My mom got me to meditate and do morning & evening chants (Buddhist hymns) when I was a child—God knows how.
Zen and spiritual gifts are intended to help people live better lives and feel better about their daily existence. These days, it’s as much as I can do to stay still for two minutes, with my mind racing off everywhich-way and taking my body with it. These gifts offer relaxation, hope, insight, and comfort to people from all faiths and all walks of life. So while Kerry MacLean’s non-dogmatic, non-New Agey Peaceful Piggy Meditation is intended for children, it’s perfectly tailored to grown-ups with short attention spans, too. Zen And The Art Of MotorcyclesAnyone with a passion for travel, motorcycles, and life will love the book Zen and the Art of Motorcycles. Pirsig examines the emotional side of traveling across country on a motorcycle with the protagonist’s young son.
Perfect for short breaks in work or when examining a large problem for which a distraction is needed. PRICES VARYBuddha BoardThe Buddha Board is an art board and easel onto which one paints with water. This is a great gift for anyone examining the way in which people hold onto things instead of releasing them peacefully into the world.

The basket is packed with scented herbal bath gel, body lotion, body scrub, body butter, bath salts, an exfoliating scrub sponge, and a cotton spa towel. PRICES VARYYear Of Wishes CandlesThe Year of Wishes Candles is a set of 12 unscented candles designed to be burned one per month. Each gift includes a dozen candles, a glass tray on which to burn the candles, tweezers for retrieving the charms, and the charms in each candle. These Meditation Beads are constructed of green sandalwood and come with a pouch to protect the beads when not in use. Science proves that our thoughts affect our health and the direction of our lives, but many people struggle with controlling their thoughts. In addition to help with relaxation, it can also ease stress, help you recharge, achieve deeper sleep, relieve neck and back pain and support weight loss. These 39 inch charms are handmade from ash wood, anodized aluminum, and various stones, and offer a tranquil song for your space.
It provides tips for meditating and points out how important it is to stop and smell the roses during the hectic times in life. The gentle curve of the bowls design makes it easy for holding, drinking, and warming your hand. In addition to tea, the bowl can be used for soup, cereal, or any other food or beverage you would eat from a bowl or drink from a cup.

It is the story of Heinrich Harrer, a member of the Nazi Party who travels to Tibet and is spiritually transformed.
The set features six of the most popular essential oils including tea tree, eucalyptus, peppermint, sweet orange, lemongrass, and lavender. PRICES VARYBuddha Belly Tea KettleThe Buddha Belly Tea Kettle is a glass tea kettle ideal for brewing tea. Each mesh bag contains a miniature gourd, a Buddha, an Om coin, a Buddha coin, and a goldfish. The set includes a pagoda-style glass teapot, eight hand-tied tea balls in Strawberry Misaki, eight hand-tied tea balls Peach Momotaro, and two matching and artfully labeled tea tin. PRICES VARYZen Reflections Juniper BonsaiThe Zen Reflections Juniper Bonsai is a desktop bonsai perfect for those who love bonsai, nature, or greenery.

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