The Unknown Thing is something that is unknown to those that do not know it but is known to those that do.It is also a Thing.As was never seen on Oprah or Ellen! Many years ago Duke Nukem was the comedic answer to another popular fist person shooter game called Doom. The design is very detailed and the facial expression is just as smug as the character’s persona is in the game. If your a fan of the game or an action figure collector I would recommend checking out the site by clicking this link. Ever since the first promotional photos came out, MLP fans has been drooling over the Comic Convention (that’s the San Diego Comic Convention, SDCC) exclusive My Little Pony figure for 2009.

If you weren’t able to get this limited edition, convention exclusive item, now is your chance! Now, considering the Super Hero Pony of 2007, the Black Ninja or Villain Pony of 2008 and this new Two Face of 2009, what is your favorite of the three? Fans of Bruce Willis in Die Hard have GOT to check out this amazingly detailed custom action figure. PreviousIn honor of the My Little Pony wedding, which of your ponies were married to each other? Part parody, part satire, Hilarity Ensues' No Secret explores the mystical powers of The Unknown Thing and The Rule of Making Things Come to You, lampooning the most recent bestsellers in new age and self-help.

Just as Doom has been remade, Duke Nukem is coming out with a new title called Duke Nukem Forever. Many of the convention attendees are currently selling these on eBay so now is your chance to grab her. Through anecdotes and examples from the great teachers of The Unknown Thing, the authors take the reader on a comic life changing journey into a world where bad things only happen to people who asked for it, fat dissolves when you refuse to acknowledge it, the universe exists to get you parking spaces and you can score sports cars and hot babes using the power of your mind!

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