When amateurs talks to somebody about their business and that prospect says “No” they get a little bit frustrated but in hope something changes they will follow up with the new information about comp plan, rank advance or with some successful story. When you are talking to somebody about your product or opportunity realize that the first “NO” is not real. If you like this post and you think this information could help somebody please like & share. Do you want me to write a blog post about something that you have problem with or you would like to learn about? For more than 40 years, the legendary Jim Rohn honed his craft like a skilled artist, helping people all over the world sculpt life strategies that expanded their imagination of what is possible.
Why Should You Listen To Successful People?Home Blog – English English Blog Why Should You Listen To Successful People? Have you ever wondered why you should listen to successful people or you had negative thoughts about successful people?
First of all, if you are not connected to anybody that created success yet, don’t worry about it. A long time ago I used to think this way, but when I started the entrepreneurial journey and I started to build a relationship with successful people I noticed that the statements above are just crap.
People like Ray, Jessica, Tanya, Cesar, Marcin, Richard, Steven, Matt, Robert and many others give a lot of value, create courses, do webinars etc. I believe that if your intention is to just earn money and live wealthy life then you will never succeed. Many successful people were struggling, they didn’t know what to do and how to do many things but they learned.
Successful people want to help you because they know how it feels to struggle financially, they know how it feels when you don’t have results.
Who should you listen more, not successful uncle Joe or someone that earns 5x more than you? If uncle Joe brings a lot of negativity to your journey then I will suggest using your time more on communicating with successful people.
I hope you like this post and I hope it helped you understand the importance of being connected to and learning from successful people. There are a lot of people who does the network marketing business but most of them struggle. You can learn to prospect, cold calling and many other things but if your mindset isn’t right than you are going to struggle.

If you are in this profession or you are about to join a network marketing business opportunity you need to prepare for a battle of your life. Since it’s a people business and you have to build connections and communicate with other human beings you are gonna get some naughty, negative crap comments about your business. Stop wishing for the success watching pranks on youtube, stop wishing for the success of being lazy and doing the minimum of work because it’s not gonna happen. Fighting for your live and dreams is awesome but now when you build a team no matter how small, you are not longer alone. So if you want to grow your network marketing business and you want to become a person that get’s recognized you need to use this 3 network marketing business secrets on a daily basis.
All the knowledge, like prospecting on social media, building your brand, closing you can learn, but without these 3 network marketing business secrets you won’t achieve te success. The reason why is that Professional knows that “NO” means “NOT NOW”, they don’t delate them from their phone book ;). Forever” If someone tells you “NO” follow up with them another time, give them some value try to find their pain and help them. He possessed the unique ability to bring extraordinary insights to ordinary principles and events.The text of this pocket-size guide is based on transcripts of Jim Rohns most popular lectures and writings on the subject of Personal Development. Read this post to see what I discovered and why you should listen to successful people that you are connected to. While moving forward on your journey you will build relationships with many successful people so if you are just starting then use google and youtube to find successful people that you like and learn from them.
Those people really care about others and it’s heartbreaking for them to hear that someone is really struggling. Yes, they want to because this is how the business works but they are not expecting to earn money if they don’t help you. They learned by listening to those successful people who had similar struggles and they learned by their own mistakes. People struggle to build their team and grow their business because they don’t have the right mindset. The good news is that when you struggle and you are in the battle with your own beliefs and habits that the point when you start to change your mindset and shape your personality.
You will get a bunch of negativity from your friends, family and even strangers when you decide to step up and play big. Don’t allow negative people who have no clue what to do with their own life to break you, to stop you from achieving your goals.

Network Marketing Business is different from other businesses because in this profession you put a lot of efforts and work for the first several years but later you can have financial and time freedom, so you can do whatever you want, with whoever you want and you can go wherever you want. You might get great results, but it won’t be the level of success that you are looking for.
The key is to find the right people because if you learn everything from everybody than first of all at some point you will get overwhelmed and you will get tired of listening someone who has totally different personality than yours.
So if you listen and learn from successful people than you can create your success on shortcuts. Treat all the negativity as a part of your training, because it is a part of your mindset training and it will build your Leader Personality. They may have some troubles in their house, they are too busy right now, they just got fired or got new job etc. It is our hope that Jims easy conversational tone and speaking style come across in your reading of each and every page.
Realtors, by helping find the perfect warm home for somebody, CEOs by creating services and products that help people and giving people a job.
I am not saying that you should cheat or make it all happen in just a month, what I mean is that if you are planning to learn only by your mistakes and do everything alone then you have really long way to go before you achieve your goals. If you are really struggling with some negativities and you feel like you want to Men Up but you barely can handle all the crap that people throw at you go watch some videos of my friend and business partner Cesar L. His life philosophies and success principles transcend the years and are as relevant today as they were when he first expressed them.This guide provides a concise, easy-to-read account of Personal Development that can be finished in a short sitting of 15 to 20 minutes. You see many people think negative way about wealthy CEOs, but that’s because they created a company someone could get a job. You know the possibilities, you know that their life can change because they joined your team. Where should I write my credit card number?!” Well some of network marketers would say that ;) but most of you probably said “NO” or you had a lot of doubts and worries while saying “yes”. The problem is that probably most of your team members’ beliefs are not as strong as yours yet. Its perfect for giving as a gift or sharing with friends, family, associates, clients and anyone you feel would benefit from the timeless wisdom of a true legend.

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