If your New Year’s resolution is to grow spiritually, this pair of books will help you get off to a good start. You need not be a formal member of a religious institution to achieve spiritual growth and even transcendence, Moore argues.
Moore discusses their ideas and practices in detail, alongside others’ and also his own. It’s clear that all of these experiences enrich his perspective, which emphasizes the intersection of religion and psychology. However, this is no pastiche but an original and insightful exploration of what gives our lives meaning. The book is organized according to several age-old questions found at the heart of every religion: Who am I?
While Catholics will recognize many of the sacred texts and teachings from the Old and New Testaments, at least as many originate from less well-known sources, such as the Bhagavad Gita (Hindu), the Hadith (Islam), and the Heart Sutra (Buddhism).
I have found that one of the major blocks that people face towards trying to live a happy and fulfilled life is their tendency to worry. It is in fact a silent killer, very much like a slow acting poison, killing you slowly from the inside out. Spending time worrying exhausts you, it destroys your ability to think clearly and to plan your future…It develops within you a negative way of thinking.
The fact is that things will happen whether or not you are worrying or not, it is going to rain regardless of your mindset, so you might as well focus on being happy instead! We worry we ticked off our boss… we spend all night worrying about being fired… is that so bad? Now having said all of this, saying don’t worry is a heck of a lot easier then actually not worrying. Does it seem acceptable that the Kindle version has more and different text than the print version? Begin to Live theLife You Choose™.Subscribe to our newsletter, One, andreceive the firstchapter of The Powerof Oneness FREE!
Most of us would admit that we long to live in a world of peace.  Yet all we need to do to become aware of the hostility, violence, and turmoil within our physical world is to focus on the news and to give most of our attention to the people and situations within our lives that are causing the most disruption.
We can point a finger of blame wherever and to whomever we want, but it does not change the truth that each one of us has played a part in creating the condition of the world in which we live.  Perhaps it has been in seemingly minor, passive ways, such as getting caught up in the turmoil and conflict of the world by watching and listening to endless news reports of violence and acts of desecration. Even though the status of the world may seem overwhelming and out of our personal control, we each have the power to contribute to world peace. By choosing thoughts of love, we automatically unite with other like-minded souls in forming a field of energy that has the infinite power to exponentially create a world of peace. New Year’s is the time of year for reflection and for making life changing decisions that bring about improvements in your life.
So how about if we reverse the sequence and tap into the wisdom that people have shared at the end of their lives and use these insights to guide us to live our lives to the fullest in present time? Bronnie Ware is an Australian nurse who spent several years working in palliative care, caring for patients in the last 12 weeks of their lives. When you forgive yourself, you can forgive everyone else, and nothing creates more peace than forgiveness.
In last week’s blog, we discussed how we all experience different versions of pain in our lives and that it is extremely essential for your well being that you allow yourself to express your feelings. While this is true, it also realistic to say that our daily routines are typically so demanding that we find ourselves in many situations and places where we need to suppress our hurtful feelings. Where do all these repressed emotions go?  I believe we store them in a mental file which I call, “feelings to be dealt with at another time.”  Of course, unless we create the time to get these feelings out of our minds the energy of our negative feelings accumulates and eventually manifests as mental and physical disorders. Identify your feelings  –  Many times we are unaware of what emotions we are holding in. Interpret the connection – Is this a familiar feeling that is based on a present time situation, or do you sense that it is linked to a previous event?   Perhaps you are having a major response to a minor situation because you are associating it with an event in the past that caused great trauma.   For example, if you are breaking up a friendship, is this the same feeling of abandonment you had when your parents got divorced?
Express your feelings verbally – It may help you to journalize your feelings, talk to a compassionate friend, or seek the services of of a spiritual healer or professional counselor.
These are just a few ideas for honoring yourself by giving yourself permission to express your true feelings. I welcome your input on how you have effectively managed some of the many challenging experiences that have come into your life.
