current society? For others, wellness is nothing more than one or two glasses of good local wine, followed by a deep tissue massage and reading a 'pass the suntan lotion'-bestseller while cuddling up to your partner and slowly drifting away in a peaceful sleep.
PERSONAL CARE: As much as we understand the need for privacy, we strongly believe in 'personal care'.
As we are not a hotel, nor would we like to be one, you will probably meet other guests during our award winning five star breakfast, or during pre-dinner drinks in one of our two comfortable lounge rooms.
Casa Faustina, situated 7km from world famous Assisi, is an original stone country house on a 16 hectare naturally managed agristurismo farm in Umbria.
You will find many secret terraces and a myriad of quiet corners in which to relax, read and recharge mind and body.
There is a large swimming pool with sun-loungers and shaded areas in the olive gardens, if you prefer to laze around out of the sun.
There will be two Mindfulness meditation sessions daily with one free day to explore Assisi and the surrounding areas. For breakfast a buffet is served offering milk, coffee, tea, fruit juice, cereals, fresh fruit, yogurt, butter, toast, croissants, jam and home-made cakes such as Yogurt Bundt Cake, and fruit cakes. Lunches and dinners present extraordinary Umbrian vegetarian cuisine using fresh produce from the synergistic garden including homemade 100% natural extra virgin olive oil.
The rest of the day can be spent lazing Italian style: lounging, reading or swimming in the cool pool or playing chess in the garden. Casa Faustina is an excellent starting point for excursions into the surrounding areas and allows guests to discover the historical and artistic wealth as well as the nature and spirituality of Umbria. Sara, Casa Faustina’s creative cook, offers cooking classes where you will pick vegetables, flowers and aromatic herbs from the garden to make delicious vegetarian recipes or learn to make homemade pasta.
For those curious about what synergistic agriculture is, Giordano will guide you through the garden illustrating the principles and rules of this natural, sustainable and non-destructive cultivating method. Simple, clean apartment style accommodations are located in either the typical stone countryhouse, Casa Faustina, or its newer cottage Casa Chiara. If you are a beginner who wishes to learn the fundamentals of mindfulness meditation and how it can be life transformative, then our retreats will give you a very good grounding, enabling and empowering you with confidence in the practice. Brian's teachings will guide and support you personally in the development of mindfulness in daily life.
The teachings that Brian presents are completely secular and do not require any affiliation anywhere. Originally from Vermont, Brian has lived in Switzerland, Italy and France for the last fourteen years. Mindfulness Retreat in Assisi, ItalyWould you like to spend a week away, immersed in nature in the beautiful Umbrian countryside? Casa Rosa is a traditional stone farmhouse set high in the green hills of Umbria, some ten kilometres (or six miles) north-east of Assisi. All the apartments are simply but comfortably furnished, beautifully decorated, and have full central heating.
The pool is bordered along one side by lavender, local herbs and a large cherry tree; on the other, a wide terrace is paved in local stone, with sun-beds and deck chairs for lounging and sunbathing. My inspiration is a desire to gain a deeper connection to and understanding of myself, something that I've been working hard on for so long and will continue to do in the future.
After participating in more yoga classes and events this year than in my entire life, I am yearning for the opportunity to attend a professional retreat.
TC North, author and high-performance executive coach and Monk Greg Burdulis, corporate mindfulness teacher.
TC North, acclaimed co-author of an Amazon best- seller, Fearless Leaders and a high-performance executive coach, will guide you in learning how to create mindful moments and use them to constructively resolve conflicts and solve difficult problems.
Greg’s practices develop your presence to be powerful, relaxed, alert and responsive—the optimal state for leaders.

Seleyn DeYarus, executive director of At the Epicenter is a change agent and believes that dedicated people striving to impact our world for the good can succeed!
