Well it’s been over a year now since we first revealed our design plans for our Dark Knight themed theater currently under construction in Greenwich, Connecticut.
The positive response has been amazing and many of you have asked when the actual theater will be completed. The $2.5 million theater has been quite an ambitious project with a few delays along the way.
Here is a shot of the rear of the theater which features a stainless steel elevator, a fireplace, and of course our theater chairs (model A1) made by Elite HTS, the leader in ultra luxury home theater seating.
And if you think our Dark Knight theater is cool, wait ’till you see our upcoming IRON MAN themed theater. This large custom bookcase door rotates on a central pivot to reveal passage to a secret room.
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Secret Movie Room Inspirations One of 5 total Pictures Minimalist Home Theater Designs with Modern Applications. At the following are 5 photograph delineating the "Secret Movie Room Inspirations" design, including the photograph you’re viewing recently at above.
Leading up to the MTV Movie Awards, Secret Room Events, which hosted the event with Sponsor Flips Audio, welcomed A-list celebrities from the worlds of music, TV and film, as well as key media Hollywood and Beverly Hills were abuzz with activity as celebs, stylists and industry insiders prepared for parties and events, media and industry insiders with lots of freebies and the chance to support a variety of charities, with many of the vendors on hand offering eco-friendly products. Adore Organic Innovation uses the highest concentration of this proven Plant Stem Cell formula, combined with a blend of vitamins, essential oils and organic plant extracts.
The latest word we have received from the project supervisor is that the theater will be completed sometime this Summer after almost 2 years of construction.
Like Us on Facebook (Elite Home Theater Seating), or follow us on Google+ to get the first sneak peek of this amazing new Iron Man theater design. Aquaswiss, a brand synonymous with innovation, has become the groundbreaking fashion brand of choice by creating daring timepieces that are immediately unique and identifiable.

We wanted to combine the Art Deco feel of Gotham City, with the cozy confines of Wayne Manor. Us the fingerprint reader (nice way to keep out the unwanted guests) and you will be granted access inside this 12,000 square foot home theater that is all about celebrating the Dark Knight.Apart from the giant 180 degree screen, there are six backlit life-size Batsuits, a 15 feet long and 19 feet wide size replica of the Batmobile Tumbler that only shows when you pull the secret book in the shelf and plenty of other ‘Bat’ stuff which give you an outlandish experience. Joseph Nicola has created a unique vision for fashion that unites art and function, sensibility and originality. For those looking to custom design home theaters with a theme of their own choice, even on a smaller scale, this really is a fine inspiration. Showcased at their exclusive Beverly Hills location, designer Joseph Nicola’s sleek purses and furniture designs are in high demand on Hollywood red carpets and in the most elite homes and offices.

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