South Philly’s favorite auto shop- Juniper Auto Repair is pleased to report we are enjoying our newly renovated Gulf Station at 1900 W Moyamensing Ave Philadelphia, PA 19145 aka 1900 Pollock St. We’ve consolidated our locations and shops to one central hub at our newly renovated Gulf Station at 1900 W Moyamensing Ave Philadelphia, PA 19145. Juniper Auto Repair is now proudly serving South Philadelphia from 2 Locations with the addition of Full Service Car and Truck Repair plus Gas station at 1900 W.
To celebrate this exciting addition to our already state-of-art repair facilities, we are offering The Super Oil Change Special for only $21.95 through April 15th, 2013 at our 1900 W. If that’s not enough, Juniper Auto Repair is also offering a Free Coffee with Gas Purchase through April 15th, 2013!
Granted, you want stuff like oil change done carefully, regularly, yet quickly, and maybe with a coupon attached. When you go to the supermarket to make use of the coupons that you’ve patiently cut out, you may or may not pay for additional items (sorry, no coupons) if you have the urge to buy more and the wherewithal to pay for them.
When you present a coupon in any establishment hoping for savings, you have to be smart and focused enough to avoid pitfalls that befall some customers. No matter how attractive and irresistible the coupon offer is, you have to know enough about the performance and quality of service provided by the service center that released the promotional offer.
Useful feedback and review, both positive and negative, are available online for most service centers offering printable coupons. NOTE: Some vehicles may be high enough off the ground to reach the oil filter and oil pan and may not require raising the vehicle. Use only SAE 5W-30 Synthetic Engine Oil that meets Chrysler Material Standard MS-11106 or Mercedes Benz MB 229.51 and ACEA C3 qualified engine oils.
MOPAR® API Certified SAE 5W-20 engine oil, meeting the requirements of Chrysler Material Standard MS-6395.
Synthetic Engine Oils: You may use synthetic engine oils provided the recommended oil quality requirements are met, and the recommended maintenance intervals for oil and filter changes are followed. MOPAR® API Certified SAE 5W-20 engine oil, meeting the requirements of Chrysler Material Standard MS-6395.
When you avail of oil change coupons, the service center may or may not offer you additional products and services that are not within the coverage of the coupon. The most common of which is to agree to additional services that might cost you more money than you intended to spend in the first place. Actually, these are the same questions that you need to ask yourself first before you even start printing coupons and using them.

The service center may have free WiFi while you wait, but you ought not to let fringe benefits cloud your judgment. You may base your decision whether to patronize them or not on these reports and anecdotal accounts from actual customers.
Position floor jack in place, entering from the driver's side of the vehicle and centering it on the cross beam.
Reaching in under the front of the vehicle, carefully install jackstands near the left and right sides. Carefully drive vehicle onto ramps, place vehicle in Park, secure parking brake and turn off ignition. With a clean shop rag, reach up and clean around the contact area of the oil filter mounting plate.
Some owners have reported a slight to moderate overfill reading on the dipstick when installing a full 7 quarts. If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic.
Try Baby Girl Name Generator or the Baby Boy Name Generator to find the perfect name from most popular names last year. With automotive coupons such Express Oil Change Coupons, you get a particular service using certain products and so the promotional offer that you are availing covers both products and services.
You might forget, during the course of the oil change, that you came there with the intent of saving money. And if you proceed and they prove to be satisfactory in every way, then everybody is happy. Slowly raise the jack enough to slightly lift the vehicle, then re-check that the jack is still centered front to back on the beam. I also usually "pre-oil" the filter, putting in just enough oil so that it won't spill out when being reinstalled.
I drain mine into plastic 2-gallon empty laundry detergent bottles and take them to the recycling center a couple times a year. Contaminants in used engine oil, caused by internal combustion, can be hazardous to your health.
The best and cheapest oil change in South Philly comes standard with fluids top off and free filter and is good for most models and makes. You could use some advice from people who have the know-how on issues that affect the over all smooth running of your car.

If they give you a coupon (with 50% discount in huge bold red font) for your next service, then you’d have gotten the better part of the deal and probably more than you expected from those Express Oil Change Coupons.
If on a slope it is recommended to place blocks under the rear wheels for additional safety. Remove the drain plug (counter clockwise) and let oil drain, preferably for at least 15-20 minutes. Putting in less oil than recommended is not really necessary when the filter has been changed and the oil left to drain for the proper amount of time. Do not rev engine immediately, let it run for a couple minutes and then rpm's can be raised up a bit to circulate the oil. Diesel and truck owners are asked to kindly specify make and model before booking this new location special. We still effectively remove all of your old oil and any oil pan sediments, without risking your driveway, or the environment. Think about technically-trained staff that can quickly determine what to be done to your car so that you can drive it around town without breakneck apprehension using oil change coupons. It doesn’t hurt if the service center staff received advanced training and specialization, and if they have years of experience in the automotive industry. Next, raise the jack just enough to slightly take the pressure off of the jack stands and securely lock the jack.
With a flashlight, and staying clear of engine fan and belts, check the areas around the top of the filter for any leakage. Do not wash skin with gasoline, diesel fuel, thinner, or solvents, health problems can result.
Do the necessary background check on the service center just to be sure that you are entrusting your car to capable personnel. It is normal for small amounts of USED oil to drip onto the floor in the next day or so after the change, especially if the area around filter was not thoroughly cleaned.
Note that adding a full 7 quarts (with filter change) will never overfill the engine to such an extent that any oil foaming or harm will result, even if the level is beyond the "safe" reading on the dipstick.

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