People also report a better ability to handle workplace conflict, improved teamwork, a better ability to “think outside the box” and in some cases enhanced creativity. For example, when you are in a deep level of mindfulness during problem-solving, it’s like dropping into a space deep in your mind where there are an infinite number of possibilities. Lower levels of cortisol are associated with feelings of relaxation, contentment and inner peace. Time magazine supported this conclusion in a February 2014 cover story entitled, “The Mindful Revolution.” And here is an amazing video on the benefits of mindfulness on the news show 60 Minutes. TC North has accelerated individuals and organizations in attaining their visions and dreams since 1988.
He is passionate about it and has devoted his professional life to helping people like you learn what he learned in the monasteries. The combination of enhanced mindfulness plus increase personal power while opening the heart is a unique leadership teaching. She lived in India for a few months each year and studied different types of yoga : Iyengar Yoga (focused on alignment) for 2 years. Offering central Bed and Breakfast rooms in Valencia, and also a private apartment in Valencia, center, Spain. This is what makes your Bed and Breakfast in Valencia Center special: 'Mindfulness', 'Wellness', 'Quality' and 'Personal Care'. Yes, some guests may enjoy the Early Bird Meditation room or book a massage in our in-house massage room, or even sign up for a Pilates or Yoga session in our neighboring Yoga-Studio. For this reason we believe that stimulating new impressions of visiting another country need time to 'settle in' after a day out and about, exploring a new city. Whatever your personal definition of wellness might consist of, be sure to find it at Valencia Mindfulness Retreat.
With our Mindful approach - and therefore paying attention to detail - we have tried to take the utmost care in creating your surroundings while being our guest. One of the basic Mindful-beliefs is that your awareness is a very important and big space within to reside. Please note that all services and opportunities to share stories are of course an optional possibility, and it is up to you to either partake or recline to the privacy or your own bedroom.
It’s nestled amongst centuries old olive trees, soft pines, fragrant lavender, rosemary bushes and sculptures. The ideal setting to rediscover a deep wellness amongst a green, quiet, most beautiful part of Umbria. Each morning and evening will begin with Lujong, a Tibetan yoga to strengthen our bodies and minds, and make a bridge between sitting meditation and everyday life – applicable for all levels of fitness. Along with Assisi, all of the most important medieval cities including Spello, Orvieto, Perugia, Spoleto, Gubbio and Montefalco, are easily accessible.
After a nice walk in the morning with the “tartufaio” and Rolli the dog, Sara will help you prepare the black truffles according to the regional style. For meditation students who have previous experience in diverse traditions, or who are self-taught, our instructions will help you to deepen and strengthen your practice. Under the guidance of Tibetan Buddhist masters, he studied the ancient Tibetan wisdom traditions of the mahayana and vajrayana.
His teachings are spontaneous, responding to the unique talents or challenges of the participants.
They are practical, functional, and work directly with the many kinds of difficult experiences we encounter, including stress, anxiety, dissatisfaction, physical pain, and painful emotions. There is also spectacular swimming pool, shared by the apartments: located above the house in a marvellously tranquil position, it enjoys panoramic views over the National Park of Mount Subasio. Barbara is an experienced workshop and retreat leader with a multi-disciplinary approach to wellness and mindfulness. I view a retreat as a wonderful way to focus entirely on this without the distractions of every day life! TC North will work closely with you to help you learn to master your thoughts and emotions using mindfulness techniques. You will develop a Mindful Pod at the retreat (a Pod is a group of four to six people working together).
Doing this with others close to you enhances your experience and their regular presence in your life and increases the likelihood you will continue to develop in mindfulness after the four-week program. Secrets of Mindful Power Retreat will give you the tools and support to build your own mindfulness practices and reap the rewards. The late Apple CEO Steve Jobs practiced mindfulness and other meditation forms for years, which may be why he was able to imagine and create disruptive technologies that others couldn’t begin to imagine. Cortisol also blocks the most important part of your brain to use as a leader – the pre-frontal cortex – often called the “executive” brain. He has coached Olympic teams and a professional sports team in the art of creating thoughts and emotions to maximize success.
The power but this combination surprised me and it has enhanced both my leadership and my personal life.
For those who would like to know a little bit more about our ideas and values - before applying to become our guest - we would briefly like to outline each of these vital aspects whith a short description.
