He’s not the first leader to “really screw up.” Heads of State, religious leaders and superstar CEOs in every industry have made similar bonehead moves.
This entry was posted in Leadership and tagged breach trust, build trust, effective communication, General David Petraeus, integrity, leadership, private life public life, relationship effectiveness, separate professional personal, trust. The ability to lead change and thrive in ambiguity is the differentiator of successful leaders and organizations. Many professionals notice that more often than not, their stress levels are high as they attempt to handle their professional and personal responsibilities simultaneously. The most effective way to prioritize your schedule is to ask yourself this important question for each task before you – “How important is this?” It seems like such a simple question, but it will help you gain a better understanding of what you need to do and what you want to do. One of the best ways you can maintain an active and balanced schedule is to communicate effectively.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. As much as Facebook tends to be geared towards the millions of members who use the site for personal reasons (the average user has just 130 friends), I’ve always chosen to approach my activity on Facebook from a strategic business standpoint. Actually, I have heard of a few people who swear by these giant game apps as a way to strategically network. As I wrote about here back in 2008, we can think of our lives in three categories: Personal, Professional and Private. However, one of the most effective approaches I’ve found is to grow your friends over time and segregate different sets of people into Friend Lists as I wrote about here. Or, you may choose to edit your privacy settings so your personal Profile is practically invisible, and you only communicate with a select number of close friends and family members. I see my Facebook personal Profile as a place to nurture key relationships with specific friends + reach a wider audience of acquaintances + keep up to date with close personal friends and family members. I tend to leave my privacy settings fairly wide open with just about everything viewable by everyone.
Here are a few key points about what you can and can’t do with your personal Profile and business Page.
Your privacy is fully protected as it’s impossible for users to determine who the Admin is of any fan Page. The originating Admin can add additional Admins (I recommend adding one more trusted person at minimum). Click here to get started with an official Business Page for your business; browse the directory of existing Pages here. My internet marketing consulting + relationship coaching career merged into the world of social media in 2007, and I chose to specialize in Facebook marketing in particular.
What I’ve talked about in this post here about differentiating between personal and professional is a teensy, tiny tip of the iceberg when it comes to using Facebook as a marketing tool. The online event starts October 5th and runs all the way through October 26th in a nice paced fashion of webinars. With your ticket, you get all live webinars + the replays + transcripts; Plus, an array of bonus material, an active forum and access to a very vibrant, invitation-only LinkedIn Group.
How to integrate Facebook with your website, blog and other marketing programs and much more! By the way, there is a superb half-price special on the tickets which ends at midnight (Pacific Time) on Thursday, September 16th so I’d recommend registering straight away! Meantime, do add your thoughts in the comments below about how you approach the delineation between sharing your personal life and promoting your business on Facebook. Is a fine line and often you have to wonder about what some people put on their facebook page.
Hi Mari,When I was teaching, I always instructed my students to keep the 3 P's in mind when they were making a video or other public project: Would this material be acceptable to your Parents, Your Principal, and Your Priest? Personal and professional development is vital to sustained success in business.  Succeeding in business requires ongoing personal growth in order to stay ahead of the curve and maintain excellence in your chosen niche. Every successful entrepreneur will tell you how important ongoing professional and personal development is to business growth.  All professions require ongoing training to maintain professional competence.
I understand the importance of ongoing development as a business owner myself.  To ensure that your business stays ahead of the curve you have to enhance yourself and your skills. Below are three videos by some of the most influential entrepreneurs of our time.  Each entrepreneur has attained a level of success most people dream of, but the difference between them and others is their mindset and taking massive action.
This first video is by Jim Rohn as he talks about how personal development can change your life.
This second video is by Tony Robbins and he discusses how personal and professional development can help you accomplish your goals and reach your peak performance.
The third video stars Les Brown as he discusses the power of change and how personal development can enhance your business and life.