We all experience different versions of pain in our lives.  Whether it is the pain that comes from a broken relationship with a friend or family member, the ex for whom we still long, the death of a loved one, or the physical pain of trauma, illness, and disease, negative feelings are a natural part of life. Simply stated, when we avoid expressing our feelings, we are not honoring our Whole Self – body, mind, and soul.  Our bodies physically register the ease and dis-ease within our lives in a very apparent way. Welcome to Part 7, the last of a 7 part series in which you are invited to become aware of the Basic Beliefs Underlying Your Perceptions of Life!  Even more importantly, you are offered the opportunity to transform your self-limiting beliefs of separation and fear into self-empowering beliefs of oneness and unconditional love. Our basic beliefs are the fundamental concepts we have formed about ourselves and the world around us, based on the mental input we have received throughout our lives. Many of our basic beliefs generate self-limiting thoughts because they are framed within our childhood perspectives, rooted in societal training, and do not reflect our whole self.
This week I invite you to become aware of your beliefs about your TRUST IN THE UNIVERSE.  Trusting in the universe is extremely essential in our spiritual evolution because it is our faith in the unknown that bridges our physical, third dimensional world of separation and the spiritual world of oneness.
If we are looking for our outer, material world to provide us with security and validation, we are most likely feeling disoriented, skeptical, and downright frightened about the radical changes we are feeling and seeing everywhere. It is best to trust your immediate, spontaneous responses to these questions.  When we analyze ourselves and deliberate over the answers, we run the risk of falling into the trap of self-judgment rather than pure awareness. Remember, this evaluation is not an exercise in self-criticism, nor does it involve judgment of others.  It is merely a tool to shed the light of self-awareness on the foundation of beliefs upon which we base our view points of life. Do I believe that I am supported by a higher spiritual reality that transcends the realm of our physical world?
Affirmation of Oneness:  As I trust and let go, I open myself to receiving love and universal guidance through my intuition.
Affirmation of Oneness:  I am open to experiencing a connection with a higher spiritual reality. Affirmation of Oneness:  I open myself to the benevolent abundance and support of the universe.

Feeling of Separation:  How can I believe in something I cannot perceive with my five senses? Trusting in the universe means we choose to remember that, on a soul level, we are all connected with each other, and all that is, through a higher spiritual life force that is governing the universe through the energy of universal love.
As we TRUST THE UNIVERSE to provide us with this spiritual guidance, we discover that our authentic “security” is and always has been our direct soul connection with the love of Spirit.  Through this remembrance, we become empowered to work together to move beyond our present physical world of separation as we harmoniously work together to create a new reality of love, peace, health, joy, and abundance for everyone.
I pray that you have enjoyed expanding your belief systems as much as I have enjoyed sharing the healing process with you. Remember, no matter how confusing and murky this transformation process may feel, the loving guidance of the Universe is unconditionally available to us every moment of every day.  Our path to Oneness is already there for us – we need only open our hearts and minds to seeing it. Welcome to Part 6 of a 7 part series in which you are invited to become aware of the Basic Beliefs Underlying Your Perceptions of Life!  Even more importantly, you are offered the opportunity to transform your self-limiting beliefs of separation and fear into self-empowering beliefs of oneness and unconditional love.
One sure way to limit our potential is to resist the flow of change in our lives.  This is a very self-deluding perception because the process of change is the essence of life – we can proactively participate in it or we can just let it happen to us. Affirmation of Oneness:  I am safe as I flow with the creative, loving energy of the universe.
Affirmation of Oneness:  I know that every choice I make contributes to my growth and wholeness. Affirmation of Oneness:  I am aware of my inner power to choose perceptions that are aligned with universal love.
Affirmations help us to develop the habit of consistent, positive self-dialogue.  By making a commitment to the ongoing practice of repeating affirmations of self-love, you have the power to transform your self-deprecating beliefs about yourself into self-respecting perceptions that reflect the truth of your Oneness with Spirit and universal love. When we open our hearts and minds to accepting the inevitability of constant change, we are able to move into the infinite potential that only exists in the spiritual reality of present time.  When we are open to change, we are working in harmony with the laws of nature, and our lives begin to experience a synchronous flow of life’s blessings moving in and out of our lives.  A new life is awaiting you – are you ready to receive it? I welcome any questions or insights you would like to share regarding your self-discovery process as you become conscious of your beliefs about your willingness to be open to change.