But others just enjoy the decor of the lounge rooms, cosy private bedrooms and the delicious five star breakfast, without any interest in the extra services we offer. As we believe your unusual Bed and Breakfast in Valencia should offer a tranquil and relaxing environment - to be able to absorb everything you see and do during the day - we take the utmost care in making your home base in Valencia as welcoming and peaceful as we can. As in these hectic times wellness and wellbeing seem more or less considered a 'luxury', implying a conscious pursuit of living life to its fullest potential, why not indulge while being on your hard-earned vacation? Some people might fall in love with the original artworks of bi-monthly changing expositions by local artists; others recognize the quality of our Egyptian cotton bedding's fine bone China teacups or even the original antiques or Saloon Shampoos and other rich grooming products offered for your convenience.
In this way, we try to ensure all our guests feel at home at our bed and breakfast in a way that best reflects their own personality and mood. You can experience slow living in deep contact with nature while you delight in sweeping views of the valley below, cool breezes and endless sunsets blazing across the evening sky. In our morning meditation session you will be guided through the form and practice of meditation with time for talks and discussions, and there will be periods of silence for inner reflection.
Each accommodation is fully equipped with a refrigerator and kitchen accessories for making snacks and drinks, tea or coffee. He brings a warm, gentle and humorous style to the instructions, conveying the subtlety and depth of these very practical instructions on how to fully live manifesting your best human qualities. We enable ourselves to meet and overcome these challenges and as well continue the celebration of our lives.
He enjoys running marathons and teaching running with the mind of meditation, cooking Italian and playing the accordion with panache.
Perhaps you’d like a chance to step back and reflect, to get in touch with a deeper place of certainty within yourself; a chance to learn the skills and tools that will allow you to be more balanced, calm and energised when you get back home.

Each apartment is completely self-contained, with its own kitchen and bathroom, and its own balcony or terrace. Around the house is a small farm of 40 hectares (or 100 acres), roughly one-third cultivated, one-third pasture, and one-third wooded with planted trees. North will lead group discussions to help you apply all theses techniques in your business and personal life.
Your Pod will get together by phone for an hour a week for a minimum of four weeks to discuss your direct experiences of applying mindfulness and fearless techniques in your daily life.
One of his scientific studies was designated a landmark study because it created a new paradigm of our understanding of human emotion. He helps you understand your experience through understanding your brain’s negativity bias and its neuroplasticity. This is the most meaningful and has had the most long-lasting impact of any leadership training that I’ve done.
Our aspiration at Retreat Guru is to inspire people to experience authentic retreats and reconnect with their innate wisdom, strength and kindness. One may be Christian, Jewish, Atheist or Agnostic; and still believe that a Mindful approach to life can make this hectic world a better place. For this reason we offer the opportunity to meet other guests during the extensive breakfast, or during a pre-dinner drink in one of our two comfortable, inviting lounge rooms.
Apart from a selection of relaxing expert in-house massages (individual massages and 'quatre mains'- couple massages) we offer an Early Bird Meditation Room, and a wide variety of Yoga-classes, Pilates-classes and Mindful-Meditation sessions at our neighboring Yoga-center, located at less than 25 steps from your front door of your Bed and Breakfast in Valencia. While decorating your Valencia Bed and Breakfast, we have made an effort to pay attention to detail, while trying to a create comfortable - yet stimulating - environment in a way we would hope to encounter ourselves while traveling abroad.
This means that upon arrival at your Bed and Breakfast in the City Center of Valencia, you will be greeted with a 'Welcome to Valencia'-pack, would you be in the mood for a personalized city-introduction highlighting everything Valencia has to offer, from well know 'must-sees', to more local locations off the beaten track. He facilitates the process of self-learning and understanding through special physical exercises, group discussion and the practice of mindfulness itself. Above all you gain confidence that you have the tools you need to meet the challenges of daily life. In this week-long retreat based on mindfulness, this is what you will achieve.The mindfulness retreat in Italy is structured to allow plenty of time for personal reflection, exploration and adventure, as you see fit. Your Pod will challenge you, encourage you and keep you on track.The pods formed at the inaugural retreat in June of 2015 are still meeting as I write this in January of 2016! Greg uses his background in dance and yoga to develop centering practices that easily fit into your daily routine.