The three videos above show how through personal and professional development you can enhance your Mogul Mindset and begin to improve your quality of life.  Personal and professional development is important to attaining success in business and life. This is one of several blog posts on personal development, self-development and self-empowerment.  For the full list of posts and other helpful strategies to help you start, build and grow a successful online business visit the Build Your Business tab. If this post was helpful refer to my Facebook fan page for additional motivational quotes and videos to help motivate you to take massive action.  I update my Facebook fan page daily so check back on a regular basis.
For questions or comments about this blog post or other posts contact me.  If you are ready to take masive action and begin making money online with an amazing online network marketing company, click here.

The key to success in online social networking is striking the right balance between personality and professionalism, but it’s more an art than a science. Anyone who’s had any business success knows that personality and close personal relationships make a difference. Personalizing social media helps to define your brand and gives people opportunities to get to know you better. There is a line, beyond which people may feel a sense of TMI – “too much information” is being shared. Keep an eye on your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ notifications and make time to reach out to people who share your content or respond. Jay is a social networking specialist focusing on branding and engagement strategies for business professionals and firms. SIGN UP and get free weekly tips and killer content ideas that you can actually share in your social networks. Military strategist and US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) chief, General David Petraeus, is one of the latest to fall. While some tend to be too hard and merciless on someone who screwed up, others tend to be too soft and minimize the injustice. As ‘leadership guru’ Ben Parker said, “with great power comes great responsibility.” Like it or not, a big part of a leader’s responsibility is building trust and commitment in others. He helps leaders and their organizations achieve effective relationships and results that matter. While most begin to believe that finding such a balance is impossible, others have successfully found simple ways to reduce the stress and lead well-balanced lives, without neglecting any pertinent tasks. Yes, this simple question can lead to a list of related questions for even the simplest task, as many of us already know one task may not be important itself but may be vital to accomplish other more important tasks.
While everything you do can always be fine-tuned or done better, it is not always important to make it so.
If not completing the task will not get your fired from your job or set you back in any way at home, it’s pretty safe to say that it is not as important as it may seem at the moment.
Start a running list of all the tasks that you feel you need to complete, short and long-term and start prioritizing.
Don’t be afraid to involve co-workers and family members into your schedule to help you get more things accomplished effectively. As much flack as he gets, I have tremendous admiration for CEO, Mark Zucerkberg, and his vision to make a profound impact on the world by helping us communicate and connect more effectively. The line between Personal and Professional has become very blurry, particularly since the prevalence of social networking sites. I stay just under the 5,000 max friends and I publish a mix of personal and professional content. During those 3+ years, I’ve never seen an educational event dedicated to Facebook for businesses. It’s been a long time coming and I wish there had been an event like this back in 2007, 2008 and 2009!! The Facebook Success Summit 2010 is the web’s largest online Facebook marketing conference! The opening keynote will be lead by one of my own personal favorites in the industry: Brian Solis, author of ENGAGE.
Entertainment, Otis Spunkmeyer, Wyndham Hotels, University of Tennessee, Brueggers, Herbalife and hundreds of smaller businesses.
You simply attend sessions, meet the experts and network with peers from the comfort of your home or office!!
I often see posts where I wonder if the person has given thought to the longterm ramifications of their content. I have been searching far and wide for someone to explain their business model when it comes to Facebook, in particular personal profile vs business pages.
When you limit yourself to only professional or business messaging in social media settings, you miss opportunities to leverage the power of the personal to make connections and engage people. All else being equal, a prospect will choose to do business with someone they know, like and trust more. Differentiate yourself by focusing on issues or topics in which you have personal knowledge or experience. While there is no universal TMI rule, each person needs to embrace their own personal brand and make it work for them.
Think of a share as if someone walked past you in a crowded room, pat you on the back and said within earshot of everyone: “Hey, that was helpful article.
You give me your email address and I give you ideas, insights and content to share in your networks.
