This powerful Guided Meditation activates your inner receiver to respond to transmissions of wealth and abundance, encoded in unconditional Love energy from the Universe. Listen and enjoy as you align your intentions and desires with the Universal flow of  Love and Abundance, to move into a more heart-led existence of abundance in your life!
For first timers - would you like to have a Introduction To Raja Yoga Meditation class before joining our Sunday nights meditations? We are a group of unique individuals from all walks of life who have come together to find deeper meanings to life's important questions, and to help create peaceful, welcoming environments to mediate in. We have two Meditation & Learning Centers where most of our events will be taking place at!

Join the 90,000+ San Franciscans and get our picks for the best Bay Area free & cheap events and deals each week. Feel the Joy in Your Heart, Make it Your Day and Bless Many by Offering them the Experience of It! This music is so soothing & healing and its ability to help me open my heart has been and continues to be PROFOUND. When I finally reach the timeless "Hall of Records," I know it is your music that I will hear. Whenever I listen to your music it takes me to a place of quiet retreat where none of the world cares can reach me.

The "Music of The Soul" felt like a true and wonderful confirmation of the Love and Connection we feel for one another.
Come offer your peace contribution by joining World Peace Meditation at Golden Gate Park Bandshell (between California Academy of Sciences and the de Young Museum).

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