ADVERTISE ON MACENSTEINClick here to inquire about making a fortune by advertising your game, gadget, or site on Macenstein. The developer has revealed in a blog post that the Minecraft name change release date is on the way, and is confirmed to be happening on February 4, 2015.
Even better is that it will be a completely free service, as long as you have a Mojang account you won’t need to pay anything to change your in-game name.

Mojang has released an FAQ along with the news, answering some of the inevitable questions such as taking names that are already available and confirmation that you will have to wait 30 days between new name changes. You’ll be able to find the change name setting at this page here, as soon as Mojang goes live with the update on February 4. What is your reaction to the news – do you have a Minecraft in-game name that you simply can’t wait to change?

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