Panorama was key to making Samsonite’s ERP software selection and organizational change management initiatives successful. Organizations realize the most benefits from their ERP implementations when their implementation team possesses a combination of these three areas of expertise. To achieve operational efficiency and a high return on investment from new technology, private and public sector organizations turn to the Panorama team and rely on our proprietary PERFECT Change™ Organizational Change Management Methodology. An aerospace and defense organization determined that in order to achieve the most ERP ROI, it must address internal organizational issues prior to implementing the upgraded software.
A professional services organization identified operational savings opportunities of 29-percent of total labor costs.
A City Government realized quantifiable improvements in their change management process in less than two months after the start of the engagement. After investing in an ERP solution, your organization cannot afford to lose benefits to employee fears and low system-usage. Sign up for our newsletter to have the latest ERP thought leadership delivered to your inbox every Wednesday morning. Change is not always pleasant, but we embark on it because we will be better off in the end. Because adopting Business Analytics means everybody will be learning new skills, processes and technologies - You need a partner who understands both the dynamics of analytics and the subtleties of people and organizations. The cost of change comprises both the costs of lost performance and the overall project execution cost, from planning to retirement. The main objective of Managing Organizational Change & Transition is to ensure the alignment and adoption, by People, of new processes and methodologies generated by Operations and Technology.

Technology Partnerz consultants and specialists have extensive hands-on experience and expertise in Managing Change and Transition in the public and private sectors.
Each phase outlines major technical, human and organizational considerations and how to address them.
Have a question about organizational change management and how it can be implemented effectively? Map and document current business practices to determine which of their core business processes will be most impacted or involved in the transformation. Though often attributed to Dean and Linda Anderson (because the definition appears in the forward to their book), the most authoritative definition of change management was crafted by Daryl Conner, the author of Managing at the Speed of Change. Change management is a set of principles, techniques, and prescriptions applied to the human aspects of executing major change initiatives in organizational settings. Marshak credits the big 6 accounting firms and management consulting firms with creating the change management industry when they branded their reengineering services groups as change management services in the late 1980s.
For a one-stop solution to ERP consulting, your organization needs a team with expertise in all three components of ERP success, including organizational change management. As employees become more comfortable with new software, new processes and new roles and responsibilities, organizations come closer to achieving a high ROI. If you want to succeed in any change, your people must get it and be on board for the full ride. Using our every evolving ADAPT change methodology, our accomplished and highly adept consultants focus on reducing the cost and duration of change from the very beginning of every project. Organizational change managment has been proven to have a positive long term impact on the achievement of targeted benefits by focusing on reducing the tangible & intangible costs associated to change.

Any initiative, which requires or brings about change carries with it a risk that the change will not be accepted by the organization (for a variety of reasons) and as a result will prevent full realization of the targeted benefits. We assist our clients in effectively planning and deploying change in order to reduce the overall business cost of change as well as maximize project benefits over time. As a result, our clients effectively shift from their current business practices to the next. Linda and Dean Anderson later branded the role of the change leader to take responsibility for the people side of the change. It’s trying to make sure change is done efficiently in the sense of you don’t go over budget—another control piece. It’s done with little change management groups inside corporations, sometimes external consultants that are good at that, training in change management. It’s done with task forces that are basically given the whole goal of push this thing along, but keep it under control. It’s done with various kinds of relationships that are given names like “executive sponsors,” where the executive sponsor watches over this thing to make sure that it proceeds in an orderly way.

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