We all have fallen down – in different ways, to varying degrees and with varying consequences and impact. Offering mercy, forgiveness and a second chance where possible doesn’t mean there are no consequences. This takes more than smarts and professional competence; it takes trustworthy and exemplary character, along with strong relationships.
To lead and live most effectively, though, we need integrity and effective relationships in our professional and personal lives.
In fact, nine out of ten times, the things we feel need to be done or tweaked, are just excuses to kill time.

By asking yourself the questions previously posed, you’ll soon see that most of the tasks you thought were so urgent, are in fact not that urgent at all. Time management is everything, if you can delegate various tasks to others to help you get the job done more effectively, you can fit more into your daily schedule.
Our online social communities have come to expect us to share nuggets of our personal lives. However, for most people, I highly recommend you adjust your own Privacy Settings using Friend Lists to select who sees what.
For any sessions you can’t make live, the replay videos are always loaded up promptly and you get unlimited access for a year. This was back in the days before Social Media was even invented, but as you point out so well here, Facebook and other sites like it have changed the game of how we present ourselves to the world. I recommend you to all my facebook friends when they have questions or problems… Facebook should be paying YOU!
Despite what the marketers will say, these products and services are far more similar than different. Your story probably has a defining experience that helped you choose your particular business or particular approach to it.
For instance, as an advisor you’ll have a good general understanding of financial matters, but you may also have a particular interest and expertise in long term care issues because you are helping to care for an aging parent. But this can get tricky, so my advice here is to stick to “motherhood and apple pie” – literally and figuratively. Having said that, your are well-served to avoid the topics of politics and religion, unless your business is directly related to either.
For instance, I was less-than-impressed with Jonah Lehrer (plagiarized, fabricated Bob Dylan quotes in Imagine) and Lance Armstrong. And just because we all screw up doesn’t mean we need to lower the performance bar and discount important values. By managing the simple tasks that are easy and commonly conflicting such as missed message from your child’s teacher, the frequently misplacing of car keys and of course, and the age old double booking a doctor’s appointment on a day that a big meeting is scheduled! For each task you need to complete, whether personal or for business, here’s a checklist you can use to get your priorities straight and your schedule more defined.
If the task does not directly benefit you or help you advance your position, throw it to the back of the list. If the task at hand does not help you advance toward one of your goals, leave it for now and work on something with higher priority. However, if it can help one of your individual family members or your family as a whole advance into a better position than it surely deserves to be on your top priority list for the day! Of course, this does not mean pushing your tasks onto others, but rather ask for minor help to get the work done quicker. Enter your name and email below to start receiving our weekly top selections in The Social Scoop newsletter, published every Friday. For example, a topic such as parenthood has almost universal appeal, so appropriately sharing your parenting observations can be a window into your heart. Everyone is entitled to private thoughts and views and in many cases it makes sense to keep them private and separate from your personal brand. Because trust is essential and had been violated, I wrote personal blog posts to share how I felt. Humility and care for the one who screwed up and for the ones impacted can help us find the balance between justice and mercy. Balancing your personal and professional life comes with the same instruction booklet as parenting – it cannot be studied but must be learnt on-hand. At the end of each week, take a glance at the tasks you completed and those that you haven’t gotten to yet. For example, after preparing a presentation for your big meeting, ask a co-worker to proofread it for you and run the copies needed for distribution. Your conclusion was spot on and thanks to you; I probably wona€™t have to describe everything to my pals. As for the apple pie, there are few things better than a fresh baked one, so share some passion for the food that you love.
And effective relationships – whether at work or at home – require honest and trusting communication. Here are some simple tricks to help you sustain a pleasant and flowing professional career that doesn’t leave you neglecting your personal life. But, this is the first time I’ve seen a social media training event dedicated to Facebook for business.
If leaders claim that breaches of trust, moral failure and broken relationships at home don’t affect their effectiveness at work (and vice versa), they are fooling themselves.
This will help you remove the excess weight from your mind, which in turn, will alleviate the unnecessary stress from your subconscious.

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