New York Insight Meditation Center A logo, tagline, and "much more profound and holistic message" were created to fully convey this meditation organization's values and personality. People are passionate about brands they feel connected to, and that doesn’t just apply to consumer products like cars, coffee and yoga clothes — it’s relevant to nonprofit brands too. However, in spite of your best efforts at getting the message out — from your website, to email, to print communications, to fund raising events — there may come a point when you realize your efforts could be more professional, accurate, resonant, or consistent.
Sometimes it is time for a re-brand because your organization’s mission or personality changed over the years, and your brand no longer reflects who you have evolved to become. With this in mind, we were challenged to create new key messages, a tagline and logo that more fully conveyed New York Insight’s values and personality.
In an effort to gain an understanding of where the Meditation Center was positioned in their sector, our first step was to listen, learn, and examine the organization from all angles. We created this spreadsheet of similar organizations’ online presence and compared their mission statement, tagline, audience, perceived strengths and weaknesses. We also conducted a visual survey of the “competition” — Buddhist organizations and meditation centers of course, but also those practicing yoga and other forms of wellness.
We discovered many of these logos featured abstract, circular symbols or nature imagery, and were rendered in light line weights in pastel green and blue tones. Finally, we gathered the words and concepts that cropped up most frequently in the surveys and created a word map.
Recommendation: Knowing these reasons can help NYI tailor their programs and their marketing efforts to better appeal to prospective members. Recommendation: Stakeholders are appropriately focused on getting more money, and the messages about giving are important and should be made clear.
Recommendation: Use the tagline to communicate the benefits of meditation to people who may not understand it. We took the information gathered and worked to uncover New York Insight’s unique story and personality in order set the tone and strategy for their brand. First, we developed five key messages focusing on NYI’s brand assets — the group’s unique, differentiating features.
This message of transformation, achieved through the Buddhist teachings was the core element of their programs and informed everything they did.
These talking points are “essential ideas to be conveyed”*—not meant to be used verbatim, but as a starting point for communications.

Next, we worked collaboratively with the client to develop a new tagline, Where Hearts & Minds Awaken. Color: A palette of warm gold, orange, and deep red tones is evocative of the spice-color robes of Theravada monks in southeast Asia, in shades of curry, paprika, and blazing saffron.
Type: Prokyon is a new Dutch Humanist typeface that is quirky, clean and modern in appearance. We provided the organization with a Brand Guide, an electronic manual which conveys the key messages and logo files so they can keep the look and feel of their identity consistent. Soon after the branding project concluded, NYI began applying their new visual identity and messaging to a series of communication materials including an email newsletter campaign, website and Facebook page. Our new logo which blends the vibrancy of the city with the beauty and grace of the lotus flower… and the tagline Where hearts & minds awaken both reflect a much more profound and holistic message about us now.
Loyalty is the holy grail of branding, as it can lead directly to increased awareness, participation, and donations. That’s what happened with our client New York Insight Meditation Center (NYI) — an organization based in midtown Manhattan which provides a variety of programs based on the teachings of the Buddha and rooted in the Therevada tradition. And in trying to appeal to everyone, their message had been watered down, sounding like all the other messages produced by similar organizations.
This included brochures, pamphlets, flyers, emails and postcards (the website was barely an entity at the time). Clients often find it helpful to see a visual representation of their most important brand assets.
This may be a true sentiment, but in order to have universal appeal the result felt bland and watered down, and the vitality and diversity treasured by the NYI community was lost. Yes, everyone is welcome, but not everyone is the same — in essence communicating that “You’ll find a segment that’s just right for you here at NYI”.
Some people seek a sense of purpose, connection and community, some want to teach, and others want to find a sense of peacefulness amidst urban chaos. But since ‘generosity’ is not the first reason individuals step through NYI’s doors, do not focus on this as the main message. And our caring teachers bring the teachings to life — by making them accessible and demonstrating them in a way that can be practiced daily life.
Here you can learn to live your life wisely, connect to your deepest values—and be mindful.

Each day, we see the rewards our community brings to those who create and participate in it. We hit on several key concepts — with an accompanying rationale for our choice of color, typeface and graphics.
The client was drawn to the Urban Sanctuary concept, but felt the cityscape was too generic and the overall look and feel was too lightweight. Implementation of the standards helps build a strong image for the Meditation Center so their community will have an easier time recognizing their good work and and understanding the case for supporting them.
Regardless of your reason, and how much of the process you plan to undertake, an updated brand can be worth the effort — in order to increase loyalty for your organization and visibility for its programs, create compelling and effective communications, and reach more donors and other constituents. Even organizations with similar missions may have a different way of undertaking their goals that may appeal differently to different people. We created another spreadsheet with columns devoted to audience, purpose, message, result and a final assessment of each piece. Furthermore, we suggested that NYI frame its key messages in terms of what their audiences value rather than what NYI thinks it has to offer them, by speaking to their needs and desires.
By experiencing the teachings, learning, and practicing in a supportive community — our members have transformed their lives.
Amidst our peaceful environment, you’ll achieve life transformation through meditation and the teachings of the Buddha. Whatever your goals, whatever your speed, you’ll find a supportive, safe non-judgmental environment where you can be yourself. The new tagline replaced the old slogan, A Peaceful Refuge in the Heart of the City, which the client felt reinforced the fallacy that NYI was merely a venue or location rather than a community. The power of the group + the power of individual = “Together we learn, individually we transform”. Where Hearts & Minds Awaken reflects NYI’s passion and commitment to the transformative power that can be experienced through meditation and the teachings of the Buddha.

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