We are challenged to take care in our speech, our actions, and our daily lives to do no harm to others and to cultivate wholesomeness in ourselves. BUDDHISM ORIGIN MAPThey believe buddhatnet china and for buddhism stupas, chaityas etc mughal.
For example, if we find ourselves getting angry, we take steps to let go of our anger before we harm anyone.We are challenged to practice mindfulness at all times. It's Only A Week Away!)Freddie Gray White Sox Joke on Twitter Inspires Anger, DisgustWhen Should You Make Your Spouse Get Life Insurance?

For example, a person practicing Japanese Jodo Shu (Pure Land) Buddhism recites the Nembutsu every day. Zen and Theravada Buddhists practice bhavana (meditation) every day.Many lay Buddhists maintain a home altar.
By remaining mindful we remain clear to present reality, not getting lost in a tangle of worries, daydreams and passions.Buddhists strive to practice Buddhism at every moment.
Exactly what goes on the altar varies from sect to sect, but most include an image of the Buddha, candles, flowers, incense, and a small bowl for a water offering.

The eight elements of the path are organized into three sections -- wisdom, ethical conduct and mental discipline.
A meditation practice would be part of mental discipline.Ethical conduct is very much part of daily practice.

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