This post will be very brief as explaining the many benefits of Positive Music will now be handled on the Positive Music Imperative Site. This Positive Energy Subliminal MP3 will help you to think more positively as well as surround yourself with a positive aura that other people will surely take notice of. To get the most out of this free subliminal you should aim to listen to it once a day at your convenience. The Positive Music Imperative is undertaking a monthly compilation to promote Positive Music by rapidly building a focal point of critical mass.
Lastly let me close by saying we want to make positive music affordable but still find away to support our musicians so more and more of them can follow their dreams and become full time at their craft.

If we are the books we read, the thoughts we think, the words we say and the company we keep, we are also the music we listen to. Victor is the founder of both the Positive Music Imperative, and it’s parent concept the Positive Imperative. However all the above titles and roles does not come close to the importance of his two biggest roles.
You will experience a shift from negative to positive that will revitalise you and change the way you look at life. Secondly his mission to create a more humane positive world for his grandchildren to life in, through the concepts known as the Positive Imperative and the Positive Music Imperative, for which he is blessed to work with a community of loving, caring and dedicated people.

If you ever feel yourself slipping back into negativity you can always resume listening to the program.

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