Some people have described Mindfulness as a western way of interpreting Buddhism, but apart from introspection by self-contemplation and paying full attention to the present, we think there is nothing Buddhist, nor 'alternative new-age' about taking a Mindful approach to life. In this way, anybody may feel at home in a way that best fits their personality and interests.
On your well deserved vacation, there is no need for speed when coming home after a full day of new impressions. From the selection of freshly chopped - in season - fruits from the local central market for breakfast, to the extended library, and the eclectic decor of the sun-filled lounge-rooms, we promise you a relaxing - yet inspiring - completely 'Ikea- and plastics-free' home. With some local treats and Cava-Champagne or organic fruit-juices we will take the time to help you plan your daily schedule - would you like to have one - based on our local knowledge of the city, combined with your personal interests. Our Mindfulness meditation is for beginners and advanced practitioners alike – whether you are curious and want to learn the techniques or whether you want to deepen your practice.
This flexibility will allow you to get the most out of your week away, affording you the time you have earned and deserve.The mornings will be spent together exploring mindfulness exercises, and looking at key ingredients for wellbeing and fulfilment. Whilst at medical school, she obtained a B.Sc in psychology and began a life-long enquiry into the interdependence of mind, emotion, and wellbeing. You always know what to do when you are stressed because you learn to maintain calm integrity while you are on the go. Meditation is really about paying attention, and the only way in which we can pay attention is through our senses, all of them, including the mind. We invite you to experience a central Bed and Breakfast in Valencia  where it is all about you. This is why we have incorporated possibilities to make your stay as relaxed as possible, where quality-time and a personal approach are extended with numerous relaxing extra options, to be captured under the now so popular concept of wellness. Our effort to offer personal care also means your Valencia Bed and Breakfast will provide opportunities for you to share your experiences with others, and therefore make them more memorable.
Our practice space is a beautiful pavilion set in the olive trees with 360 degree views of Umbrian countryside. Brian is presently exploring the vision of good human society with Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche and has been appointed Shastri, senior teacher, in the Shambhala tradition. She is a thought leader in the field connecting health, emotional intelligence, mindfulness and the underlying science of it all. North has been a meditator for more than 30 years and has taught relaxation and meditation.
Greg’s practices develop your power of presence to be powerful, relaxed, alert and responsive—the optimal state for leaders. For some, wellness could be defined as a state of serenity and inner happiness, and is often described as a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit that results in an overall feeling of well-being.
Bringing together her extensive knowledge, training skills and background in meditation, Dr. Of course, our experience is vast, and includes our own body, our mind, our heart, and the entire world.", Dr.
Barbara created the powerful and pioneering Mind Mood Mastery programme, firmly rooted in scientific evidence. More recently she was inspired by Christine May, from the Shiva Rea Prana Flow Yoga.She teaches since 2005 in Ibiza.
She really appreciates the quiet of Ibiza, the peaceful beauty of its nature and its mystical remote places, so propitious for Yoga practice.
In our point of view, a 'Mindful way' of looking at the world - and guidance in how to relate to others - 'paying attention' is key. Beautiful beaches such as Benirras, Cala Nova, Aguas Blancas are a short drive away in all directions.
That is why she chose to live and teach there.In the last 7 years she led more than a hundred retreats in Ibiza. This does not mean you have to be Mindful to be a guest at our Bed and Breakfast in Valencia, nor does it imply you should share this belief (or even know what it means !) to enjoy the carefully chosen surroundings during your city-trip or holidays to Valencia. It just means we care; we care for you to have a memorable experience in a relaxing setting, where eye for detail and aesthetic quality in your Valencia Bed and Breakfast are an important factor in making your stay as relaxing and welcoming as possible.

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