Chapter 1 – So Goes the Leader, So Goes the Organization: What type of leader are you? Chapter 9 – Turning a Blind Eye to the Perennial Underperformer Does More Damage than You Realize: Why are your sales results underperforming? Finally in the last chapter of Sales Management Simplified, Weinberg talks about what I continue to identify as two of the four letter dirty words in sales and business:  Plan and Goal. Check out the Results Tool Goal Worksheet that not only provides the opportunity to identify obstacles, but also brings something missing in the majority  goal worksheets.
If you are looking to increase sales, then invest the time to read Sales Management Simplified. Earn more money; be more successful in career or business or buy something expensive, all did not make the top 10 list.
For myself and my clients, I developed the 8 Spoke Life Wheel to determine where to set personal goals and how to achieve personal balance. Just as I have written so many times before, people place more faith in the everyday common written grocery list than they do for the rest of their lives.
Even the best written personal growth action plan must be supported by a proven goal achievement process including a goal setting worksheet. Yes 2015 can be your year provided you are willing to be one of the few to achieve success and not one of the many who does not make it across the finish line. Of course before you have constructed these action plans you have invested the time to do your marketing research along with a competitive analysis of your business, haven’t you?  This is not the time to short change that critical thinking process. Today a second marketing action plan is required that also works with the marketing goal worksheet.
With either of these  simple one page marketing action plans, the marketing goal worksheet works to ensure the successful execution of the marketing goals.  And as noted in part 1, the marketing goal worksheet is no different than any other goal worksheet. Your marketing action plans and consequently marketing goals will change and should change because the marketing changes. If you do not have a social media marketing action plan, the one page social media action plan may help you get started. How many people from small business owners, salespeople to individuals have written goals and yet are still unable to consistently achieve the desired results?
What I have observed even for those people who use SMART or  WAY SMART goals is the failure to emotionalize the goal. Through reflection we would invest some time to identify all the pluses, rewards, good things that would happen upon achieving the goal.  Then we also emotionalize the goal from a negative perspective as to the minuses, the consequences, the bad things that may happen if the goal is not achieved.

Research suggests people are more apt to work to avoid failure in their quest for success than to focus on the success.
So before you start writing down all those action steps for your written goals, invest some time to emotionalize your goals. About seven years ago, I made a commitment to attend church regularly.  To execute this commitment, I actually used one of my goal worksheets to determine why I was not attending church on a regular basis. The results from this commitment have been equal to if not exceeded the commitment.  I have served on the Church Council for three years. Then there are clients who have made a commitment to improve their small businesses and their own lives.
Maybe the inability to stay committed is why so many people seek the quick fix?  These individuals are seeking the magic pill to secure the results.
By now, the majority of new resolutions for 2011 have been discarded along side of the road much like road kill.  The remains of these failed resolutions or goals sometimes have a  second to third to fourth life when they are magically reconstituted on January 1 of the forthcoming year. A post by Marshall Goldsmith on Not Achieving Your Goals 5 Common Mistakes offers some great advice.
Even though the individual wants goal achievement, the initial want is not enough to make it so.  This is why it is important to invest some time into not only crafting a WAY SMART goal, but identifying all the pluses, rewards or gains for achieving the goal as well as all the minuses, consequences or pains for not achieving it. By incorporating proven tools along with the emotional, think and execute process, you will secure consistent goal achievement and therefore more goal success. Top 100 Most Innovative Sales Bloggers Honored this blog is included in this impressive list. Additionally, he encouraged people to ask identify obstacles that are in the way of goal to increase sales. This is a critical investment for the success of your SMB and your ability to manage your sales team to increase sales. She supports forward thinking leaders in bridging the gaps between the two problems restricting strategic business growth – people and processes. And once again only a few will cross the finish line if we believe the 2014 study by the Journal of Clinical Psychology from the University of Scranton. What this appears to suggest is the annual self improvement race is really about personal self improvement and specifically finding balance in our personal lives, imagine that. By the way, did you know Buddha was the first person to write about the Wheel of Life and using that wheel concept for personal growth and balance? The process works with the goal setting worksheet (actually the goal worksheet is both a process and a tool).

The Attribute Index is a great talent assessment tool to discover more about yourself from your preferred decision making style to 78 key talents.  Possibly part of the reason you have not crossed the finish you is because you have more confidence in what you don’t do well than what you do well?
However the thinking that started the entire planning process and ongoing thinking will never change. This often overlooked step is so essential to consistent goal achievement even those with written goals.
Visualize yourself achieving the goal or goals as well as not achieving it.  And make sure you write all those emotional pluses and minuses down within your goal worksheet. The Results Tool™ includes an area for emotionalizing the goal as well as some other unique features not found in many goal worksheets. Once I worked through this process and recognized the issue was my attitude about sleeping in and being tired, I have regularly attended my church except for times of illness or being out of town. Just imagine if they would put all that energy into being committed what type of results they could achieve?
However, the failure to emotionalize the goal is probably the #1 mistake I have observed within my own life not to mention my business consulting and sales training coaching practice. All sensory input is first received by the primitive brain and then directed to the neo-cortex.  So by emotionalizing the desire to achieve the goal as well what would happen if the goal is not achieved is really quite logical. Again put your thinking cap on and determine the best solution to overcome that particular obstacle.
Again in his first chapter is something I have discovered during the last 18 years in working with mid-size to small business owners.  The inability to increase sales is usually because of poor leadership at the top.
Goal Setting Tip: Through the efforts of myself and a colleague, Laura Novokowski, we have created The Results Tool™. I have developed far greater personal relationships with several other members that I did not have before.  And best yet, my spiritual strength is far stronger.
Some of these results include having more time for family members; having more personal time and one of my favorite results is just having a lot more fun peppered with many more smiles. Finally write down step by step the actions required to execute the solution.  The more precise you can make those goal setting action steps the greater likelihood for goal achievement and goal success.
Yet, well over 90% of the population does not have a written personal action plan and ends up without achieving what they want, whatever that is.

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