Family Law Offices of Yanez & Associates – Top Orange County Divorce AttorneysFamily Law orange countyHow can I Legally Changing my Name in OC California? Although a legal name change used to be a relatively simple task, due to increasing threats of identity theft and terrorism in the last several years, the process has become a little more complex.
It is possible to change your name, or your child’s name in California, but there are a few restrictions on the name you choose. Marriage can be one of the exceptions to the court order requirement - as long as one spouse is taking the other spouse’s name. However, if both spouses are changing their names, or if the name being changed is not the other spouse’s name, you will need a court order. Although a domestic partnership is similar to a marriage, a couple cannot go to the DMV to change a name.
If you’re trying to change the name of a minor and you aren’t the only legal parent, you will need the permission of the other parent to change the name. To change your name or your child’s name, you’ll need to fill out the appropriate forms and file them with the court. An OC name change attorney can help you to fill out the appropriate forms and file them correctly.

Attorney Bettina Yanez is a recognized top Orange County Divorce & Family Law Attorney.
Name change advertisement in newspapers is a very important step whenever submission of passport for new name is required. For publishing the Change of Name advertisement in the newspapers, an affidavit has to be first made through a notary public and copy has  to be scanned and  submitted along with the form from below. The Procedure for change of name ads is the simplest and easiest in Mumbai than any other city in India. I have changed my name from PRAVIN BHAWARLAL KOTHARI to PRAVIN BHANWARLAL JAIN as per the deedpoll affidavit. About UsEstablished in 1996, we have been servicing clients from individuals to multinationals. Today, a name change in the OC usually requires a court order, and can only be done in certain circumstances. In this case, the spouse changing his or her name needs to take their marriage license to their local DMV and the Social Security Administration and fill out a name change form. If you’ve recently entered a domestic partnership in Southern California, you’ll need to either get a court order, or fight the inequality with the help of a skilled name change attorney in Southern California.

If you and the other parent cannot agree on the name change, or you’re having trouble contacting the other parent, it is best to contact a skilled name change attorney in Southern California for assistance. At Yanez & Associates, our attorneys are ready to get the process of changing your name started.
She is Certified by the California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization, as a Family Law Specialist, this means that she is skilled in the following areas of law, divorce, child custody, child support, child visitation, mediation, legal separation, modifications, restraining orders, paternity, prenuptial agreements, property division and all other matters that fall under California Family Law.
It cannot be the name of a fictitious character that is protected by copyright, like Katniss Everdeen.
Hina Kausar Mohammed Aslam Babi Have Changed Our Minor Daughter’s Name From Amira Mohammed Aslam Babi To Taiba Mohammed Aslam Babi As Per deedpoll Affidavit.
However our preferred paper in terms of value for money as per our experience is the TIMES OF INDIA group.
You usually cannot choose the name of a celebrity or public figure, except under certain circumstances.

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