WordPress 4.1 has been released at the end of 2014, and along with the new version, a very useful feature was also introduced. In order to use a localized WordPress theme in a different language, you have to change the language of your WordPress site to the same language in which you plan to translate the theme. There are different tools that you can use to translate a theme, but our favorite is Loco Translate plugin, which is very easy to use. After adding a new language in your theme, you’ll be redirected to a page which will display a list of the text that can be translated. Once you’ve finished to translate the text, click the Save button and here the entire process ends.
Just because the translation files are stored in your theme folder, this means that there is a high probability that these will be deleted if the theme will be updated in the future. If you update your theme to a new version which has an updated language file or other files modified, you’ll need to rescan your theme using the Loco Translate plugin and then translate the new strings. Most probably those strings are not localized in your theme or you have to sync the .pot file with the theme in case the theme was modified. In The Master Key book, Qigong Master Robert Peng shares an intriguing account of his apprenticeship with his Master, Xiao Yao, and the process he underwent to awaken his own extraordinary spiritual gifts.
In the second part of the book, Robert offers us a systematic, step-by-step approach that anyone can follow and unveils the essential practices of the Qigong system he teaches to boost our capacity for wisdom, love, and vitality, and bring about more peace and happiness into your life.
In the last part of the book, Robert reveals how we can use the spiritual energies awakened through Qigong practice to protect ourselves from negative tendencies, enhance intimate relationships, and help us realize a meaningful destiny as creative beings living in a loving Universe.
In The Master Key Video Series, the companion DVDs to The Master Key book, the renowned Qigong Master Robert Peng presents four DVDs of instruction in powerful Chinese energy cultivation practices to enhance our health, sustain happiness, and bring us into effortless alignment with the flow of life.

The Qigong practices on these DVDs have been enhanced with computer animations to bring practicioners a comprehensive progression of Qigong's most valuable teachings. The Master Key Audio Series has been created to support the practices taught in Master Peng's book and DVDs.
This 45-minute Qigong practice gently activates the three Dantians, opens and clears energy channels (meridians) to give you access to a greater reservoir of the vital energy (Qi) we need to live a healthy and happy life.
The first stage of this meditation is a visualization practice that directs the flow of subtle energy to clense and purify our bodies.
It’s the Site Language option that allows you to change the language of your WordPress site directly from the General Settings page. You can start the process by highlighting each line, one by one, and enter the translation in the box in the bottom of the page.
Find your theme in Loco Translate plugin, select the needed language and click the Sync button to have the plugin update the language files. They help to create special emphasis on visualizing and directing the flow of subtle energy during your own practice.
Qigong Ecstasy is a complete training video in a powerful practice to amplify your capacity for joyous living--infusing you with an inner radiance that carries you effortlessly through the day. Then, we invite a Divine Being and fuse the essence of the being into the 4 Golden Wheels, paying special attention to the Middle Dantian to amplify our capacity for compassion and embody the power of Universal Love energy. This acts as a switch to connect the two channels, so that your chi can flow in a continuous circuit (the orbit).Slightly tighten your pelvic floor for the duration of this qigong meditation. On the next page select the language in which you want to translate the theme, but make sure to select the same language as you did in the 1st step.

This creates a subtle shift in the position of your lower back and pelvis, and improves the flow of chi through the two extraordinary vessels.Do three or six breaths at each point, depending on how much time you have available. If you want a hand it’s here!So, have a look around and check out the Awesome Self Healing Tools. If you haven’t done qigong exercises before, or any other energy work or meditation, see how you go with one or two breaths at each level first. In this slow breathing exercise, imagine a stream of golden light flowing up your back as you breathe in, and down your front as you breathe out.
If so, then, qigong meditation (active or still) is a BIG step in the right direction, and one of the most valued chi meditations is the  Microcosmic Orbit.Why use Chi Meditation?
Every moment, life force energy or chi, is circulating around your body in a network of energy channels known as meridians. It reaches from below your tailbone  or coccyx, up the midline of your back, over the top of your head, and down your forehead and nose, to your top lip.The Conception Vessel (Ren Mai)This meridian receives all of the chi from the yin meridians. It reaches up the midline of the front of your body from the lower pelvis to your bottom lip.Both channels normally flow upwards, but since qi follows thought, you can mentally direct it to move downwards in the conception vessel during the meditation, thus creating a microcosmic orbit or circular flow of energy. You may choose to sit in a Yoga position on the ground if you prefer, or lie down if you need to.Close your eyes and focus all your attention on your lower dantian (Shen Guan).
This avoids overloading your meridian system.Take slow deep breaths into your lower abdomen, letting your belly expand as you breathe in, and pull back in slightly as you breathe out.

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