Even if you have never meditated before, the brain wave frequencies in the MP3 downloads section will naturally and easily guide you into a deeply relaxed, meditative state for healing.
Every thought we think is a bio chemical and electro magnetic event that causes neurons to fire.
The speed at which these neurons fire creates a frequency that can be seen on an EEG machine as waves. The state of consciousness that you are experiencing right now is a result of your brain wave activity!
Healthy individuals are able to shift effortlessly between states of consciousness and experience a wide range of brain wave states. The chart below gives you a graphic representation of brain waves and their corresponding states of consciousness.
Humankind has been using sound to change our state or consciousness since the dawn of time. When we listen to any repetitive, rhythmic sound such as chanting or drumming our brain waves automatically become synchronized with the sounds we are hearing.

Brain wave therapy uses the natural process of entrainment to help you reach states of consciousness formerly only available to long time meditators.
You can create the optimum state of consciousness needed to reach any goal by using brain wave therapy! Richard Davidson, a neuroscience professor at the University of Madison, Wisconsin, studied monks visualizing world peace.
Gamma brainwaves help us enjoy the sensory richness of our world and organize our sensory perceptions into a unified experience. Gamma brain waves may help us visualize more powerfully, improve memory and enhance the mental processing of our sensory experience. Our brains constantly produce five brain wave frequencies: Gamma, Beta, Alpha,Theta and Delta. The Audio Programs in the Mp3s downloads section have frequencies embedded in the music which will entrain your brain waves into states of consciousness for healing, relaxation, learning, peak performance and spiritual development. This brain wave pattern is also positively related to peak performance, intelligence, and memory.

As the monks began to mediate their brain wave patterns slowed to the Alpha and Theta frequencies. These brain waves help us organize our our sensory input into a meaningful interpretation of our external reality that adds richess and depth to our experience. Gamma brain wave activity unites this sensory input into the wholistic experience of the movie. The way we organize our experience then determines what actions we take and what choices we make. In general, Gamma waves are more emphasized in the brains of long time meditators and are sign of hemispheric balance and coherence.

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