Welcome to Part 5 of a 7 part series in which you are invited to become aware of the Basic Beliefs Underlying Your Perceptions of Life!  Even more importantly, you are offered the opportunity to transform your self-limiting beliefs of separation and fear into self-empowering beliefs of oneness and unconditional love.
This week I invite you to become aware of your beliefs about your COMMITMENT TO BE YOUR TRUE SELF. When we shift our perceptions to focus on our strengths, gifts, talents, and passions, we are focusing on our light within. Am I committed to sharing the gift of who I am with the world by expressing my true self and my unique talents? Affirmation of Oneness:  I am an open channel for receiving and expressing my divine creative energy.
The single most effective way to realize your goals, transform distracting stressors, break old patterns, and embody your best self is to listen daily to my CD and audio programs.
I’ve created powerful, practical, life-changing CDs and audio programs to support you to create your best life and reach your potential, to experience inner peace anywhere, and to enjoy the ecstasy of spiritual awakening.  Whether you’re a connoisseur of personal growth and development, or new to the path, I promise to help you expand beyond limits.
For a tiny fraction of the investment of one-on-one coaching, I’ll coach you in the privacy and convenience of your home or car, sharing the insights, strategies and wisdom that have already helped thousands of clients.  You can listen anytime you like, and again and again.
My mission is help people enjoy inner peace as their predominant state of being as they’re living into their highest potential.  Peace of mind is worth every penny and more. Why is it that some people create so much success in their lives and still don’t have peace-of-mind, while others know how to find inner peace yet struggle to realize their goals and dreams? You receive 30+ hours of rich, thought-provoking information you can listen to at your own pace.
Inner Peace is always just seconds away… all you need to do is know where to find it. Experience “radical awakening” (maybe for the very first time) so you always know how to find, access and deepen your reservoir of inner peace when you need it most. Here’s what you can expect to realize with this extraordinary personal and spiritual development coaching program. 2 CD’s from my popular Essential Foundations for Inner Peace package (Secrets to Everyday Inner Peace and Inner Peace for Conscious Achievers) (Reg.
How amazing would it be to realize all of your heartfelt goals AND enjoy a steady stream of inner peace and calm throughout the year? Now the most comprehensive personal growth and development book is available in ebook format. Eavesdrop in on a power-packed call where I answer audience’s biggest questions about experiencing greater everday inner peace.
The Gra-Minders™ also come as a Notecard set complete with all 12 Gra-Minder™ Images, blank inside for personal notes and an array of colorful envelops. Mary Allen is one of the rare teachers around today who has the honesty, the authenticity, the articulation and the humor to help you shift out of your mind and into the unlimited possibilities of living in the present moment. He points to Henry David Thoreau, Simone Weil, Georgia O’Keeffe and many other seekers who fashioned their own heartfelt spirituality outside of organized religion. Strongly influenced by his Catholic upbringing, Moore spent a dozen years living as a contemplative monk before marriage and parenthood. Accordingly, he encourages readers to take note of their dreams and intuitions as they strive to create a personal spirituality and live more purposefully. Shapiro adroitly navigates the collected wisdom of these various religious traditions to present an integrated whole that emphasizes their common vision.
Here he presents a basic guide to this method of focusing intently on a text to incorporate its guidance into one’s daily life.
It lends itself to being read in small bits like a daily meditation, but it can also be consumed more wholly. Catherine of Genoa and the other, annotations of primary sources such as the Katha Upanishad and the Talmud. Worry about their health, worry about their finances, worry about their job, worry about their kids. There is no question worrying is an illness and one that can me may times worse than a physical illness and in fact is the route cause of physical illnesses for many people.
The truth is that if we truly want to experience peace, we need to stop looking for it to appear in our exterior world and begin to create it within our own personal lives. Therefore, what we are seeing in the non-peaceful aspects of our world is an indication that a large portion of our human society is predominantly focused on judgment, violence, greed, and crime.

Or, it could be as intensively aggressive as being a perpetrator in a massive heinous crime.  Judging who is “most wrong” renders us powerless and only creates more separation and discord between us and within our lives. Be mindful of what you feed your mind – stop watching violent entertainment shows and videos and modify the amount of time you spend following the news. Let this New Year be the one that will see you being at the forefront of introducing new ideas and new concepts to make the world a better and safer place. I wish I had the courage to express my feelings. Many had repressed their own feelings to keep the peace, either with a spouse or family members.
