Next you will want to set the IP address of your Pi to be static, so that it doesn’t change when you reboot.
Finally, if you don’t have a public static IP address (in other words, your ISP keeps changing your IP address) then how do you know what it is?
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Everything up to now is in your own home network and is pretty much a walled garden, safe from bad people.

This means that requests from the internet on that port will automatically go to the right place. You need to set up a DNS service on your Pi that will regularly check what the network public IP address is, and keep a domain name up to date. Once you’ve got PuTTY installed, put it in a sensible location on your hard drive and open it. Then you can connect using a domain name instead of an IP and it’ll automatically resolve to the correct IP.

That’s really a smart move because setup is really a barrier of entry in this category.

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