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Now I know that may seem to go somewhat against the grain, but have you ever seen someone who is ‘trying’ to think positively.
What you are actually struggling to get to when you try positive thinking, is actually the state of knowing that the best possible thing will happen. If you wish to acquire the real state you seek behind the state which you currently think is positive thinking, then it is simple.
It really is this simple, however, sometimes the simple stuff gets messed up and we lose track of nature… we invented positive and negative thought… have you ever seen a Leopard trying to think positively?
I go through in much more depth this ridiculous destructive thought process in Creating A bug Free Mind. They feel the downside, but of course they cannot accept it as it would not be to think positively, so the guys who actually manage this monumental task of keeping clear positive thought for a while end up imprisoning themselves in a state of mind which is entirely un-natural and very destructive. When people say to me, you’re so positive, I usually don’t bother explaining any of this to them as they probably wouldn’t shut up long enough to listen to the solution they seek.
I am not a positive person, and I am not a negative person, I am a purpose driven person who looks to people caught in the trap like he is a positive thinker. WordsOnImages is where users Discover & Share Inspiring Pictures & Famous quotes about Life, Love, Friendship, Success, Happiness and various other topics. Positive thinking is at once the most widely embraced and the most frequently reviled philosophy in America. Most of our modern ideas of positive thinking come from an American spiritual movement called New Thought, which promulgated the principle that thoughts are causative. Positive thinking, sometimes called the mind-power movement, forms the foundational idea behind business motivation, mind-body medicine, placebo studies, and almost all varieties of self-help.
For all the interest centered on positive thinking, the philosophy attracts equally intense criticism. The journalist Hill minted the basics of get-rich metaphysics - with some assistance from his hero, industrialist Andrew Carnegie, whose insights provided Hill with his earliest inspiration. This concise manifesto combines the New Thought movement's money-seeking aims with its (long-forgotten) social ideals.
The cosmetic surgeon Maltz devised a ground-breaking secular re-sounding of New Thought principles.

The philosopher James is often credited with legitimizing questions of mental healing and causative qualities of the mind in his classic The Varieties of Religious Experience (1902); but this much shorter work, which he delivered as an address before the Philosophical Union at Berkeley, asserts the need for a practical spirituality and philosophy of living - the effects of which can be measured in human conduct (which James saw as the one true worth of an idea). This short, brilliant meditation by the English moralist and early animal-rights activist gave the mind-power movement its key (and somewhat out-of-context) Scriptural maxim in its title. This is not a positive-thinking book in any conventional sense, but none of the literature mentioned here would have been possible, or at least would read the same way, without the Christian Science founder's influence. Conceived chiefly by AA cofounder Bill Wilson, this book distilled the ideas of William James, and other mind-power metaphysical currents, into a practical and largely self-directed form of healing spirituality. In this unprecedented recording, Dr Peale offers the essence of his profound method of achieving happiness and success.
So the power of positive thinking is actually a bit misleading… It is not thinking positively or negatively, it is just getting on with what has to be done and accepting what has already happened.
Then let nature be your guide, watch how the leaves of a tree blows about in the wind, they go with the flow.
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As I explore in my forthcoming book, One Simple Idea: How Positive Thinking Reshaped Modern Life, the gospel of positivity grew out of mystical and occult subcultures in America starting in the mid-nineteenth century and went on to become closest thing America has to a national creed. Critics see positive thinking as a cotton-candy theology that posits unrealistic responses to life, and that distracts men and women from the real social factors impacting our civic and private lives. It ranges from the superficial to works of real substance - and it represents probably the one category of books that goes unread by its critics. While not exhaustive (probably no such list could be) it provides a full-circle tour of the positive-thinking outlook. Peale's innovation was to recast positive-thinking philosophy - which was once rooted in mystical subcultures and magical-sounding terminology - into language that proved acceptable to most church-going Americans. The book provides a blueprint for how to accomplish things inside of workplaces and other large organizations.
His bestseller reframed positive thinking as a process of psychological reconditioning rather than the summoning of metaphysical agencies. James's impact was equal to Emerson's in summoning modern thinkers to a pragmatic approach to religion. You can try selecting from a similar category, click on the author's name, or use the search box above to find your eBook.

Following this tried and tested audio programme will give you the tools for re-channelling thoughts and energies into a powerful, positive current – one that will raise you to heights you never dreamed possible. Now some people would well that’s the power of positive thinking, but I would disagree. The law of least effort is all about just accepting the way things are and allowing them to be. The problem is that the people out there who have taught the benefits of positive thinking, don’t actually know themselves the downside of it. Filled with enduring and surprisingly potent ideas, Peale's book turbo-boosted the fields of self-help, religious counseling, and therapeutic spirituality, as well as today's prosperity gospel.
The author's basic counsel is: agreeable people win, and his tactic is to avoid offending other people's sense of vanity.
This mind-power classic formed a key influence on the book and movie The Secret, which neglected to mention the author's social and civic radicalism. In so doing, Maltz helped lay the foundation for the field of business motivation, cognitive reconditioning, and the work of figures such as life coach Anthony Robbins. His impact was not as significant on the development of New Thought as acolytes liked to claim (for one thing his work was not referenced by New Thought figures until the 1880s); but the Yankee mystic did set the tone for the self-directed spiritual search in the Western world and his influence has never been surpassed. Allen eschewed sensationalism and universalized the philosophy of mental manifestation as one available to all people, regardless of religious backgrounds or beliefs. Her highly original metaphysics (which critics too simplistically accuse her of lifting from the influential mental healer Phineas Quimby) touched nearly every thinker in the mind-power world for fifty years. Part of the book's genius is that any term -- anger, gambling, addiction -- can substituted for alcohol. Be flexible, and just allow stuff to be as it is… this will help you if you allow it to and in fact you de-facto sate will actually be one of natural positivity… just by allowing it to be so.
Next to Peale's work, Think and Grow Rich is the most influential and enduring book of its kind. Carnegie picked apart the human foibles that create person-to-person friction and keep projects from getting completed.

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