Fundamentally combined together as Pranayama breathing and physical Yoga, this ancient time-tested millenniums-old science, once discovered in the spiritual heartland of the world-India, is today empowering millions of people to rediscover the fullness of health-physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. This perfection is evident in workplaces, in personal life, in expressions of social exchange and in spiritual progress too! Thus yoga pranayama comprises the much acclaimed art of yoga breathing, which was once a way for life for ancient Indians, and furthered new vistas of creativity in arts, architecture, science and spirituality amongst all cultures that adopted the techniques disclosed in pranayama yoga. The most revolutionary asset we have within us is our breath, because it is the most vital thing that enables us to live and function effectively. The fundamental mechanics of breathing in Pranayama yoga follow the cyclic iteration of four cascading stages, viz. Pranayama benefits can be derived by practicing suryaved pranayama regularly as a bridge between our mind and body. This website is the only place where you can get personalized expert consultation and guidance online with unlimited phone support at surprisingly low prices. What makes them different in their attitude is their intelligence in adopting the best tools for the healthiest way of life which imparts the unshakeable dynamism and coolness to them in everything that they do. Pranayama Yoga combines the science of yoga to unite the body and mind into a harmonious interplay of perfection, with Pranayama to modulate the breath. Pranayama means regulating the subtle life force energy into the physical body thereby effecting highly desirable and beneficial impacts on the physical body, the subtle body, and thus eliminating blockages in the muscles and nerves. When practiced regularly with sincerity, pranayama yoga becomes a joyful session that simply elevates the consciousness beyond the limitations of senses, and towards an enduring spiritual orgasm.

By concentrating on the breath the mind becomes calm and balanced. The lifespan of our body increases as the rate of breathing reduces. We will be happy to make Yoga therapy work for you with 1 to 1 access to seasoned Yoga Therapists at our online therapy center. Ayurvedic test,custom made regional diet plan, along with effective Ayurvedic home remedies. If you have multiple medical conditions please be cautioned that some exercises may not be suitable at all. This improves the capacity of the lungs, channels maximum oxygen to the blood and the brain, keeps all internal organs in optimum activity and above all, heightens awareness and sharpens memory and retention prowess.
Pranayama Yoga asanas build firmness in body, equanimity in intellect and benefaction of soul.
Prolonging the pauses and maintaining longer exhalation increases stamina, absorbs more prana in the body, and activates the seven chakras that are instrumental to spiritual evolution. For example, the giant tortoise, which takes three breaths a minute, can live about 180 years, whereas a dog, which takes twenty four breaths a minute, has a life span of about ten to fourteen years. Yoga constitutes asanas or poses which are practiced with joyful awareness on the breath with pranayamas. This is realized by the exertion of body that translates into cognitive excellence in the quality of thoughts and actions.
This stance of breathing is followed across all asanas of Pranayama yoga including the Sun Salutation Yoga, the animal postures, alternate nostril breathing and so on.

A regular practice of various pranayama benefits us to control our mind and slows the breath so that the higher life-force can manifest. Members also get Health Tips based on other Natural Therapies like Traditional Medicine, Physiotherapy, Ayurveda, Food Medicine and our Online Diet Planning Software. The body sinks into an effortless rhythm with the mind in contrast to previous experiences of stresses and an ongoing battle between bodily inertia and mental intentions. A must for just about anyone in today’s fast-paced demanding lifestyles, the earlier one starts the practice of pranayama yoga, the more pronounced and long-term the health benefits materialize. During the practice of suryaved pranayama, the mind concentrates on inhalation, exhalation. With the renewed rhythm, one experiences exhilarating energy throughout the body, the mind experiences undivided pure joy in simple things in life, thus attracting more abundance into life. Pranayama yoga dilutes the conflicting dualities between the body, mind and soul, and thus unites the practitioner with an equanimity that is untouched by joy or sorrow, heat or cold, pain or pleasure. This implies a revolutionary shift in the quality of life, because it ushers excellence in action and freedom of consciousness.

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