He bought it as a stock black V6 model in 2000 I think, he has never listed it for sale though. It does not matter what kind of car or bike you drive, IA is an open community for any gearhead.
We are currently undergoing many changes, so please report any issues you encounter with the site using the 'Contact Us' button below. Chris has had a long journey with this Mustang as it was his first car and started life as a V6 model. In high school it was a V6 with colored wire loom, neon underglow and nitrous hahha he blew it up and over the past 15 years of him owning it it has devolved into this.

Their advanced engine management systems are designed to squeeze every last ounce of power out of your weekend warrior or straight-up race car. There are countless articles and videos focused on teaching you how to implement a standalone EFI system, and successfully complete your project. Whether you're looking for advice on a performance build or posting your wheels for sale, you're welcome here! Out of all the magazine feature I have shot, the story of Chris?s SN95 is without a doubt the most interesting and inspiring. With a huge selection of quality products and a plethora of do-it-yourself information, DIYAutoTune is definitely your one-stop DIY EFI shop.

Similar setups might cost 3-10 times as much, and not include some of the same high end features such as progressive nitrous control, boost control, 3 step rev limiters and electronic fan control.
DIYAutoTune also carries complementing lines of wideband o2 tuning products, as well as a full line of fuel system and wiring products.

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