They were caught up in their own lives and let important friendships slip and realized too late how deeply they regretted this.
I wish I had let myself be happier. She said this was surprisingly common and that many did not realize that happiness is a choice they could have made all along. Say, “I love you” to as many people as you can – Expressing your love is the greatest gift you can ever give to yourself and to everyone you meet. It is socially acceptable to laugh and smile in public, but what about all the “negative” emotions we have, like: anger, sadness, depression, and anxiety?
Are you feeling this emotion in your heart?  Is your throat tight?  Is your head pounding?  Then inhale a deep breath of energy into your heart and exhale it out into the areas where you are feeling the pain. They are the underlying thought forms deep within our psyche that support all our views of life.  Our basic beliefs have a profound impact on the quality of our lives because they are the core of our personal values governing absolutely every perception we choose. While we may believe that the universe is taking things away from us, in truth, the universe is helping us to heal by removing the things in our lives that we have artificially depended on for our security.  As a result, we are compelled to look within our hearts and to trust in something greater than our material world to find our source of inspiration and regeneration.
We each have access to the infinite potential and universal wisdom that is inherent within this field of creation. I encourage you to continue to consistently practice transforming your feelings of fear into affirmations of love. They are the underlying thought forms deep within our psyche that support all our views of life.  Our basic beliefs have profound impact on the quality of our lives because they are the core of our personal values governing absolutely every perception we choose. Change tends to be something we want everyone else to do.  In truth, the only person we have the power to change is ourselves. After 16 years of working with thousands of clients, I know this beyond a shadow of a doubt. This premiere personal growth and development audio coaching program will change your life forever. You know your connection with yourself affects everything in life… your happiness, relationships, finances, health and inner peace. This gorgeous 365 page book is the perfect guide to coaching yourself to greater success and inner peace with powerful exercises, inspiring examples and practical tips you won’t find anywhere else. This ebook is the perfect guide to coaching yourself to greater success and inner peace with powerful exercises, inspiring examples and practical tips you won’t find anywhere else. A quick glance or a soulful meditation on these thoughtful images, supports you visually and emotionally. He offers practical suggestions of how readers can use this wisdom in their everyday lives. These last 25 pages, prepared by the author’s son Aaron Shapiro, testify to the breadth and depth of scholarship that inform this book. When our minds are focused on what could go wrong instead of what could go right, it is near impossible to live a happy lifestyle. The dangerous thing with worry is that it not only affects our minds, but it affects our bodies also.. It is very possible for you to achieve a worry free life, but you will have to make the conscious decision that you are going to change how you are presently. There is a difference between being informed and immersing yourself in the fear consciousness of the world.  Instead, spend more time reading, watching, and listening to information that inspires you and nourishes your soul. They regretted missing their children growing up and the companionship of their spouse or partner. She observed that love and relationships were ultimately the only thing that mattered to all of her patients in the end.
Because of their fear of change, they pretended to themselves and others that they were content. If neither of the above is possible, we can choose to accept things as they are.  Anything else is a choice to stay stuck! In essence, our egos are being dissolved to open the pathway to the realization of who we truly are on a soul level. She found that they went to their death realizing that this was a choice they had made, and they deeply regretted having never really lived their dreams, or even part of them. She primarily worked with elderly men because this generation didn’t have as many women who were breadwinners.
She said many had developed illnesses related to carrying the resentment and bitterness for so many years. Deep inside they longed to really belly laugh and be silly and not care what others thought. Take your time – there is no rush.  What you are doing is unblocking the energy by creating movement through your breath. Put positive material into your mind and there will be no room for the negative stuff that causes us to worry. All of the men deeply regretted spending so much time “on the treadmill” of work and giving in to the drive to get ahead.
If you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of greater inner peace, take advantage of my most popular and best-selling inner peace resources in ONE complete package. The funny thing is you spent all this time worrying about this and you go to work the next day, your boss calls you in and apologizes… she mad the mistake not you!

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