Happy Holidays To You and Thank you so much for being on our list… This month is particularly special to me because with your support, I Luv My Body Fitness has officially turned 5 years old which is a huge milestone! I still remember how nervous I was teaching my very first boot camp class with 5 whole members to our name… I had No idea how to run a business or make any of this work! My fitness coaches Melissa, Alison and Clyde are all truly the best instructors I could ever ask for. These are perfect for you if you are committed to becoming a stronger, more educated, more successful, better you.
They are in no particular order, and have all had a tremendous impact on my life and who I strive to become… enjoy!
1) Success Tip #1: Choose a Better Version of yourself that Inspires You and You want to Live Up to, and write it down! Just doing a big brain dump and getting things down on paper makes everything more real and achievable.
And here’s why: Your brain can’t tell the difference between a real or perceived experience. So if you spend time describing how you want things to be and then re-reading what you wrote over and over you will start programming yourself to think at a higher level and make the changes you need to make to achieve the outcome you are seeking.
2) Success Tip #2: Successful people have Failed More Times than the beginner has even tried. When trying to make a change in your life, most people fail an average of 7 times before getting it right according to James Prochaska and Carlo DiClemente’s Stages of Change Model. The trick is getting up and being open to trying something different rather than repeating the same mistakes over and over again AND remembering overall that the only magic pill to success is consistency over time. BIG TAKEAWAY HERE: THINK OF FAILURES AS INFORMATION ABOUT HOW TO RE-FOCUS YOUR EFFORTS RATHER THAN FEEL DEFEATED.
3) Success Tip #3: Remain COMMITTED to an OUTCOME you Want, but NOT ATTACHED to a specific PROCESS to achieve it. The clients I have that get the best body changing results are committed to making changes with their bodies but do not get super down on themselves, overwhelmed or stressed out if something does not go their way and they cannot adhere 100% to their plan. This makes it easier to roll with the punches, be creative, adjust and personalize things that may be more effective for you and your life.
BIG TAKEAWAY HERE: FOCUS ON THE OUTCOME YOU ARE LOOKING TO ACHIEVE and BE OKAY ADJUSTING THE ACTIONS YOU MUST TAKE TO GET THERE. When all hell breaks loose in life and you are short on time, trying to take care of your family, see your friends, deal with finances, and keep your life on track, we have to start thinking about progress, not perfection.
It is easy to let yourself off the hook or not follow through if you do not have anyone holding you accountable. I mean how easy is it to hit the snooze button on the alarm when no one is waiting for you to show up to your workouts??

And what if you reach a plateau or hit a road block with your progress you can’t seem to break through?
Instead of wasting months or years of time, hire a coach or mentor that you trust and has the expertise you need to become a better person. A coach will get to know you, your situation; AND KNOWS what changes you are suppose to be having and if you aren’t having them, how to guide you in fixing it.
We thrive in community and often mirror and mimic the people who we surround ourselves with most.
This means that if we surround ourselves with people who take care of themselves, we are more likely going to do that too.
So if you have some friends or family in your life that are constantly trying to dissuade you from your healthful efforts, it may be a good idea to have a conversation with them and ask them to try and support you rather than tempt you to do things that are not moving you forward.
7) Success Tip #7: When Shit hits the fan, Choose 1 thing to Focus on that you are already Great At and Do it. If you are feeling overwhelmed and you try to throw a million new things on to your plate on top of all the craziness in your life, you will drive yourself deeper into overwhelm, misery and depression.
I kind of said this already, but so many people who start a fitness and health program throw everything away when their life gets busy and end up getting no where for years.
So, try to figure out what I call a re-set habit, something that you are already good at (not something you need to learn to be good at) and do only that until your life calms down. BIG TAKEAWAY HERE: IF LIFE IS CRAZY FOCUS ON 1 THING TO KEEP MOVING YOU FORWARD THAT YOU ARE ALREADY GOOD AT, NOT 100 THINGS YOU NEED TO LEARN. Gaining a keen awareness for exactly where you are now and defining how you will know WHEN you are successful will help you keep your goals top of mind. Create small wins, victories and milestones along the way to keep your head in the game and make becoming more healthy fun for you! For example, if you stick with your healthy nutrition plan Monday – Friday, reward yourself with a small spa treatment or massage. But, try to create your wins around healthy, productive habits instead of fluctuating numbers on a scale. 9) Success tip #9: Ask Better Questions to guide you in a More Productive and Healthy Direction. Instead of focusing your questions on why things seem to always happen TO you, try to ask yourself what you can change about the situation to take more control. BIG TAKEAWAY HERE: ASK YOURSELF WHAT YOU COULD HAVE DONE BETTER IN A SITUATION THAT DID NOT GO WELL INSTEAD OF WONDERING WHY THINGS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO YOU.
People are successful because they take action even when they are not 100% motivated to do so.

BIG TAKEAWAY HERE: EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT GETTING A SWELL UP OF BURSTING MOTIVATION, TAKE ACTION. This is the year I have stepped up and made myself a priority after years of feeling run down and exhausted. If you are not taking care of yourself, there is no way you can live congruently with who you want to be and how you want others to perceive you. I know a lot of people count the inches and the pounds, and I probably don’t measure my success that way, but I have to say that I can go in my closet and put anything on. Also known as the 3B1 or Unix PC, this was an early desktop Unix system made by Convergent Technologies and marketed by AT&T. When Al Rahim calls a newspaper to announce the start of his campaign of terrorism, the journalist is using a PC 7300. Mark's girlfriend has a PC 7300 on her desk in the office of the radio station where she works. The union has a computer system, including a room full of PC 7300s, that Matlock suspects is used to steal money. The television station that broadcasts the signal that disguises the aliens is equipped with a number of 7300s. Our members are fun, hilarious, caring, inspiring, committed, hard workers and make my day better every time I see them.
They care so much about seeing our clients happy and successful and they educate themselves every chance they get to provide our members with the best experience possible. When I was first starting I Luv My Body Fitness I sat down in a coffee shop for 2 days straight and wrote out exactly what I wanted to achieve and the best ideas I had for getting there.
I used to be under the false belief that successful people just had things handed to them…Come to find in most cases the complete opposite is true. Whether it is focusing on getting some walks in, eating a healthy breakfast or getting to the gym 3 times a week. This is because the accumulation of engaging in those healthy habits over and over, week after week will be the #1 thing that gets you to your ultimate outcome and reaching your goals.
But if you are always focusing on why the world is against you, you will feel overwhelmed, miserable and at a loss. PRIORITIZE YOUR NEEDS THAT KEEP YOU GROUNDED AND HEALTHY OR THERE WILL BE NO WAY FOR YOU TO EVERY BE TRULY SUCCESSFUL.
What is the tip you feel will help you the most in your quest of becoming a better version of yourself? You’ll think more clearly, make better decisions and be able to serve others around you in a loving and caring way.

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